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  • Paintless Dent Removal
    Paintless dent removal and repair.

    Wolfe's SandBlasting , Painting & Performance Coatings can meet any of your Blasting ,Painting or Performance Coating needs with high quality standards and excellent workmanship.

  • Car Repair Made Easy


    So your car starts making a funny sound out of the blue or you find that it just smells different. You can’t really explain it, you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but suddenly your car is just ‘off’ somehow. What do you do? Probably what we all do; panic and worry about what the repair is going to cost you. Before rushing off to the mechanic, you may want to have a read through and see what other options are available. It could save you your precious time and money.


    Not all car troubles are major and there are some repairs that can be done at home even by someone who has never popped their hood! How can that be, you ask? Thanks to the internet, anything is possible these days! Here are some awesome resources if you’re up for the challenge and want to try some do-it-yourself or if you’re just looking for some car repair answers.


    Repair Q & A Sites: There are a number of websites that offer visitors the chance to ask car repair questions and have them answered by professionals. The great thing about this isn’t just that you have access to a pro who can answer your questions, but you ca also scroll through other questions that they have answered as well. This could help you with other questions that may come up down the road or you may even find the answers to questions that you’ve always had about cars and repair in general.


    Web Rings: These give you the links to hundreds of sites that fit your needs. You can have access to sites on car repair, garages in your area, car products and more. It’s like one stop information shopping!


    Forums: If you find yourself any forum having to do with cars, you can be sure that someone on their will be able to answer your question and possibly even tell you how to fix it yourself. There are no better sources of information than car enthusiasts, so any forum that puts you in contact with those who love their cars will prove beneficial in one way or another.


    Do it Yourself: Yes, there are websites and thousands of books available that teach you step-by-step, often with pictures, how to make different repairs yourself. Have a browse through any bookstore or online bookstore for books on how to do it at home.


    Now that you have the resources, you can start to consider the alternatives to going to the garage. Keep in mind that not all repairs are easy or doable at home and that major repairs really should be done by automotive specialists/mechanics. If you do find that your repair is minor enough that you can do it yourself, be sure to take any necessary precautions as far as safety goes. Things like wearing safety goggles, gloves, etc can help you prevent injuries. Also, NEVER EVER support your car up on top of anything for the purpose of climbing under it unless you have a proper lift and have been trained in using it! Safety should always come first!