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  • Automotive Restoration Community
    This wonderful community  is home to thousands of auto repair shop manuals so that those into car restoration can get all the information they need with the click of a mouse!
    Use this community to get all kinds of information and tips on all things automotive including repairs and restorations or collecting. Swap items with other collectors or find out where to buy specific auto repair manuals and much more.

  • Truck Wheels and More
    Our truck wheels community is where you will find, well, truck wheels! We have something for you no matter what you're driving so take some time to look around and see for yourself.
    This community offers Truck Wheels for Sale- both Used and New Truck Wheels. Find it all: Custom, 4x4, Ford, Chevy, Semi, Dodge, International, Alcoa, Chevrolet Truck Wheels. Weld, Aluminum, Light, Steel, Semi, Chrome, Black, 20 inch Truck Wheels and more.

  • Automotive Community
    Are you into car restoration? Even if the car that you're working on hasn't been manufactured for years and years, you can still find manuals and repair service help for it without having to look any farther than this community!
    This communuity for Automotive enthusiasts can help you with all things to do with collecting, restoration and more.

  • Auto Parts and Accessories: Finding What You Need


    If you find yourself in need of parts and accessories for your car, your first instinct may be to head to the nearest dealer location for your make, but before going that route, you may want to consider some of the alternatives since they could save you some money in the end.


    There’s no doubt that you’d want to put quality first when it comes to the parts going into your car. In that sense it’s easy to see why you’d think to go to a dealer first. They do have access to parts that are made specifically to your car and they’re new so in essence, they should be of good quality and proper working order. The thing is, they’re going to cost you a lot more than they would elsewhere and depending exactly what part or accessory it is that you’re in need of; a used one in excellent shape could easily do the trick just as well. Finding used parts for your car is actually not as hard as it may sound, though you need to think realistically too; the older your car is, the more difficult it’ll be to find what you’re looking for. This actually brings me to another point as to why going outside a dealer could be more beneficial…


    No one knows car parts better than he people who take apart, rebuild and constantly work on them. Many used car part shops and yards are run by mechanics and experienced car enthusiasts who would easily be able to offer you alternatives if you’re driving an older model with parts that can’t be found. Just because it wasn’t made specifically for your make and model, doesn’t mean that it won’t work. There are alternatives that a dealer may not realize or simply just not want to tell you about. Let’s face it; the more rare the part, the more money they stand to make to try and track it down for you.


    Here are some places to consider when looking for auto parts and accessories:


    ·      Car part sales websites allow you to order online and search through a big selection.


    ·      Web rings give you access to hundreds of sites related to car parts as well as information.


    ·      Wrecking yards actually allow you to rummage through any parts that they were able to salvage from the cars prior to crushing them.


    ·      Classifieds of your local paper are packed with people selling parts and used cars that may be sold for parts. This could prove a wise move if your car is a rare make or model.


    See, you may feel like you have few options when it comes to your car and feel as if you’re at the mercy of the dealer, but a little digging around could lead you to other options that save you money in the end. Open your eyes! You’ll be surprised at what you might find!