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    Saab AB is an aerospace as well as defense company established in Sweden. "Svenska Aeroplan AB (aktiebolaget)" (SAAB) was established in the year 1937 in Trollhättan, with the amalgamation of SAAB and Linköping based ASJA. The head office moved to Linköping. The technique "Saab" substituted "SAAB" around 1950.


    Initially manufacturing airplanes, company hunted ways where to expand its industry and in late 1940s started manufacturing vehicles. Saab Automobile division was founded in Trollhättan. The primary car was Saab 92001 in 10 June in the year 1947. The company soon established a status for secure and dependable automobiles, with remarkable competition record.


    In late 1950s Saab endeavored in the computer market with Data Saab. The company was an outcome partially of the requirement of intense computational authority for aircraft expansion to make the computer which will be small enough to develop in an airplane as navigational equipment. In the 1960s some winning and higher systems were expanded as well as sold to numerous European countries (used in example banking). The aircraft computer (CK 37) was attained in the year 1971 in Viggen. The now less triumphant commercial-application corporation was sold in the year 1975 to Sperry UNIVAC, whereas Saab maintained its flight computer growth.


    In May in the year 1965, the company’s name was altered to Saab AB to replicate its wide range of activities. In the year 1968 Saab AB combined with truck creator Scania-Vabis, as well as among 1969 plus 1995 company was known as Saab-Scania AB. General Motors purchased 51 % of vehicle division Saab vehicle in the year 1990, and obtained rest a century later.


    Throughout changes in the company’s ownership in 1990s, company name another time became Saab AB. Ever since 1998 British Aerospace Corporation BAE Systems is the biggest shareholder in Saab subsequent it’s gaining of 35% stake from the Investor AB by its precursor, British Aerospace. In 2005 January BAE decreased its share holding to 20%, which it outlooks as the long term interest. Investor AB even maintains a 20% share. Investor AB holds 38% of voting rights as well as is with other Wallenberg organizations the majority owner.


    In 2008 October the company proclaimed its purpose to combine its operations with Simrad Optronics. The new unit would expand modern optronics products plus would be headquartered at Norway, though other details of new understanding have not been confirmed.


    Aircraft production


    The foremost spotlight of aircraft production is the fighter aircraft. Saab has been creating airplanes ever since 1930s, and purely jet predecessors to Gripen were Tunnan, Lansen, Draken and Viggen. The last resident models prepared by Saab were Saab 340 in addition to Saab 2000. Both were turboprop-powered, mid-range, traveler planes. The growth and the manufacturing of these airplanes take place in Linköping, Sweden.


    Security and Defense Solutions


    • Saab Aerotech, incorporated support solutions, technological support for the aircraft ground systems as well as servicing of the Saab aircraft.
    • Saab Communication, incorporated communication results for protection and civil safety.
    • Saab Grintek (70.3%), Telecoms communications, Tactical communications, Networks Design and Logtronics.
    • Saab Systems, choice support systems.
    • Saab Surveillance Systems incorporated airborne untimely warning systems.
    • Combitech, Consultancy services.