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  • KCSR Blogcommunity
    This is the blog community for all of KCSR users (xanga and blogger both) and for people interested in cars in Kansas City...

  • Bamaland
    For Bamabuds/budettes Only!! So, if you're not a member of Bamaland...then whaddya doin here?!!!

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  • Tailwind Raceway
    The main focus of the Southern Alberta Drag Racing Association is to create a motorsport facility which will attract local enthusiasts to participate in a safe environment. Once operational, we can promote safe driving habits via the utilization of the venue as apposed to racing on our streets and highways. To that end we have undertaken the construction of "Tailwind Raceway", Alberta's newest Drag Racing Facility to be located in Fort Macleod. Considerable work has been completed to date. We are now poised to complete the facility and commence operations. Our facility, Tailwind Raceway,

  • A Look at The Sport of Racing


    Racing has forever been a passion of many men and in recent years, women. The thrill of driving fast and ultimately faster than everyone else is something that appeals to many as does the thrill of living vicariously through others and watching them burn rubber like we all wish we could sometimes.


    When it comes to auto racing, there are several types of racing that have really hit the mainstream as far as sports go. In Europe, it is rally racing that is all the rage and if you watch a race on television it is no wonder why spectators find this type of racing so thrilling considering how close they stand to the roadway as cars just barely make corners on winding mountainside roads, most of which are full of dirt and mud. As a matter of fact, there have been several incidents in the past involving rally cars plowing into spectators! I guess it’s all a part of the thrill!


    One of the other types of car racing that has really brought racing to the forefront of sports in NASCAR racing. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Racing.  It is really hard to believe that this type of racing used to be rather small in scale and seen more as a source of regional entertainment because it has grown to be the second most popular pro sport as far as television goes! And if you’re familiar with American sports or just America in general then you’ve probably noticed that NASCAR is HUGE in the US and something that has taken on a life of its own in recent years. As far as their worldwide audience goes, they are ranked as the second most profitable motorsport just under Formula One. The NASCAR brand has also managed to earn the company quite a bit over the years thanks to it being on of the best recognized brands in the world. The NASCAR drivers have become household names as well thanks to the popularity of the sport as well as some incredible marketing. Just a few years ago the racing world suffered the loss of one of its best known and loved drivers, Dale Earnhardt following a crash on the circuit in 2001. His son Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to race today.


    Now we’ll take a look at Formula One Racing. As mentioned earlier, Formula One is the number one highest grossing motorsport in the world. They are best known for their races; Grand Prix which take place all over the world with the best known being the  Monaco Grand Prix which takes place in Monte Carlo. Unlike NASCAR which is American; Formula One is European with the majority of their teams and drivers being from Europe—many from England. While they are a European based corporation, they have gained worldwide fame and success and have millions of fans all over the world. Taking the Grand Prix series to other countries has certainly helped to gain them the exposure they have currently.