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  • The Audi TT Community
    This is a community dedicated to car lovers with a special emphasis on the Audi TT.
    You can connect with others who love cars or use it to find an Audi TT for Sale. Browse around for Audi TT Information, Parts, Manuals, Engines Wheels, Body Kits, Spoilers and Accessories. And if that weren't enough, you can also find Used Audi TT for Sale. Find all years too: 2008, 2007, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2003, 2000, 2001, 2002, Roadster and more.

  • The History of Audi

    These days a number of new brands of cars are being discussed and it is hard to find the best brand of cars in the world. Audi is a well known brand of cars worldwide. The cars of this brand are used and appreciated all over the world. The reason is that the cars made by Audi are not only classic and attractive, but their engine power and other such things make it look even more beautiful.

    A number of models are releases by Audi all over the world and new models are being released every year. The cars that are made by Audi are used in almost every country of the world. They are becoming more and more popular these days. They are making cars from 1932. The cars their technology and their designs are being developed day by day. Everything in the new models of the cars comes with perfection and with great look.

    Audi has also participated in a number of motor sport competitions. There are a huge number of awards and victories associated with Audi. That is the reason why racers and all famous drivers all over the world try to catch the car. Other than that, there are a number of other advantages and good performances power that are with the car.

    The engine in every model gets more and more power and hence it becomes more and better. The interior of almost every car is great and that makes the look of the car more beautiful.

    There is a whole history of the cars being manufactured by the brand and all that is written on their website. Everyone is able to see that on their official website. The previous family of Audi was afterwards changed with AUDI AG. AUDI has now being making cars for over a century. This makes the history of this famous brand even better and this tells us that the engineers and designers of the brand would be better than anyone else.

    Choosing a car these days is becoming a problem, as people does not know about which car they have to chose and how they are going to handle that. Some of the brands would be famous but their spare parts are not available in most of the area. That makes that car useless, even if the car has extraordinary power and capabilities.

    If you look at AUDI and its history, the people who are associated with the company are making cars for over a century and this makes the perfection in the scope of motor engineering. The power and efficiency of their engines and the look of the car is better than most of the brands all over the world. A number of awards are won by the brand and it is used in a number of racing events. One of the most popular awards was won in 1989 by AUDI for technological progress. This was indeed a good record by the company which tells us about the good being of the brand.