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  • Cape Breton Artisans
    This blogcommunity is populated by artists and artisans from Cape Breton Island, whose work is as varied and beautiful as the Island we live on.

  • Nova Scotia Artists
    Open to any and all artists based in Nova Scotia. Please, no adult content; I'd like this to be able to be accessed by families.

  • Shopping for Ethnic and Regional Goodies

    When shopping online for ethnic and regional art, clothes and items there are quite a few places you can look for different styles and types. The best way is to type into your browser bar exactly what you are looking for and go from there. The search engine will always list from the most popular onwards. Depending on what you are looking for will depend on which store you will choose. It is always best as with any type of shopping online to check out a few different stores so that you can make sure that what you buy is kind to your wallet and you don’t end up paying through the nose for it.

    Some people find that searching online auction sites is the best way to get value for money. Online auction sites offer a whole range of items and clothing that are both ethnic and regional that you can browse through at your leisure. These items and clothes are often at much reduced prices and are not always second hand. The item listing will tell you if the item you are browsing is pre owned or not and the item’s location to you. Some sellers enable you to pick up the item once paid for from their homes where as others prefer to send it you via the postal service. Make sure that you always pay by something like PayPal as you are protected incase the item arrives damaged or not as described entitling you to a full or partial refund. Buying Ethnic and regional items this way can be a lot of fun and is similar to the buzz that you get from rummaging and finding a bargain.

    The other way to by ethnic and regional items and/or clothes is to buy by store on the internet. By visiting several stores you can price comparison between a few stores for the item or clothing piece that you are after, sometimes making a killing on the price of the item that will enable you to purchase more than you thought!

    When choosing the right ethnic or regional style for you it is best to by one or two pieces and see how you feel wearing them. If they don’t work out you can always list them on one of the above mentioned auction sites and make some if not all of your money back. Sometimes it’s quite simple to find the right style for you. You will always know when something suits you because you will be able to look in the mirror and go “WOW” you know you look great it is also a real boost when someone else gives you a compliment. This way you will not only feel your confidence rise, but you will also know you have found the right style for you. Sticking to one style can be great but finding a few styles that suit you that you can swap and change to and from will always keep your style update, hip and on trend.