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  • Wheelchair Vans
    This community gives you access to wheelchair vans for sale at great prices. If you need a van that is wheelchair accessible then there is no better resource online than this one. You will find all the best deals right here.
    Find things like Wheelchair Vans, Lifts and Ramps for Sale. You're sure to get the best prices on  Wheel Chair Van, Ramps, Lifts, Accessories, and more. We also have Used Wheelchair Van, Lift and Ramps so that you can find all you need in one place!

  • The Classifieds: A Car Lovers Paradise


    Anyone on the market for a new or used car should stop themselves before heading out to the nearest car dealer and instead consider perusing the classifieds. Sure, the dealers know how to make it enticing with their shiny showrooms and fancy talk, but another thing that they have is ‘the middle man’, also known as the reason you pay more than you should. Sitting and thumbing through little ads is sounding a whole lot better I bet.


    Car classifieds are no longer limited to the back section of your newspapers. As a matter of fact, car listings are available in specialty car publications and online as well. These listings are usually private sales though some dealers do opt to advertise this way as well which means you have access to both new and used cars. The upside of forgoing the Saturday afternoon visit to the nearest auto mall is that you can peruse the listings at the slow leisurely pace of your choosing without having some commission hungry salesman breathing down your neck and keeping you from being able to give your purchase any proper thought! You also get to shop around at anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your sofa or even your toilet if you please!


    By far one—make that two—of the greatest benefits of shopping for cars via the classifieds is your selection and your savings. The selection is far greater online or even in your print classifieds because you’re not limited to having to shop one make at a time like you do with dealerships. As well, you have access to not only cars for sale but trucks, SUVs and recreational vehicles as well. And the savings? First, there is no middle man to pay if you’re buying privately unlike the dealers who need to pay their property, fancy lighting and décor and fast-talking sales people out of the money they make off of you which means that you pay more. There’s also a lot more room to barter when buying privately which is part of the fun for some people!


    Auto classifieds are also THE way to go for any car enthusiast or collector because you can find people selling cars from just about every decade if you look hard enough. From collectors editions to some classic or retro fixer-uppers, you’re bound to come across a gem whether you just want something historic to admire from a far as a part of your collection or something to take apart and rebuild. You won’t be stumbling on any classics at the local auto mall but you’re very likely to find one amongst the hundreds of car listings in a paper, car magazine or web ring. It may take be a little more time consuming and yes, even a little tedious, but flipping or clicking through car classifieds will lead you to the car of your dreams at some point. A little patience and a comfortable place to sit is all you really need to make the most of your car shopping experience.