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  • The Ethical Grounds that Connects Business and the Society


    Every business entity is entitled of having a particular code of ethics that is naturally used as a major basis of the different operations completed by several organizations whether they are for-profit or non-profit organization at that. It could be noted that through the establishment of the said set of ethical standards, the entire organization is able to keep up with the progress that they need with ample attention given to their values keeping their acts in line with the mission of their particular organization. To be able to evaluate the sat of ethical code that a particular organization depends upon, it is then necessary to create a certain system of inquiry that would actually identify the strengths and the weaknesses of a particular organization with regards the process of their implementation of the ethical standards that they themselves have established to be followed.


    To understand the evaluation procedure better, it is necessary to understand what the words “system” and “inquiry” mean separately, thus being able to correlate how each other exists in connection with each terminology’s implication within an organization. “System” particularly refers to a asset of procedures used to be able to attain a certain aim that is focused upon the progressive state of a certain organization. While on the other hand “inquiry” refers to a process of asking questions in an aim of clarifying or proving something to be true, effective or factual. Hence, the system of inquiry could be defined as a procedure of making use of a certain set of questions to be able to prove a certain set of ethical standards effective for a certain set up of business or organizational operation.


    To be able to create a system of inquiry, there must exist a certain aim for this particular procedure. One particular aim may refer not only to the proof that is needed to be established with regards the effectiveness of the implementation of ethical standards in the organization, the focus of the said system may also pertain to the enhancement of the capability of the organization’s administrational division in implementing the rules of ethics among its members so as to be able to reach the best possible results of progress for the entire organization. In creating the said system, it is important to answer the major elements of who, how, when and why the said particular questions should be used in evaluating the said ethical set of standards used by a certain organization. Every company certainly views their clients as the living blood of the organization. Hence, most of the ethical codes used by the said organization in their business operations are mostly focused upon the ability of each member of the organization in serving the clients with the best possible service that they could offer them.


    Hence, any system of evaluation on the part of understanding how the business connects with the society based on ethical grounds is suggested by many organizational administrators to be hosted at least three times in every year or business season as some may call it. Most often than not, this procedure is encouraged to be applied especially among starters in the business industry. This procedure would actually help them scale their capabilities as well as their limitations as an organization. Hence, through the said evaluative process, the organization could adjust every now and then for the sake of progressive advancements.