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  • The 2.3L Ford Community
    This new site is dedicated to the 2.3 Ford and the cars it came in. Our purpose is to inform the masses of the popularity and the potential of the 2.3 Ford engine.

  • Mustang Enthusiast Community
    A community designed to link together sites pertaining to the Ford Mustang of all years and models.

  • Ford Thunderbirds
    If you agree that the Ford Thunderbird is still one of the coolest cars ever then you belong right here this community which is all about the Ford Thunderbird and the people who love 'em!
    Anything you might want related to the Thunderbird can be found here. This community of enthusiasts, collectors and dealers can get youFord Thunderbirds for Sale and even Ford Thunderbird Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals Engines, Transmissions and more. You can find goodies for Ford Thunderbirds for all years 1955 – 2005 and loads of information and products.

  • 1967 Ford Mustangs Fans
    Fans of the American Muscle Cars can all agree that the 1967 Ford Mustang is a real gem--especially if you can get your hands on one of your very own. This community can help you do just that!
    Find it all here from 1967 Ford Mustangs for Sale to 1967 Ford Mustang Parts, Manuals and more. Thorugh this community you'll be able to find them all: the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, Shelby gt 500, Coupe, Convertible and other goodies like  Wheels, Tires, Restoration help, Engines and more.Car fans rejoice because this community is just for you!

  • For Lovers of the 1965 Ford Mustang
    Are you a car buff? Particularly one who loves the 1965 Ford Mustang? Then this is the community for you!
    Not only can you use this community to get in touch with others who share your love of this American classic but you can also find 1965 Ford Mustangs for Sale and even find 1965 Ford Mustang Parts, Manuals and more. Find it all here; 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback, Shelby gt 500, Coupe, Red, Convertible, Wheels, Tires, Restoration, Engines and more.

  • Model A Fords Community
    This entire community is dedicated to Model A Fords and the collectors and car buffs who covet them! This great community gives you access to all kinds of things to do with these classic cars.
    Collectors and dealers alike will find all kinds of greta sources here for Ford Model A Fords for Sale as well as Ford Model A Manuals, Parts and much more. And find all years too! The 1930, 1929, 1928, 1927 Model A Fords and more are right here.

  • Model T Fords Community
    If you're still dreaming of Model T Fords, then you need not look much further for all the info, parts and cars for sale that you could possibly need. This community has it all and so much more.
    If you're a car collector, dealer or enthusiast then you'll surely find something that tickles your fancy in this community dedicated to Model T Fords. Useit to find Model T Fords for sale as well as parts, manuals and information on Model T Ford cars from all years.

  • Ford Lightning Community
    The Ford Lightning still has a loyal following and that includes all the members of this community dedicated to the Ford Lightening and those who collect, sell, restore or just love trucks like the Lightning.
    Our community is the best place to find great deals on Ford Lightning for Sale. Use our many resources to find Ford Lightning f150, Pickup, Truck, Parts, Manuals and more. This is also the best possible place for all kinds of Ford Lightning information and Sales.

  • Edsel Community
    Ahh the Ford Edsel ... great car from our past. It's no wonder so many still love it! This community is for you and others like you who are also interested in this wonderful American classic car from 1958 to 1960.
    Use this community as your resource for everything to do with the car, such as finding Edsel Ford Cars for Sale.  (Yes, the 1958, 1959, 1960 Edsel Car for Sale!) You can also find Edsel Parts, Manuals, Hogan, Del Valle, Ogden Wagon and more so that you can keep your collection going strong. Find it all here in our great Edsel Community.

  • Ford for Freedom


    The Ford Company in nineteen seventy seven created a new department within its company plan that was a worth while cause. Ford recognized that many of people all over the world were now receiving new benefits called mobility and that they were desperate for cars that they could drive and afford within their mobility movements. They realized that people with disabilities still needed the freedom and independence of driving a car to enable them to continue with a sense of a normal life. Ford took this niche in the market and ran with it creating the Ford Mobility Specialist department.  Currently the Ford Mobility Scheme has supplied over six hundred thousand mobility cars to the public who get this disability benefit.

    The scheme works by allowing you to choose either a contract hire car or a hire purchase car. It is best to see an advisor to help you when you choose your car. The Ford dealer can help you go through all of the models available on the scheme and even arrange for a test drive for you. They will ask you some very standard questions that will help you pick the right car for you. The space that the car has inside it will always be a factor especially if you are a wheel chair user. The room in the boot is also something that you need to consider if you need to store a wheel chair or any other aids you may need to support you in your every day life. They will also discuss with you if the controls of the vehicle need to be adapted, weather a manual gear box is best or an automatic. Once you are happy with your selection then you will be able to order your car. The dealer will have to enter certain details onto a computer with mobility on line and the price fixed. Any changes to the car so that it can be adapted for you personally will also be ordered at this point so that when you collect your car it will be perfect just for you. A mobility check will then be performed to confirm that you are in receipt of mobility benefit. The check will only take forty eight hours and when the check comes through to confirm your entitlement the car will be fully ordered with Ford. You will be told when your car will be ready for collection and then the dealer will close this visit with an arrangement of the insurance and damage cover. Your car could be ready for collection in as little as a month, if not less.

    When you go to collect the car after or on the confirmed date you will have to go through a few hand over procedures. You will need to sign the hire agreement that finances your car through yourself and the mobility department.  Also any deposits need to be paid before you are handed the keys to your new car.