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  • Lamborghini Community
    The Lamborghini community, a community for exceptional Lamborghini web pages, Lamborghini owners, Lamborghini enthusiasts, and those who cater to the Lamborghini.

  • Lamborghini Community
    If you're lucky enough to have one, wish you had one or just love the car, then this Lamborghini Community is for you! We've dedicated this entire community to the Lamborghini and those who love 'em.
    We offer a fun place for car buffs to find all kinds of cool things related to the Lamborgini. Use it to find Lamborghini Cars for Sale like the Lamborghini Diablo, Gallardo, Murcielago. Or use it to pick up Lamborghini Manuals, Parts, Lamborghini Kit Cars, Wallpaper, Engine and much more.

  • The Story of the Lamborghini

    Lamborghini was created by an Italian born engineer in nineteen sixty three in Italy. They are also part of the Audi Company which is part of the Volkswagen Company and this take over of the company was completed in nineteen ninety eight. Lamborghini started his automotive career building tractors in his little village in Italy. This all changed when he met the famous Enzo Ferrari. This meeting was not a happy one and the words discussed between them would change Lamborghini forever. He was so upset by Ferrari that he decided to change his vocation of looking after and building tractors and instead build a car that would rival and crush Ferrari. Lamborghini now build expensive luxury sports cars that are celebrated through out the world. But to achieve this he found three amazing designers to help him create his vision.

     The four of them together then created the Lamborghini 350GT. The 350GT and the 400GT were so successful that it enabled Lamborghini to build his first sports car which they named the Lamborghini Miura.   This car enabled him to be recognized as a real maker of sports cars. The first model that had the trade mark doors was the LP400 Countach. The LP400 Countach had a V12 engine and had a 4 liter engine. This was improved upon in the LP500S Countach which was brought out in nineteen eighty two, when they expanded the engine to 5 liters. The Countach was the first sports car to use Pirelli tires which are very celebrated all over the worlds and now adorn some of the world leading wheels of cars that are envied and lusted after. The company came into a very disastrous set back in nineteen seventy two when an order was cancelled. Lamborghini had already spent a large portion of the expected money on upgrading his factories so that the order could be completed. Because of this massive drop in finances Lamborghini had to sell part of the company to Fiat which later with himself sold the entire company to Same Deutz Fahr. The tractors produced still produce good quality tractors that carry the Lamborghini name. The other size of the business which was the production of sports cars became very profitable and practically ran itself. Because Lamborghini was now very rich and believed he had proved his point to Ferrari he decided to bow out of the business and enjoy a lovely retirement in the sun, so he sold his stock in the company to a Swiss investor. 

    Most motor heads love Lamborghini and will talk you to death about all of the models and their 0 to 60 speed rates! The main subject that will always be a talking point of the cars is their unique door systems.

    The logo of Lamborghini is biased on a coat of arms and shows a black back ground with a gold snorting bull on the fore ground. This logo has become famous and recognized through out the world.