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  • International Harvester Trucks Community
    There are 'car people' and 'truck people' in this world. This community is for the truck people and especially those who love International Harvester Trucks.
    We offer you a one-stop spot online to find International Harvester Trucks, Scout, for Sale. International Truck and Pickups. You can also find some Old International Harvester Trucks and Scout for your collection or to restore. Look around and find International Harvester IH, Engine, Parts, part, Manuals, and much more too!

  • Amphicar Enthusiasts
    LOve the Amphicar? In this community you're certainly not alone! This is the place to be for fans of the Amphicar. You can use the community to connect with other enthusiasts or use it to swap information and tips for collectors.
    Here you will also find listings and deals for an Amphicar for Sale. Keep Checking back to find the latest Amphicar Amphibious Cars for Sale and also find Toy Collectible Amphicars.

  • Sunbeam Cars Community
    Welcome to our Sunbeam Cars community where you can find all things related to Sunbeam cars. Automotive enthusiasts are sure to get a kick out of this great online resource for Sunbeam cars.
    Our community has Sunbeam Cars for Sale. We've also got Sunbeam Car Manuals, Parts, Restoration and more. Find models like the Sunbeam Tiger, Alpine, Rapier, Stiletto, Talbot, Dawn and more all right here. This really is a car enthusiast's dream come true!

  • Ever Wanted To Buy a Bus?
    From wacthing the Partrideg Family ride around in one on the TV show in the 70's to thinking it would be cool to have one to take all your friends out or wanting one for business, the idea of buying a bus is appealing to many. It is for you that we have started this community.
    This is the place to go to find a Bus for Sale including Used Buses for Sale and even a super Cheap and Vintage Bus for Sale! We can also help you  Bus Manuals, Engines, Restoration and Parts for a School Bus, Passenger Buses, Greyhound Bus and much more. And the coolest thing of

  • Old Trucks Community
    Do you just love old trucks of all kinds? You're not alone! There are lots  of others who share your passion for old trucks which is why this community is here. This is a great place for collectors of old trucks and car enthusiasts in general.
    Use this community for access to Old Trucks for Sale. Find Used Old Trucks to Buy or to fix up. We've got Old Truck Prices, Parts, Manuals, Restoration, Values and more. We've also got an Old Trucks Magazine for you to enjoy too!

  • Ônibus Brasil Community

  • Bus And Truck Community
    A community for bus and truck enthusiasts.

  • Car Enthusiasts – A Unique Bunch


    Car enthusiasts are a funny but lovable breed. They’re all about the cars and can spend hours on end taking in anything to do with the automotive world. They’re protective of their cars in a way that a Lioness is of her cubs and most will rip your arm off if you so much as think of laying a finger on their precious cars (I use the plural because most own more than one). Not sounding very lovable? Well…they do love their cars as if they were their children!


    Those who have a passion for cars can be passionate about everything from classic cars to muscle cars to restoring cars that might be another man’s junk. A car enthusiast in a whole embodies anyone who has a deep enjoyment of anything related to cars and car ownership. There are people who spend millions of dollars to collect cars that they never drive! One well known celebrity car buff is Jay Leno who reportedly owns approximately fifty cars and close to the same amount in motorcycles, both vintage and modern. He’s also got his own website which is, of course, all about cars and anything to do with them. They site which is aptly titled ‘JayLenosGarage.com, offers an in-depth look at his collection, his love of cars and all kinds of other neat things to thrill the coveralls off of any car nut.


    An extension of the car enthusiast would be those with a love of Automobila. What the heck is ‘Automobilia’? It is basically collectibles and memorabilia dedicated to cars. Things like vintage license plates, oil and gasoline signs, model car kits and a whole bunch of other stuff. To the non-enthusiast this may seem like a whole lotta junk but if you know a true car buff, then aside from a shiny vintage car with a bow around it; Automobila may be the best in gift choices ever! If you’re looking for any sort of car memorabilia, then a quick online search will be all you need to be directed to hundreds of sites packed full of things that would make your car lovers mouth water.


    A favorite pastime of car enthusiasts often involves participating or even just watching car auctions. This is where all kinds of cars—classic and otherwise—are auctioned off and given to the highest bidder. Most collectors of automobiles use auctions as their main way of getting the cars that they collect. There are hundreds of car auctions ranging from things like police auctions which are used as a way to unload cars that have been seized to fantasy car auctions  like the Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction which is now known as ‘the greatest car show on earth’ which is actually aired on television. Thanks to the Internet, car buffs can now have access to car auctions online as well. Being a car enthusiast has never been so fun!