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  • Business Travel: Love it Or Hate It



    Believe it or not, there are two kinds of business travelers, both on opposite sides of the spectrum. Those that despise it and those that actually enjoy it. Hate it or not, for a number of you people out there whose rank does not warrant a private jet form your company, you will eventually have to endure or enjoy it depending on which side of the spectrum you're in.


    Most of the time when we think of business travel, the first thing that comes to our minds is the airport. Oh, how we hate airports. The long lines, annoying passengers, delayed flights, missed flights, canceled flights and more! To survive airports with more or less the same blood pressure from before we entered, one must pack a lot of patience—hand-carry them if you must. Surviving a business trip is tantamount to surviving the airport experience. It is akin to climbing a steep slope: once it's done, it's all downhill from there. How, we ask could, people enjoy going on a business trip when even the first part of the trip is already becoming an ordeal? Well, when people pack a lot of patience and just expect things to go really bad and prepare for the worst, there isn't really much that can fray their nerves. The whole thing could even be enjoyable to a degree. And besides, a business trip is a very good way to digress from the routine and seen in this light could very much cover up for the loss of frayed nerves on the airport.


    Being done with the whole airport ordeal, business travelers face another rut in the rode: hotels.  Recovering from all the stress from the airport, you get into your hotel room, lie in the soft, cloud-cushioned mattress and think to yourself that you’re gonna get some well deserved rest. You start to close your eyes and when the blissful embrace of sleep slowly engulfs you, what happens? Noisy neighbors. They're the bane of hotels. They deprive you of your rest after a stressful ordeal at the airport. The first and best thing you should do before booking a hotel room is to make it clear that you want privacy. It would also be best if the hotel you are staying in has been recommended by someone you know. Or better yet, stay in a hotel you've already stayed in before and actually slept in.


    In a nutshell, business trips can only be enjoyable when you've planned everything out. Having planned everything out, imagine all of those plans going awry and have a backup plan, then have a backup for your backup. Having done that, always assume things to go wrong. With that, virtually nothing could surprise you on your business trip and maybe u might just get to enjoy it. Always choose to never get affected by the little things that go wrong. Be in command over the trip and not have the trip affect you.


    There are two types of business travelers, those who hate it, and those who choose not to get stressed out by the little things that go wrong but rather enjoy those little things that went right. (And yes, such people do exist.)