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  • American Cars Webring
    The "American Cars Webring" brings together websites about American cars and automobiles and other American motor vehicles, including modern, classic, vintage, or antique. Sites may also be about American automotive history and collectibles, auto industry, references & manuals, parts, and repair & how-to. If you have a webpage about American cars, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Citroen Cars
    For people who just can't seem to get enough of Citroen Cars we give you this community which is all about Citroen!
    This is THE place to go for finding Citroen Cars for Sale, Citroen Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and more.  Find great links and information here regarding Citroen for all years. Have a look around and see what greta stuff you can find. Your new Citroen could be waiting!

  • Triumph Cars Community
    The Triumph car - talk about a blast from the past! Car collectors, dealers and buffs will really enjoy this communiy because it's all about Trimuph cars. We give you access to some really cool stuff here too!
    use this community as your first source for finding Triumph Cars for Sale. We also have Triumph Cars Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals for Triumph Cars for all years here. That means if you have a Triumph that you'd like to repair or restore then we have what you need.

  • A Renault Cars Community
    If you're lucky enough to own a Renault, depending where you live, finding the parts and repair help that you need may be difficult. Luckily this community can make things a lot easier and help you find all you need to get your Renault on the road and keep it running!
    Use this Renault community to find Renault Used Cars for Sale. We also have what you need as far as Renault Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and more for Renault for all years too!

  • Used Hybrid Cars Community
    Talk about going green! This community offers you the ultimate recycling for those interested in truly green living! We are a community dedicated to those who want to buy or sell used hybrid cars.
    Find  Used Hybrid Cars for Sale here. There are all sorts of makes and models, like  Suv, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Saturn, Nissan Minivans, Altima, Prius and much more. We also have Hybrid Car Manuals, Engines too so you can build or restore your own if you're so inclined!

  • Legendary Collector Cars
    The right stories can make any car Legendary. Part of the fun and mystique of owning collector cars are the stories behind them. The stories about how they were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way. Legendary Collector Cars are not made in a factory, they are made on the street, at the racetracks and at car shows. This page is about our Legends and about making your car a Legend.

  • GlamCars
    Not all that is valuable is gold.

  • The Safest In Cars


    Safety of a person is the biggest thing that comes into the mind of a person who is even thinking of driving some vehicle. So, there is a need to know about the cars that is the safest one so that a person can use that car in order to save their lives. There are a number of surveys that are concluded every year to know about the death ratio during car accidents. They are all available on the internet and according to them, the figure is horrible. So safety should be the very first issue when it comes to drive a car.


    It is difficult to say which car is the safest one. All cars have almost the same features and the same equipments of safety in them. Most of the people think is that the safest car is nothing, but the person who is driving it makes it the safest or the most dangerous car.


    According to the rating of autotropoils, the safest car of 2008 is Ford Taurus. The 2008 Ford Taurus came tantalizingly close to earning a perfect 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This car also scored all five-star rating in all frontal and side crash tests. The only thing that was left was rollover test from a slim margin. Other than that, this car got five-star rating in all accidental tests. Other than that, all wheel drive makes it even safer for people who drive it. So, it was giving a tough competition to other cars in safety competition. It has 4 doors, and can carry 5 people in it.


    There are a number of other cars that can come in the top rating of safest car. If you want to find the best car of the year or anything like that, you can just search the internet for the safest car and you will get a number of results.


    There are about 25 cars that are listed in the safest car section of forbes.com. Other than that there are a number of other websites like msn and yahoo which are telling you about the features of the safest cars.


    However, most of the cars that are the safest are very expensive. The reason is that the equipments that are included in the cars are very expensive. These things are what make it out of reach for a middle man.


    So, instead of consulting these websites for updates, you can just go to some online forums about vehicles and discuss about the safest car in your own budget. There are a number of car which are also safe if you are willing to keep them in control while driving. Any car could be proved as the safest car on the earth.


    If you have a good budget to buy a nice car, then you should also look for safety. You can see all the top safety cars on the internet by searching them. The best ratings are on msn, forbes and other such websites.