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                Directories for All Your Needs


    There are directory listings for every type of service you are looking for. There are directory listings for cities and towns and countries. This type of directory would list the name and addresses of local businesses, adult employees and householders. It would supply you with vital information should you be looking for a particular business association. A lot of directories also list contact information and email addresses of the person or person (s) responsible for that particular business.


    If you are searching for a person, most often this would be found in a phone book directory or on the internet under 411.com. For general purposes we will discuss three types of directories you can access through the internet. In order for your business to thrive it is important to advertise on several types of different directories so you can get traffic to your site and drive in business.


    There are 3 types of directories: free directories, one time fee directories where you pay a fee and directories that charge an annual fee in order to facilitate your business information.


    Free directories can be fine but do your research. Do these sites provide reviews of the site submissions? You don’t want your site listed that is full of spam sites or worse that is not family friendly. You can submit to several free sites at a time but keep in mind this could become time consuming. Most of the time because the site is free, you would have to submit all your information every time.


    One time fee directories charge a one time fee for a review of your site and admission to the directory. Having a link in a well-promoted site and well maintained would be equal to having a link in one hundred free directories. The one question you should ask yourself is why you want to be in the directory in the first place. The common answer if for marketing exposure that can drive traffic to your site and improve your search engine results.


    The last type of directory is the annual fee directory that does annual reviews. This type of site is committed to helping you achieve your goals with marketing and this is a huge sign that you’re dealing with a quality directory.


    You want a directory that will improve your search results and send traffic to your site on an ongoing basis. When you’re dealing with a free site – what incentive does that site have to ensure your marketing goals? Even if you paid a one time fee of $20.00 – how much of that $20.00 will buy you marketing or sale ability.


    When a directory requires an annual fee it benefits the listings within that directory itself. It helps keep out sites of low quality. You would have to meet quality standards and be accepted into the directory. The premium directory also has a flow of revenue for ongoing promotions within that site. Annual directory reviews are a way to measure a directory’s ongoing commitment to you the consumer and to anyone who visits that site.