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  • 1964-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Community
    This is the Community for all Plymouth Barracuda enthusiasts. All people with Mopar A- and E-body Barracuda and Cuda Web sites are encouraged to apply to join the community, and fans are welcome to surf it.

  • Plymouth Division Net Community
    This Plymouth Division Community is to links web sites of all vehicles under the Plymouth Division brand.

  • Plymouth Superbird
    This community is your best resource online for all things to do with cars and in particular the Plymouth Superbird. If you're a collector or a car enthusiast then you'll just love what we've got to offer.
    Use our community to find your very own Plymouth Superbird for Sale. You can also find Plymouth Superbird Products, Manuals, Parts, Kit, Information and more right here. For car collectors and fans there is no better online community than this one!

  • Plymouth Barracuda Community
    Do you remember the Plymouth Barracuda? They were the epitome of cool back in their day! As a matter of fact, the Barracuda still is a cool car for those lucky enough to have one! This community has everything you need to get a Barracuda or to keep yours running like new.
    Collectors and drivers will be able to find Plymouth Barracudas for Sale here and more. We have Plymouth Cuda Parts, Repair Manuals, Plymouth Barracuda Engines, Stripe Kits, Restoration and more. We also have 1965, 1970, 1967, 1968 1969 and all years Used Hemi Cuda for Sale!

  • Plymouth Scamp
    Welcome to the best Plymouth Scamp community online! We've got all the car buff could possibly need or want and all in one place so you can get your hands on a Plymouth Scamp or restore the one you've got.
    Use this community to find Plymouth Scamps for Sale. There are also Plymouth Scamp Parts, Engines, Repair Manuals. We have the best selection of Used Plymouth Scamp 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1983 and all years so have a look around.

  • Plymouth Duster Cars
    Remeber the Plymouth Duster? Well we've got them right here in this community and a whole lot more! If you're a car collector or just a car buff you're bound to find something cool here.
    We have Plymouth Dusters for Sale here! We're also your best resource for Plymouth Duster Manuals, Engines, Parts. You can find the car and accessorries from all years too like the 1970, 1907, 1902, 1973, 1975, Plymouth Duster!

  • Plymouth Fury
    The Plymouth Fury is a collector favorite which is why this great community exists in the first place! We are a dream come true for car lovers and collectors everywhere thanks to the resources that we're able to offer you.
    Use this community to find the Plymouth Fury for Sale. That's not all though because we also have Plymouth Fury Parts, Engines, Manuals and Accessories. Find the Plymouth Fury Sport, iii, I, II, III. We've got the Fury from all years too -1958, 1969, 1965, 1967, 1964, 1978, 67, 1966, 1974, 1957, 1968, 65, 63 and more.

  • Plymouth Cars


    Plymouth (founded in the year 1928 and dissolved in 2001) was the marque of vehicle based in United States, marketed by DaimlerChrysler and Chrysler Corporation. The Plymouth vehicle was introduced on 7 July in the year 1928. It was Chrysler Corporation's primary entry in low-priced field that at the time was subjugated by Ford and Chevrolet. Plymouths were in fact priced a bit more than the contest; however they proffered normal features like exterior growing hydraulic brakes that the contest did not offer. Plymouths were initially sold wholly during Chrysler dealerships. The symbol featured a rear view of Mayflower ship that landed at the Plymouth Rock. Though, the Plymouth product name arrived from Plymouth Binder Twine, selected by Joe Frazer for its status amongst farmers.


    The origins of initial Plymouth could be traced back to Maxwell vehicle. When Walter P. Chrysler took over direct of trouble-ridden Maxwell-Chalmers car company in early 1920s, he inherited Maxwell as part of package. After he utilized the company's services to assist generate and commence the Chrysler car in the year 1924, he determined to generate a lower-priced buddy car. Therefore for 1926 Maxwell was revised and re-badged as low-end Chrysler "52" model. In the year 1928, "52" was once more redesigned to make Chrysler-Plymouth Model Q. "Chrysler" portion of nameplate was fallen with the opening of Plymouth Model U in the year 1929.


    While the unique intention of Plymouth was just to cover a lower-end advertising role, in the Great Depression of 1930s the car will assist considerably in guaranteeing the endurance of Chrysler Corporation in decade when a lot of other car companies not passed. Beginning in the year 1930, Plymouths were sold by all the 3 Chrysler divisions (Dodge, Chrysler and DeSoto). Plymouth sales were an intense spot in this dismal automotive era, as well as by 1931 Plymouth increased to the number 3 spot amongst all the cars.


    In the year 1939 Plymouth formed 417,528 vehicles, out of which 5,967 were the roadsters, or 2 door convertibles with rumble seats. The 1939 Roadster was highly attributed at Chrysler's display at 1939 World's Fair, promoted as original mass-production exchangeable with power folding top. It attributed a 201-cubic-inch and 82-horsepower edition of Chrysler Flathead 6 engine. For much of its existence, Plymouth was the top selling American vehicle brands, along with Ford and Chevrolet. Plymouth even exceeded Ford for the time in 1940s as second most well-liked make of vehicles in U.S.


    During 1956, Plymouth automobiles were recognized for their sturdiness, engineering and affordability. In the year 1957, Chrysler's Forward Look technique theme created cars with much more superior styling than Ford or Chevrolet, though Plymouth's reputation will eventually experience because the cars were prone to sloppy and rust assembly. Due to its new "Forward Look" styling, though, 1957 entire production climbed to 726,009, around 200,000 over 1956, and the biggest output for Plymouth. The marque even commenced its limited creation Fury line in the year 1956, as well as it also benefited from crisp Forward Look plans.