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    Today's Business and Economy


    To compete globally, businesses need to understand the economic, social and political framework for cross border commerce. Each country is different and their impact on business choices and business risk. Some companies are developing strategies to compete internationally, focusing on market risk, structuring their internal and external relations and positioning themselves in an increasingly competitive global economy. There are new challenges to face such as technological advances, e-commerce and employment and also environmental and ethical issues.


    In the Ukraine, their 2 leading export fields, steel production and chemical (mostly fertilizer) production is almost at a halt due to the small amount of orders from foreign countries. Warehouses are packed with made product of un-exported goods. Global and economic development is the best way to increase prosperity within a country and to create opportunities for millions of people, especially in developing countries so they can secure a decent living for themselves and their children.


    Companies make a powerful contribution to the defeat of poverty and improving the quality of life. They do this by creating wealth and jobs, promoting scientific and technological progress and constantly improving products and services under the stimulus of competition.


    Our strategic response to the crisis we face now as a country will tackle the crisis by focusing on finance, competition and governance, as well as how to achieve sustainable growth in our ever changing economy. The crisis we are now facing has led to new thinking, regulation and markets, accountability and ethics, and about the kind of economy we must build in order to survive. The strategy is to build better policies, better institutional framework that enable businesses to flourish and public interests to be safeguarded in a stronger, cleaner fairer world economy.


    There is much work being done to improve consumer protection and awareness; boosting ethical standards and international codes of conduct for financial services professionals. One sure protection for consumers is choice and governments must uphold competition standards for this to happen. Of course, competition is key for a sustainable recovery to take place generally, alongside such fundamentals as keeping markets open for trade and investment, and operating sound, counter-cyclical, fiscal policies. As we see unemployment levels increasing fast, the OECD experience on policies to promote job creation may be useful too


    While growth is vital, not any kind of recovery will do. There are systemic threats to the global economy, particularly climate change and poverty, which we must urgently tackle. Indeed, the crisis provides us with the chance to do so now, and it is encouraging to see major OECD governments placing “green” investment at the heart of their own crisis-response strategies for 2009.


    Such approaches could help poorer countries too. If we are serious about sustainable growth, we must double our development efforts, despite the recession. A Doha trade agreement is in sight, and holds out the promise of more trade, investment and development. Governments must clinch it for everyone’s sake.