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  • Chevelle Community
    The Chevelle Community is open to anyone with an interest in Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino, Impala, Sprint, or Beaumont cars. Anyone that has a related web page is invited to join. So, stop on in and join us in cruising the web.

  • The 73-77 Chevelle Community
    This community is specifically designed for, and open to, all owners and enthusiasts of 1973 to 1977 Chevelle Malibus, Malibu Classics, Super Sport Malibus, Lagunas, Laguna Type S-3s and El Caminos. If you have a webpage dedicated to any of these cars, it definitly belongs in this community and we invite you to join!

  • For Those Who Want or Have An Impala SS
    If you have or wish you had a Chevrolet Impala SS then you'll get a kcik out of this community. Sure this car doesn't appeal to everyone but for car enthusiasts the Impala SS is a really doozy!
    Use this community to find Chevrolet Impala SS Used Cars for Sale. You can also find all kinds  Impala SS Parts and even Service Shop Repair Manuals. Find everything you need to restore or fix your Impala and even find Chevrolet Impala SS for years 1961 and up!

  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    For all of us who have a special affection for the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, this community is the place to be! Get in contact with other car buffs and collectors as well as experts--allwho love the Monte Carlo.
    This is your place for finding the Cheverolet Monte Carlo Used Cars for Sale as well as Chevrolet Monte Carlo Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals. You'll find the Chevrolet Monte Carlo for all years and all kinds  of other cool stuff here.

  • Chevy Nova
    Car collectors and enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of the Chevy Nova. Find out all you ever wanted to know about the car right here in this community that is dedicated to this American Classic.
    Find a Chevy Nova for sale or get your hands on Chevy Nova manuals and history information. This community has got all the resources you could possibly need when it comes to this great car.

  • The Chevrolet Camaro Community
    There's no question that the Cheverolet Camaro has a devout following. This community celebrates that by offering all kinds of great links to all things to do with the Chevy Camaro.
    Use this community to find Chevrolet Camaros for Sale, plus Parts, Manuals and more. You can find Chevrolet Camaro Wheels, Tires, Restoration, Engines and more for all years ,like 1969, 1968, 1970, 1967 and up to 2009. Find Chevrolet Camaro For Sale for all years from 1966 and up and start making all your car dreams a reality.

  • For Those Looking for Corvettes for Sale
    This community is for those who are looking for Corvettes for Sale or just about anything else to do with this awesome car.
    Our community is made up of people and businesses who can help you find things like Chevrolet Corvette Engines, Parts, Repair Manuals, Tires, Wheels,Used Chevrolet Corvette Cars from 2007, 1984, 1963, 2009, 1969, 1981, 1982, 1977, 1973, 2006, 1976, 1980, 1966, 1979, Stingray and much more.

  • Corvette Stingray Enthusiasts
    If you've forever been a fan of the Corvette Stingray then you are definitely in the right place for all things having to do with this great car!
    Use this helpful communuity to find the Corvette Stingray (a.k.a. Sting Ray) for Sale. It's all about the Corvette Stingray here which means you can also find Sting Ray Parts, Manuals, Restoration and much more. We have dealers and private sellers with  Used Stingrays Cars for Sale right here and so much more!

  • Chevrolet: A True Legend in Car Making


    Chevrolet is a brand of vehicle, created by General Motors (GM). It is top selling GM marque; along with "Chevrolet" being sometimes synonymous with GM. Chevrolet proffers 18 vehicles as well as a lot of different improved editions in its home market. The vehicles vary from subcompact cars to average duty marketable trucks. It is number one seller in United States is Silverado pickup. Chevrolet persists to be the price, performance, MPG, as well as value leader for GM’s North America.


    Chevrolet was established by Louis Chevrolet who’s a Swiss-French and William C. Durant who’s and American. Louis Chevrolet was the race-car driver, as well as William Durant was the originator of General Motors, had been obligatory out of GM in the year 1910. He wished to utilize Chevrolet's designs to reconstruct his own standing as a force in automobile industry. As the head of Buick Motor Company, before founding GM, Durant hired Chevrolet to drive Buicks in the promotional races.


    Chevrolet initially used its "bowtie" logo in the year 1913. It is asserted to have been intended from wallpaper Durant once saw in the French hotel. One more theory is that it is the stylized version of the shape of Switzerland or cross on flag of Switzerland, Louis Chevrolet's origin. In the year 1915, Durant was in process of creating Chevrolet manufacture facilities in Canada. Later that year, in a luncheon gathering in New York along with "Colonel Sam" McLaughlin, whose McLaughlin Car Company produced McLaughlin-Buick cars, it was decided that Chevrolets with McLaughlin-designed bodies will be added to Canadian company's manufactured line. 3 years later, the 2 Canadian operations were purchased by GM to turn out to be GM’s of Canada Limited.


    By the year 1916, Chevrolet was gainful enough to permit Durant to purchase a bulk of shares in GM. After the contract was completed in the year 1917, Durant was the president of the General Motors, as well as Chevrolet was combined into GM, turning a separate division. In 1918 model year, Chevrolet commenced the Model D, V8-powered model in 4 passenger roadster as well as 5 passenger tourer models. Well-known Chevy models comprise the large and comfortable Impala (1958) as well as the inventive air-cooled rear-engine Corvair. Chevrolet had a good power on the American vehicle market in 1950s and the 1960s. In the year 1957, Chevrolet made the initial fuel injected engine. In the year 1963, one from every 10 cars sold in United States was Chevrolet.


    The Chevrolet small-block V-8 plan has stayed in incessant manufacture ever since its entrance in the year 1955, longer than any other bulk-produced engine in the globe, though present versions allocate few if any parts identical with the creative. Descendants of basic small-block OHV V-8 plan stand in production at present have been much customized with advances like aluminum block and heads, sequential port fuel injection and electronic engine management to name however a few.