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  • The BMW Community
    This Community is dedicated to the promotion, care, and love of the fine German automobiles we know as BMWs.

  • For Fans of the BMW and BMW E21
    Love the BMW? You're not alone! This community is packed with great resources for those who love their BMW or BMW E21.
    Find all kinds of cool  stuff like Information and history about the BMW E21 and all about the BMW from 1975-2001.You can also use this community to find BMW Parts and more. Check it out.

  • Did You Know That BMW Makes Motorcycles Too?


    The famous blue and white logo of BMW was originated from the aircraft company of BMW. BMW was not a company that manufactured cars or motorcycles. It was the time of World War I when they started making airplanes.


    When the engineers in the company started making the motorcycles and when they started to make their engines, they were concentrating mostly on the power. However, that proved to be a disaster to the company. The reason is that the motorcycle that they introduced was too fast. It was banned and the company had to start everything right from the beginning.


    Then there was a bike that came off production which was named as R24. This bike was a unique model and different from others due to the fact that it has no suspension. Then the company focused on all the issues. That is the reason why more than cars and airplanes, the motorbikes of BMW are common.


    Whenever we hear BMW, we think that this is something good due to the great production and the high market value of the automobiles manufactured by BMW. The motorcycles are also their invention and after a bad start, dramatically they made their name in the market.


    When the German Air Force was disbanded and outlawed after the war, BMW had to turn its attentions elsewhere to put bread on the table. After briefly flirting with the manufacturer of agricultural machinery and even office furniture, they began building motorcycles. At that time, the chief designer was a man named Max Friz, who was responsible for the famous Boxer engines, the first of which was based on a British Douglas design.

    BMW motorbikes are sleek and sexy. Most of the people associate the company BMW with the profession for what the company is well known for. The speed and performance is also considered to be the best in the market as compared to other automobiles. However, the motorbikes that are released by BMW are also good and liked by a number of people look vise and performance wise.

    There is another thing that a person should consider whenever he or she is going to buy any automobile. This is the durability and the cost of maintenance of that machine. The durability of machines made by BMW is considered to be the best and that is the reason why they are so much popular and the reason of its demand in the market of moterbikes.

    There is some controversy about the production of BMW motorbikes that when they started in 1923, after the airplanes, they started producing cars. However, this is not true. They started making motorbikes from the beginning before producing cars. The technology and the performance of every BMW motorbike is increasing and developing day by day. Every new model has its own unique and better qualities. In international racing circuits, the motorbikes produced by BMW are used often. They are winning using these motorbikes and that is another reason of the popularity of BMW motorbikes.

    In order to show the uniqueness and good performance of BMW motorbikes as compared to others, these bikes are used to beat other people in the races. If you are considering buying a motorbike, BMW comes with the best look, performance and features. It is has a complete range of motorbikes with cutting edge technology and great features with every new model.