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  • .:forever artistic:.
    .:a community for everyone who is an artist within their own right, whether they are writers or photographers, painters or singers, this is for artists:.

  • Videogame Yaoi Fanfiction Writer's Community
    A community for any videogame yaoi fanfiction writers. Anyone is eligible to join as long as s/he has at least one videogame yaoi story on homepage. Pages based solely upon yuri, fanart, poetry, and other non-fanfiction fandom are discouraged.

  • Art of Theater
    This community is dedicated to theatrical groups with a presence on the web, as well as performance groups. Sites such as ones involved with Broadway, Off-Broadway, Community Theater, and so forth are invited to join. Theater is any form is an experience to be enjoy and share with other thespians. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Sleeping Beauty
    A community for those who have released their hidden creativity... Awaken your own sleeping beauty.

  • Waking the Witch
    Accept and use your inner demons; wake the witch inside you.

  • Under the Pink
    A community for Tori Amos sites.

  • another no one
    a community for net journals.

  • Java's Voice Acting Community
    Any site related to voice acting can join this community! For voice actor fan sites, production sites, resumes, etc...

  • Community Theater
    Sites for and about community theater. Individuals and groups are encouraged to join

  • Garden Maze Community
    Garden Maze Team at the Golden Elite Site Competition

  • The All-Haunts Haunted Attractions Community
    A community for ALL haunted attractions.

  • The Polis
    The community for poststructuralist nonconforming postmodernist recovecommunity philosophers.

  • Korean War
    Anything about the Korean War: Weapons, history, links, bios, autobios, non-fiction, fiction, all relevant sites.

  • Arti-zine Artists
    Small group of artists with art work to share with the world. Some offer lessons, some have beautiful art the world needs to see. Interested individuals can purchase from the artists.

  • .. undying ..
    ... for those sites whose content and design is eternal, shifting with time but not because of it, deeply personal and charged with expression ...

  • Virtual Cafe Community
    Cafék, kávézók, webműhelyek és egyéb transzatlanti webkitalációk gyűjtőhelye

  • Torn Curtains
    We will release regularly scheduled writing assignments designed to stimulate writers to reveal even more of themselves, to effectively 'tear down the curtains' of facade we all hide behind in order to protect ourselves from our fear of those around us. We hope to challenge journalers to dig deeper, to inspire them to explore themselves even more, and to allow them to truly expose their innermost being for all to see... {;}... if they have the courage to tear those curtains down.{;}

  • Artistamp
    The Artistamp Community contains Artistamp webpages around the internet. What are Artistamps? I hear you say.... Well - have a look at all the creative, exciting different sites in this community - visit the Artists, see the Stamps... You might be the next Artistamp Artist!...

  • Quaker Ancestors
    Are you searching for your Quaker Ancestors? Our community consists of personal genealogy pages and non-commercial sites offecommunity online Quaker research material.

  • just another collab
    A collaboration for online journalists who feel that they can handle joining another collab. It's nothing special really, but just provides some added inspiration.

  • Drama
    Drama - a community for all who write and/or perform in the theater. Drama - life under a magnifying glass. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • The Masque
    Costumes from Phantom of the Opera is the focus of this community. We tend to be people who have recreated costumes from the Andrew Lloyd Webber show, but welcome anyone who has information on costumes of the era, the show or other versions.{;}A host of images on each site is encouraged, but far from enforced. More important is that you have a site you want to share.

  • Studio Arts Community
    A collection of art websites of some of the best artists on the Internet today.

  • The Written Word
    this is a community for people who write.

  • Quilting Ladies
    If you enjoy making and exchanging Quilt squares then this is the group for you.

  • damned.in.black
    Is a community for those who wish to show their talent, writing, photography, digital art, and so on.{;}Is a community for{;}the dark-minded on the net with some form of expression on their site.{;}Join us!{;}[the sinner and the saint it's all inside you]

  • Community of Insanity
    A community for Jellicle fansites that are insane!

  • Informitive CATS
    This community is for websites that focus on suplying information about the musical CATS.

  • Apathetic Genius
    You're quite brilliant...a brilliant stunner you are. But there's very little that you've chosen to do about it. You will start a revolution, but in due time. Right now, you'd rather read a book and lackadaisically plot the bitter, anarchistic destruction of normalcy.

  • Feather_painters_community
    a group of talented painters who use feathers as thier canvas.

  • FuzzyBunnies

  • Birthdays
    A community for the members of the Birthday's clique.

  • I Adore Cute Kittens
    My community goes out to anyone who adores those cute and cuddily newborn kittens.

  • The DJ Connection
    dj community

  • colored wings
    What color are your wings?

  • VisualAnomalies
    A collection of visual artists webpages{;}encompassing as many visual arts. Try to challenge what is visual art

  • Friendship
    This community is for people who wants to make more friends

  • *surfacing*
    a community for people who feel that through their writings they are learning to be themselves

  • Mitología
    Mitología de todo tipo en Espańol

  • Dominion of exaltation
    This community is for those who have a passion to see revival in Canada. Especially in the punk rock scene and arts culture. Your page should be artsy and evangelistic related. Also creative

    This is the Community that links all the fans who love to write fan fiction, orig fiction, CGs...(Chinese BIG5 version right now, English version soon.){;}

  • Pale Court Community
    Community of clothiers.. High fashion gothic and period influenced clothing. For costumers, retail and people who just want to show off their portfolio. From Medieval to Victorian and beyond.

  • The Dollz Forum Community
    This community is for anyone who has a cartoon dollz website. no x-rated sites allowed. Family related only.

  • Nightwind's Community
    A community for the Ladies and Gents who have guts, attitude and good taste. {;}{;}

  • 20th century kids
    a community for 20th century kids

  • Native Pride
    Native Pride welcomes all who wish to share thier web homes~

  • we'll see how brave you are
    This community is a celebration of creative writing, but more than that, it is a celebration of the souls who are brave enough to share their thoughts with the world.

  • Cyr Cousins Round The World
    This community is open to everyone who is a Cyr or has a Cyr related website. It is a place for all us Cyr cousins round the world to link to each other's websites.

  • Paranormal Horizons Community
    The Paranormal Horizons Community has to deal with anything thats strange, unexplained, paranormal and/or supernatural. UFO, Alien, Creatures (such as the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Nessie, Ect.) are all expetable for this community. Join because just 1 will attract many.

  • p.a.p.e.r.d.o.l.l.
    For costumers, fashion designers, and the like - be they historical, theatrical, gothic, or fantastic..{;}Post your photos and/or portfolios - SCA, and other historical reenactor sites are very welcome!{;}This is NOT a community for online stores!{;}
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