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  • Model of Buick introduced in 2007



    These days, cars manufactured by Buick are catching the views of audience. The reason is that people are looking for something new these days. Buick is coming up with new technologies and new designs these days, and the art and designing engineers are working to make something new every day. The model of Buick that was released in 2007 was a great success. It was sold to a number of people all around the world. People are thinking about buying this great car, and due to the affordability of the car people think that they will be able to get this car.


    2007 model of Buick is a great car. This comes in high range budget, but this car is indeed a piece pf art. The Toyo Tires (wheels) with 20 inch rims makes its exterior look awesome.


    The engines of 2007 model of Buick were tuned by Southern accessories to increase horsepower 305 horsepower. This is more than enough for a person who want to drive in cities for daily use.


    Alberto was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Miami, Fl He moved to Memphis, TN about 8 years ago. He is a graphic designer by trade. He purchased his car in 2007 to be different. He is a member of the Buick Club in Memphis, TN and he has been in the DUB Magazine Show and Buick Show in Memphis, TN.   He showed his car 4 times in 2007 and twice this year. Alberto loves the presence of his car. He loves when someone sees it and thinks that it is white when it is actually black with flames. He has custom mats with flames. Nickname is Nomad because it is his everyday and every where car. He plans to chrome out the grill and add an air intake, customize the muffler exhaust system. This makes the performance of his car better than ever.


    More than just a ride, this car is something that Alberto was always looking for. If this car is expensive, then there are reasons behind this. All the Buick cars are not that cheap and out of budget for most of the people. However, once a person has bought this car, he will enjoy the ride for sure. The power steering, windows and interior in black leather makes it perfect for a person who likes art and has a taste of creativity.


    The interior of the car could be made more interesting and good if the colors are mixed with black and orange. The color range could be seen on numerous websites on the internet and you can chose from the best style and color online. Rims and their designs can also be seen in the market and online. 20 inch rims in silver color with Bridgestone tires makes it look more than awesome.


    Thee safety measures with the car are also perfect. Air bags, seatbelts and suspension are perfect in their place in the car. In short, this is a complete car for all your needs.