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  • The Miata Community
    The purpose of the Miata Community allows site owners to link to other sites with Miata content, without having to worry about keeping links up to date. People who see a Miata Community webpage can easily find many more pages with Miata content. If a user keeps going to the next site, sooner or later they will come back to the site they started at.

  • American Motors Net Community
    The American Motors Community links all sites under the AMC brand including Jeep, Nash, Hudson, Willys-Overland and Kaiser-Fraizer.

  • Classic Cars II
    This is a collection of sites with information that is related to all makes and models of classic cars. All makes and models are welcome. You don't have to own a car to join, but your page must be about classic cars.

  • Crazy For Cars
    This community is for anyone with a page about cars. Race cars, classic cars, car parts, street rods, even the family car! We offer a choice of two car graphics; or, you can use your own!

  • Chrysler LeBaron Convertible Net Community
    This Chrysler LeBaron Convertible Community is to link web sites that have information pertaining to LeBaron Convertibles.

  • 426 HEMI Net Community
    This 426 Hemi Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to Chrysler's legendary engine.

  • Dale Earnhardt Memorial & Tribute Community
    Dedicated to the memory of a LEGEND, Dale Earnhardt #3, 1951-2001. If you love Dale Earnhardt and have a memorial,tribute or any webpage honocommunity the greatest race car driver of all time or any website having to do with DEI, JOIN us here! God Speed Dale, We will NEVER forget you! Love all your fans! :o)

  • Camarosource.ca Community
    Open to ALL Camaro Enthusiasts. Have a Camaro Related website & want more traffic to your site? Then join the Camarosource.ca Community and become part of our community of Camaro Enthusiasts Worldwide!

  • The New AMC Community
    This Community is meant to overlap the original AMC Community , because the original Had been abandoned (It has since been taken over, so you can join it as well). Please join whether you are already on the AMC Community or not.

  • Nascar Lovers Community
    This community is dedicated to all those who love nascar racing and have something about nascar on their website.

  • Xterra Offroad
    Dedicated to the off-road pursuits of Nissan Xterra 4x4 owners.

  • Chevy *The Heartbeat of America
    An all Chevy community, everything has to be the heartbeat of America!

  • ALL HotRod and Classic Cars
    All Hot rod and Classic cars

  • Stratusphere
    The Stratusphere Community is dedicated to sites about the Dodge Stratus, Plymouth Breeze, Chrysler Cirrus, Chrysler Sebcommunity, and Dodge Avenger cars.

  • Mopar Parts Net Community
    The Mopar Parts Community links sites that have parts for any and all Mopar vehicles.

  • Mopar F/J/M Body Community
    A community dedicated to the performance and preservation of all Mopar F/J/M bodies.

  • Moparts.com Member Community
    A Community that contains sites made by the members of www.moparts.com

  • XR Community
    A community dedicated to Honda's Trail and Dirtbikes. Mainly focused on the 4 stroke XR Range.

  • For A Bodies Only Community
    A community for A Body mopars

  • 60's GMC trucks
    Dedicated to 1960 to 1966 GMC trucks of all sizes. The old GMC is the forgotten sibling of the Chevy trucks, but without the GMC truck innovations, Chevy wouldn't be what it is today

  • Automotive - Community Surf
    Automotive: covecommunity every single make, model and interest.

  • Made For Mudd'n
    Community for anyone who loves or has a 4 wheel drive truck the y use for mudd'n and 4 wheel'in.

  • If you can't Dodge it ~ Ram it!
    This list is open to websites dedicated to their love of Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Jeep trucks. This includes Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Powerwagons, Four Wheel Drives, Emergency Service Vehicles, and Military Vehicles. About anything that can be considerd a type of truck and powerd by Mopar, reguardless of era, old or new. In this way website owners can link with other sites that have similar subject matter to help build interest in these vehicles.

  • Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Community
    This community bcommunitys together sites related to the products, service and history of the Hudson Motor Car Co., the Hudson division of American Motors Corporation (AMC), Railton, Brough Superior, and the people of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club.

  • The Ultimate Cars Community
    ** from LowRiders - Muscle Cars & everything in between ** THE community to be in **

  • C-body community
    This is a community for those who own, have owned, or just love the C-bodies.

  • Superfine Rides Community - Muscle Cars, Street Rods & Classics
    Superfine Rides - Muscle Cars, Street Rods & Classics, is a high-end site appealing to enthusiasts from across the globe. Own a Muscle Car, Street Rod or Classic Car site? Join us and gain exposure! We also have SUPERFINE RIDES TOP 100! you may want to join! There's always something to see at Superfine Rides!

  • AutomotiveCommunitys
    Websites related to Automotive,new cars,new car,automotive,used cars,used car,new car prices,used car prices,new car price,used car price,used car values,used car classifieds,car review,car reviews,buy a car,sell a car,auto classifieds,car prices,autos for sale,auto parts,auto supplies

  • Demolition Derby
    This community is for Demolition Derbies and all aspects of the sport.

  • DaimlerChrysler Net Community
    This DaimlerChrysler Community links web sites that have information pertaining to all DaimlerChrysler brands including Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Freightliner, Sterling, Setra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Adtranz, and more since its inception in 1998.

  • The Mopar A-Body Community
    A community for Mopar A-body Sites

  • 70's Firebird Community
    Community is for all owners of 1970-79 Firebirds, Espirits, Formulas, And Trans Ams

  • Pontiac Performance
    This community was created for all Pontiac enthusiasts. Any websites created about Pontiacs or with any Pontiac content are welcome. This is a new community so send in your sites. Note: New websites will be featured in the featured sites section for up to one month.

  • It's the Geo Metro Community!
    Remember the cute little GEO Metro? Lot's of people do--and fondly! This is why we've created this great little community so that fans of the Geo Metro can find all kinds of products and helpful information to keep their Metros up and running even longer!
    The Geo Metro still has the best gas mileage around so it's no surprise that they're in demand. Whether you want one or already own one, you can find parts and cars, repair, service, shop manuals and more right here.

  • Checkered Flag Online
    A place to bcommunity together NASCAR sites{;}

  • Guardian Whales International
    GWI is a group of volunteer motorcycle riders worldwide who offer assistance to riders usually in a foreign country, unfamiliar with local surroundings and traffic circumstances. We save lives.

  • All Trans am GTO & Pontiacs parts & Pages
    Trans Am Firebird GTO and Pontiac web pages and parts pages

  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and DEI Community
    A community dedicated to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale Earnhardt, and the drivers belonging to DEI.

  • Roush Racing Community
    This is a community for fan sites related to the Roush Racing team in Nascar. Be sure and visit our site for news and more.

  • Coca-Cola Racing Family
    Community is about the Nascar Drivers of the Coca-Cola Racing Family

  • Exhibition Community
    Exhibition Drag Racing, Wheelstanders, Jet Cars, Jet Dragsters, Rocket Cars, Jet Trucks,

  • Kancil / Mira TRXX Community
    The Kancil Mira Community is a online community devoted to Perodua Kancil and Daihatsu Mira enthusiasts around the world.

  • 3rd Generation Dodge Ram
    This 3rd Generation Dodge Ram Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to 2002 Ram 1500 and the 2003 Ram 2500 & 3500. This site contains Submission Rules and Submission Form. For existing Community Members it now contains the Editing Form to edit you site information and retrieve custom HTML Code for your particular site.

  • Studebaker-Packard Community
    This community is for Studebaker-Packard automobile web sites.

  • Opel Car Enthusiasts
    Opel cars may be a lot more common in Europe than they are in Canada and the US, but this doesn't mean that you can't get your hands on one of these! This community gives you access to all kinds of things related to Opel cars.
    Opel cars, parts and manuals are available right here along with information on Opel cars and much more. Our community allows you to find Opel cars for sale or get the parts and accessories that you need to keep your Opel car in tiptop shape.

  • Wind in Your Face
    Wind in Your face is a informative community, that is designed for people of all ages who enjoy the freedom of riding. All motorcycle pages are welcome, and this means that any kind of motorcycle is welcome aswell.

  • Monte Carlo Community
    Pictures of my 1972 Monte Carlo drag car. Photos of the assembly process of my 600 hp big block chevy. Also racing team photos. Anybody who has a site about chevy's is welcome to join our community.

  • Classic Auto parts & drag Parts
    If you are looking for Parts for your classic car or drag car

  • The SCCA Community
    Moving from Yahoo

  • Everything Mustang
    Has everything and anything dealing with Mustangs. Timeline & History, Multimedia, Programs & Screensavers, Audio Installations, Message Board, Performance and Mod Info, and much more. The beast of stang sites!

  • A Place for All Things Automotive



    Car enthusiasts are a funny but loveable breed. They’re all about the cars and can spend hours on end taking in anything to do with the automotive world. They’re protective of their cars in a way that a Lioness is of her cubs and most will rip your arm off if you so much as think of laying a finger on their precious cars (I use the plural because most own more than one). Not sounding very lovable? Well…they do love their cars as if they were their children!


    Those who have a passion for cars can be passionate about everything from classic cars to muscle cars to restoring cars that might be another man’s junk. A car enthusiast in a whole embodies anyone who has a deep enjoyment of anything related to cars and car ownership. There are people who spend millions of dollars to collect cars that they never drive! One well known celebrity car buff is Jay Leno who reportedly owns approximately fifty cars and close to the same amount in motorcycles, both vintage and modern. He’s also got his own website which is, of course, all about cars and anything to do with them. They site which is aptly titled ‘JayLenosGarage.com, offers an in-depth look at his collection, his love of cars and all kinds of other neat things to thrill the coveralls off of any car nut.


    An extension of the car enthusiast would be those with a love of Automobilia. What the heck is ‘Automobilia’? It is basically collectibles and memorabilia dedicated to cars. Things like vintage license plates, oil and gasoline signs, model car kits and a whole bunch of other stuff. To the non-enthusiast this may seem like a whole lotta junk but if you know a true car buff, then aside from a shiny vintage car with a bow around it; Automobila may be the best in gift choices ever! If you’re looking for any sort of car memorabilia, then a quick online search will be all you need to be directed to hundreds of sites packed full of things that would make your car lovers mouth water.


    A favorite pastime of car enthusiasts often involves participating or even just watching car auctions. This is where all kinds of cars—classic and otherwise—are auctioned off and given to the highest bidder. Most collectors of automobiles use auctions as their main way of getting the cars that they collect. There are hundreds of car auctions ranging from things like police auctions which are used as a way to unload cars that have been seized to fantasy car auctions  like the Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction which is now known as ‘the greatest car show on earth’ which is actually aired on television. Thanks to the Internet, car buffs can now have access to car auctions online as well. Being a car enthusiast has never been so fun!

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