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  • Connecting Students With Instructors through Interactive Videos


    Education as known to all, is very much significant to for the human society as this is viewed and considered as the most efficient and effective means for personal and social development. The concept of education entitles an individual, if properly trained and utilized the essential ability to progress for personal sustenance and economic survival. This is considered as one of the most important realm in one’s life that must be achieved as also viewed by the family structure in the society. In addition, education can be used by the society as a whole to develop productive and capable citizens for fueling the progress of the humanity. Thus, education indeed is important.


    At present though, the aspect of education in the society is constantly bombarded by many problems and woes mostly on its structural system. Basically, the system of education in a given society is mainly promoted through the secular educational institutions and facilities namely the schools and university. In the course of the society’s development, this educational structure is now being presented to have its flaws at it lacks sufficiently attention from the government and society itself. The professional service of providing quality education in the government and secular institutions are now becoming scarce and limited to the upper few because of many problems mainly location and capacity to address the increasing need of the growing population. Thus, other means of attaining quality education must be included in the probably option of the willful public.


    Enticed with the present technological advancement of the society, other means of securing quality education is now being offered for the public namely the concept of virtual schools through the Internet . Through the aid of the modern technology in communication, willful students and professional educators can now interact with each other in the course of training and educating regardless of the boundaries of location and institutional facilities through the use of video conferencing. The concept of virtual schools can be implemented with the significant aid of technological advancement to promote better learning and understanding of the students regarding the lesson matter as visual imagery and wide information resources can be accessed with ease. Interactive videos are naturally utilized to create a classroom like environment through the net that connects several students to the teachers and vice versa. The problem of accommodation and capacity can also be negated as the population of the student body can be expanded depending on the technological availability.


    In addition, the part of the society that has disabilities can also satisfy their educational pursuit as they themselves can access the institutions of virtual schools the same with the majority. The aspect of virtual schools can also minimize the sacrifices students have to make just to have educational attainment such as moving to other towns and cities because the services of virtual schools is offered to the public anytime, anywhere. Thus, with these considerations, the implementation of virtual schools indeed can promote the advancement of the education pursuit as it can significantly aid the public in their attainment of valuable informations, knowledge and adequate training.