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    All about the Honda Goldwing motorbike from 1975 until now

  • Honda – More Than Just Cars


    I bet you thought Honda made nothing but cars, huh? Turns out they make a whole lot more than just some of the most efficient, most reliable and most popular cars on the market! They make a whole lotta other stuff too—stuff you’d never have guessed!


    Before we get into all of the great products made by Honda, let’s have a look at a little bit of the company’s history. Founded by Soichiro Honda in Japan in 1948, the company started off making motorcycles. It wasn’t until 1959 that they the first Honda motorcycle dealership opening in the US. From there on, they advanced to making cars and then some. Soichiro Honda retired in 1973 but continued to be an integral part of the company. He died in 1991.


    Now, since you’re likely curious as to what other products are made by the car maker, here is a list of all things Honda:


    Cars: Honda has won ‘best sedan’ and umpteenth other awards for the cars they make. Models like the CR-V, the Civic, the Accord and others have managed to make them the leading car manufacturer in the world. They also manufacture the ever popular Acuras.


    Power Sports: As mentioned, motorcycles are how Honda began. They continue to make motorcycles, both leisure and racing bikes today. They have also branched out into making several other power sport vehicles, including a full line of ATVs, water sport vehicles like the Aqua Trax. They also make motocross bikes popular with pro and recreational racers worldwide.


    Marine: Since high quality and high performance engines have always been Honda’s specialty, they also carry a line of marine outboard motors for boating.


    Power Equipment: No matter what your needs, it seems Honda now has equipment for everything! They make a broad range of power equipment including lawnmowers, snow blowers, pumps and generators.


    Jet: Yep, Honda also makes a jet! Their twin engine jet offers a sleek design, sophisticated style and the power that you’ve come to expect from Honda engines. The jet offers seating for 2 crew members and 5 passengers.


    Honda’s mission statement refers to their vision and the fact that they were founded by a dreamer. Their incredible and diverse line of products makes it clear that their visions were grand and that they have managed to not only make their own dreams come true but likely also that of the millions of people who get to travel and enjoy the roads, waters and skies that connect the world together. They by far have the widest range of products available by any other car manufacturer. Add to this the awards, the proven reliability and quality as well as the part they’re doing to help save our world by having also created the FCX Clarity which is a fuel cell car and you’ve got a true leader in innovation and bright future as far as making the world more easily travelled goes.