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  • Land Range Rovers
    People who love Land Range Rovers tend to REALLY love their Rovers! That's why this community is here - to give these Rover people a place to find all kinds of things related to their beloved SUVs.
    This community gives you access to things like Used & New Land Rovers and Range Rovers for Sale as well as a big selection of Land Rover and Range Rover Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and other things you need to keep your Rover in tiptop shape. You can find Land Rover and Range Rover for all years here and that goes for the parts and other goodie

  • Land Rover: The History of SUVs

    The Land Rover Company was created over sixty years ago in nineteen forty eight. Before the invention of the Land Rover people used horses to get around and work their land. After the harshness of the war people who were used to rationing were not well off enough to buy the cars that were on the market like Ford. A car or vehicle was desperately needed by the masses and especially for farmers. The first Land Rovers were constructed from aluminum due to the steel shortage from the war and paint was also scarce as the army had commandeered it all. The only paint that was available to the designers in bulk was the sage green color which became the trademark color of Land Rover. Over the next few years Land Rover became famous as their short wheel base and long wheel base could be converted in to just about any type of vehicle. They were converted into emergency, safari, farm and rail vehicles just to name a few. The ease of the conversions inspired enthusiasts to create all manors of kits that are easily available and easy for anyone to use. The demand for Land Rover came to a high pinnacle when the Queen of England herself, Elizabeth 2nd, had Land Rovers commissioned for her own private use. The Pope of Rome also used Land Rover for some of his cars as well.

    When the company came into the nineteen sixties they realized that they could take advantage of the market and they designed the Ranger Rover which was still four wheel drive but luxury as well. This really opened up the market for Land Rover and brought the Range Rover to the masses. Anyone could buy and drive the Range Rover as it was based on a salon car but with all the drive and comfort of the Land Rover. A new era was born for Land Rover and a true all purpose all round vehicle was now available on the market. Sales went through the roof and the company was truly launched into the world of automotive vehicles. 

    Land Rover was very clever in the fact that they associated themselves with certain charities which include the National Geographic. Because of this Land Rovers and Range Rovers have been used in several expeditions all over the world. Because they proved to the world their reliability and ruggedness, Jeep was replaced by Land rover in The Camel Trophy off road Competition in nineteen eighty. During the years every model of Land Rover has been featured in the competition and because of the success of the Land Rover they were able to establish their own competition, The Land Rover G4 Challenge which has enjoyed global domination with its adventures. 

    In nineteen eighty nine the latest model from Land Rover was launched. The Discovery was made as a sporty mix between the original Land Rover concept and the Range Rover comfort. Land Rover grew from strength to strength and is still one of the leaders in its class today.