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  • The Porsche 944 Community
    The Porsche 944 is one of those cars that never goes  out of style and will always get a bunch of oohs and ahhs as it passes. This community is for all of the oohers and ahhers as well as car collectors and dealers everywhere.
    Find Porsche 944 Used Cars for Sale right here in this community as well as all kinds of  Porsche 944 Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals.We're your best source for Porsche 944 for all years.

  • The Speed and Luxury That is Porsche

    Porsche was created by a Hungarian born engineer in 1931 in Germany. They also own a large portion of the Volkswagen Company and even helped them out when they created the first Volkswagen car. Porsche also has helped other manufactures such as Audi, Daewoo and Subaru. They have even helped the motor bike company Harley Davidson within the engine field. Porsche has a long and celebrated history and a reputation of building solid and attractive cars that have good speed record.  They build expensive luxury sports cars that are celebrated through out the world. Fans of Porsche will argue that the 911 is the most famous of all of the cars that the company has produced. The Porsche 911 was first introduced onto the market in 1964 and is a rear engine car. The 911 has a Boxter engine which has six cylinders, and has been used in racing competitions. The 911 has undergone many different changes throughout the years and the technological developments have been above standard which is the Porsche way.

    The 911’s that were made between nineteen sixty four and nineteen eighty nine all had air cooled engines and were the evolvement from the combination of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Porsche 356. The 911 was a comfortable and streamline car that had four seats. The car is considered as a two plus two seating arrangement rather than a family car. The 911 had during this time a 130ps six cylinder engine which was air cooled and displaced 1991cc. The gear box also had five gears unlike other cars that were on the market at the time. The Porsche 911 was first evolved in nineteen sixty six and the improvements were on power. The power was raised from the 130ps to 160ps and new attractive and unusual five leaf design alloy wheels were also available. Around the same time the Porsche 904 and 906 rolled out of the factory, these were 210ps and mid engine mounted. The part convertible model of the 911 which was named the Targa was introduced in nineteen sixty seven and enabled the user to remove part of the roof and back window. Within the same year the 911T was introduced and replaced the 912. The 130ps model of the 911 was then renamed as the 911L; another model which was made as a limited edition as only twenty were made also came into production that year. The 911R was made with light weight aluminum, very racy body work and a twin spark cylinder head that gave a power out put of 210ps.  Fuel injection was added to the 911S series and also the 911E.

     Most motor heads love Porsches and will talk you to death about all of the models and their 0 to 60 speed rates!

    The logo of Porsche is biased on a coat of arms and shows a black prancing horse on a yellow back ground. This logo has become famous and recognized through out the world.