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  • Full Size Jeeps
    Sites devoted to Full Size Jeeps. 1963-1991 models of Jeeps that include the original Wagoneer(later Grand Wagoneer), Gladiator pickups(later J-trucks), the original Cherokee(74-83), and military derivatives. Enjoy the sites!

  • For Jeepster Commando Fans
    This is a community that is all about the Jeepster Commando and those who love them. We offer all sorts of great links to things that you're sure to be interested in if the Jeepster Commando is your thing.
    Find Jeepster Commandos for sale here as well as a whole humch of important Information and even for and Parts for your Jeepster. There are also Jeepsters from 1966-1972. Learn about Kaiser Motors and even find a Jeepster Service Repair Manuel here.

  • For the Love of Jeep


    When you think Jeep your mind fills with visions of driving over hills and through the trees or maybe even a river! That’s some awesome marketing on Jeep’s part for making us instantly be able to picture something out of an action film when ever we hear the word. This is not to say that Jeeps are only good for those of us looking to drive over rough terrain and go on safari though! A Jeep actually makes a perfectly great automotive choice for anyone looking for a reliable mode of transportation…that also happens to be a whole lotta fun to drive.


    Some of the specifics about the Jeep name; it is actually a marque and registered trademark of Chrysler. The marque ‘Jeep’ actually passed through a few hands before getting sold to Chrysler who owns and manufactures it today. Previous owners include, Willy, Kaiser and American Motors (AMC).


    Depending on the model of Jeep that you opt for, you can easily find something that works as a more practical and everyday option if you have a family to tote around or several options for those that like some added zing, like the ability to go enjoy some true off-roading on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to drive the bejesus out of your jeep just because it’s a sport utility vehicle! I mean, it’s not like they’re made for nothing but rough terrain, but isn’t it nice to know that it’s an option?? On a more practical note, having a sport utility vehicle does have its benefits, like extra space, four-wheel drive which means better handling in the snow and rain and the added security of driving an overall larger vehicle.


    Jeep’s current models really do offer something for everyone. They include: the Wrangler, Commander, Patriot, Liberty, Grand Cherokee and Compass. As mentioned; each model offers standard 4 wheel drive and is proven to handle rough terrain like no other vehicles on the market. And speaking of market, thanks to today’s poor market and looming worldwide recession; automakers are being forced to cut prices drastically in order to keep afloat. While this is terrible news in many ways; for some it means the opportunity to finally own a vehicle that they’ve never been able to afford.


    Those who do own Jeeps consider ‘Jeeping’ or being a ‘Jeeper’ to be more than just an automobile owner, but rather a part of a lifestyle! Jeep enthusiasts worldwide find ways to come together through events or online club dedicated to those that love their Jeeps and all they stand for. Some of the bigger events include, Camp Jeep and the Jeep Jamboree. Anyone interested in learning more can do a simple online search or browse through a web ring in order to be directed to all kinds of groups and goodies of likeminded people who just adore their Jeeps! With all this hype, there really must be something about Jeeps that is worth looking into. And what a better time now that they’re being sold at a fraction of the cost!