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    Velkommen til communityen for Morgendagens Heltinder. Her vil du blive ført rundt blandt vores medlemmers virksomheder og internetsider. God fornøjelse!

  • Associations Of All Kinds

    There are many types of associations to study. We have voluntary associations and professional associations; alumni associations and trade associations along with sports association. We also have non-profit associations. A voluntary association is a group of people who voluntarily enter into an agreement to form a group of people to accomplish a purpose.  Sometimes there is a minimum amount of people in order to form an organization or association. Some cities require you to register with the local police or other official city association. This is more a way of protecting the public from fraud.


    A professional organization is usually non-profit and exists to further a particular profession such as accountants or lawyers. They are there to protect the interests of the public and the professionals. There is often an annual fee to be a part of this association which includes your name being included in their newsletters or mailers. They work together to maintain a standard of training and ethics in their profession and often have a union for the member of that profession.


    Many professionals are involved in developing and monitoring their association and profession through educational programs and meetings; updating skills which then attributes to these associations offering certification of your skills. Sometimes membership in an association means you already have the accreditation to be in that association but not always. At times you will join as a member while working towards your degree, thereby having the awards of being a part of an association at the same time.


    An alumni association is one which is associated with graduates of a particular school or college or university. The alumni association will often be in control of social activities within that student body including fraternities and sororities. The associations will publish and organize social events, newsletters and magazines, and raise funds for the organization. An alumni association also provides new alumni with a form to form new friendships and business relationships with people of a similar background. They are mainly organized around universities or departments of universities but can also be organized by the students. As more universities are receiving less money from their governments they are finding they are depending more on the associations to help fund the extra curricular activities and events.


    Corporate alumni associations are usually former employees of large corporations. They are slowly becoming an important part of a personal business network. A trade association is one funded by businesses that operate in a specific trade such as electricians or plumbers. The association would participate in activities such as advertising, education and political donations and publishing. Its main focus is collaboration between companies or standardization. They may also offer other services such as conferences, networking or charitable events or offering classes or educational materials. Many associations are non-profit governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also members.


    Sports Associations oriented towards sports. It may differentiate between a club or Athletics club. An example would be the NBA (basketball) or the NFL (American football).