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    A community for writers. Poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, essays, letters...

  • The New Jane Austen Fan Fiction Community
    The new home for Jane Austen related fan fiction.

  • Mundania Press Community
    The official community for Mundania Press Book Publishers

  • Unknown Authors
    This community is for anyone who has published a book, and has their own webpage. We're made up of unknown authors, and we're trying to get our names out there.

  • Join This! Collaboration
    One idea can be very different to different minds...A collaboration among writers, bloggers, journal keepers, and other interested parties. Focus will be on one theme per month. Entries submitted will be linked from the site. All in the name of creativity, with serious writers encouraged to join as well.

  • Redheads Rock
    Red headed women bloggers who kick ass!

  • LDS Writers
    A place for LDS readers and authors to connect together and share their words, thoughts, ideas and lives.

  • Poison-Pen
    For Writers of Dark Fantasy & Romance who are Kissed by the Darkling Muse. Dedicated to the Craft and Art of Writing Erotic Romance, this is a community for working writers in all the many genres of Speculative Erotic Romance: Gothic, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Yaoi...! Writing Resource sites - Welcome!

  • The Adventures of Amber Quill
    Goodwill Ambassador to Amber Quill Press Because of her extensive worldwide connections, not to mention her unique name, Ms. Amber Quill has recently joined the staff of Amber Quill Press as its Goodwill Ambassador. Join Amber as she travels around the globe seeking discerning readers and many adventures.

  • Writing Desk
    A community for writers of short stories, poetry and novels. All sites in this community will have sections on a writer's life, tips and resources. No commercial sites will be allowed.

  • Poet At Heart
    To join this community, you must have some form of poetry on your site. It can be a book of poetry, or in blog form. All works must be your own.

  • Seawoman's Caribbean Writers' Community
    If you are a Caribbean Writer (of any genre) or Spoken-word artist, join this community to network and promote your site. The only way Caribbean artists will grow is if we all work together!

  • POD Reviewers
    Reviewers open to considecommunity print-on-demand and self-published works.

  • Airyness Community
    We are a community of writers and artists looking to grow.

  • Written Expressions
    We welcome all writers, poets, journalists, essayists, critical thinkers, dreamers, diarists, bloggers, screenwriters, creative artists, publishers, illustrators, spoken word enthusiasts, slam poets, inventors, fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction-fantasy, trend-setters, go-getters, movers, shakers, realists, non-conformists, philosophers, novelists, and fine artists of humanity and life are welcome to join and provide wisdom, growth, change and development to the world we live in.

  • Writers Resources: The Best Places for Finding Assignments


    Think you have to live the life of a starving artist because you have chosen freelance writing as your career? Well you thought wrong! With some talent, perseverance and this list of writers resources, you can hold your head up high as a writer and forget about having to live on ramen noodles for the duration of your career because writing jobs are really just a click away!


    FreelanceWritingGigs.com is a blog dedicated to freelance writers. Not only do they boast one of the meatiest daily lists of writing jobs but they also offers a variety of other resources for writers from helpful articles to forums to links.


    OnlineWritingJobs.com just recently changed for the better and now provides you with endless job listings for writers; saving you a whole lot of legwork! This site is definitely worth checking out on a daily basis.


    WritersMarket.com is run by the creators of what most writers would consider their bible; The Writers Market. Whether you opt to buy the books or pay membership to the site, you can be sure that you’re getting your eager little hands on top-notch information that will not only tell you who wants what but where to send it and how much you’ll get paid for it!


    FreelanceWrite.About.com is the ever-popular About.com’s contribution to the subject of all things freelance writing. The site includes a column dedicated to the ins and outs of the freelance life, a list writing jobs as well as other helpful writers resources.


    FreelanceWriting.com is another no-fuss, no-muss sort of site that offers a list of writing jobs that is updated fairly regularly along with articles, events and submission guidelines to various sites and publications. While their job list isn’t as jam-packed as some of the others, their other resources can easily lead you to possible projects or worthy contacts.


    Erotica Readers and Writers is by far the best resource for writers of erotica or work that falls to the sexier side of the spectrum. This is a niche that is in high demand these days and for those who have a knack for this type of writing; you couldn’t ask for a better source of information. This is a must-see for writers of erotica, sex writers and for those curious about the genera.


    WebLens.org has been around for awhile as a wonderful writer’s resource site. Recently their job listings seem to be getting better and they offer other helpful information as well for writers who are just starting out as well as for the seasoned pros. They’re not just exclusive to freelance writing either, but rather all kinds of freelancers.


    Craigslist has become by far one of the easiest places to find writing jobs online. While you won’t get any other writer’s resources here like helpful tips or anything like that, you will get listings for current writing jobs that are available all over the world—many of which are telecommute opportunities. This may seem like an unlikely option for finding writing jobs but it is drastically underestimated!


    One last piece of advice I would suggest is to sign up for the newsletters offered on the mentioned sites because they will often include editor’s calls for submissions as well as other helpful information.


    Happy Hunting!