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  • Excalibur Community
    NOTE THIS RING IS UNDERGOING CHANGES AND IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME. WHEN ALL THE CHANGES ARE COMPLETE THE RING WILL BE REOPENED TO NEW MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD YOUR SITE BEFORE THAT DATE. THANK YOU.Sites that focus on topics covecommunity Arthurian Legends, any of the main players in these and other legends, Fairies, Dragons, Witches, Lords and Ladies, Knights, Courtly Love, Camelot, Wizards, Celtic Mythology, and Artwork, such as the Pre-Raphaelite. Sites do not have to cover these topics exclusively, but they should have some content that hon

  • The Heart of A Fae
    NOTE THIS RING IS UNDERGOING CHANGES AND IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME. WHEN ALL THE CHANGES ARE COMPLETE THE RING WILL BE REOPENED TO NEW MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD YOUR SITE BEFORE THAT DATE. THANK YOU. Does this fit you? The heart of a fae beats within me. The soul of wonder resides inside. I am filled with the magic that is god becoming - I am enchanted and enchanting. I touch the sky that is above me and push the clouds from here to there. Into the waters I plunge my finger stircommunity it to make the waves. I touch the ground and new life spco

  • The Weefolke Community
    NOTE THIS RING IS UNDERGOING CHANGES AND IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME. WHEN ALL THE CHANGES ARE COMPLETE THE RING WILL BE REOPENED TO NEW MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD YOUR SITE BEFORE THAT DATE. THANK YOU.A community dedicated to sites about The Wee Folke be they Faeries, Gnomes, Trolls, Brownies, Goblins, Brownies, Pixies, Mermaids, Witches, Magicians or any of these wonderful folke. As above so below, there is a world of magic and a galaxy of wonder. {;}

  • Tribal Dance Community
    The Tribal Dance Community is your online resource for Tribal, ATS, and Tribal Fusion Dance enthusiasts. Vendors of tribal costumes, music, and accessories, as well as information on performers, events, and instructors from across the globe can be found in the community.

  • Remember The Innocent
    Remember The Innocent was started to remember the individuals who lost their lives due to unnecessary violence.

  • 100-communityen
    Här hittar du sidor gjorda av människor som har mycket att berätta om sig själva, närmare bestämt 100 olika saker. Allt prydligt uppräknat i en 100-lista

  • Theatre-Idea New Circus
    The Theatre New Circus Community connects Theatre or Circuses Worldwide The Community is an inter-connected list of sites related to Theatre or Circus. (Taken over 11 Jun, 2007.)

  • Sinister Visions
    A community for any and all things sinister.

  • True to myself
    Freedom of speech, to be who you want to be, to say I refuse to be silenced, chained and tied up, I am being true to myself if you don't like it ...tough!!{;}{;}For people who are being honest to themselves through their personal WebPages be it in poetry, journals, artwork, really anything that shows who they are and expresses their joy, their pain, their sadness, their loves, passions and fears..being true to themselves!{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • Crazy about Snowglobes
    Those who has made snowglobes from graphic programs.

  • The Community of Theater and Drama
    If your site has anything to do with the performing arts world, then this is the right community for you! I will accept any performing art site, and the community is especially for sites about plays, musicals, and actor sites.

  • The Surrealists Community
    Websites which are connected with Surrealism and Surrealist Art involving Painting, Sculpture, Music, Writing, Film, or other Media.

  • Spellage
    Are you one of the rare breed that knows how to spell?

  • Foto i Community
    För att vara med i "Foto i Community" måste du naturligtvis ha en egen hemsida, som skall handla om foto i någon form sidan bör också vara "familjevänlig" - dvs inte innehålla rasism, porr eller annat stötande material.{;}Förutsätter självklart att sidorna också följer de copyrightregler som finns{;}{;}

  • Aessential - Minds in Art
    This is the community of the artists with open minds, all the artists are welcome here, whatever technique or medium uses. All languages, all kinds of artistic expression, all human beings living in the art domain... Sapnish and english versions.

  • Nordiska gudinnor
    En community för en exklusiv grupp som sedan -99 består av nordiska kvinnor med egna, välarbetade webbsidor. Hemsidorna har alla ett syfte utöver att presentera ägaren själv. De kan innehålla grafik, egna texter, information, m.m. Vanligast är att man blir inbjuden till communityen men det finns också möjlighet att söka själv till communityen.

  • Writers with Vision
    NOTE THIS RING IS UNDERGOING CHANGES AND IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME. WHEN ALL THE CHANGES ARE COMPLETE THE RING WILL BE REOPENED TO NEW MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD YOUR SITE BEFORE THAT DATE. THANK YOU.Community designed for writers of sci-fci, fantasy, philosophy, wicca, mythology, horror, religion, wicca, magick and metaphysics. Join if you express yourself on the web in any of these categories in poetry, short stories, articles and opinion pieces. Those who join are encouraged to submit works to Spirithunter, On-Line Magazine.{;} Be sure to ADD

  • Angel Unaware
    Angel Unaware exists to bcommunity together{;}the creative, original, and unique of the web that believe: One voice CAN change things. Yes- we all have power.

  • Faery Believers
    WE BELIEVE in faeries!

  • The Jellicle Quality Community
    The Jellicle Quality Community is dedicated to connecting all websites with content from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, CATS.

  • The Creative Doubt Community
    This is a community for artists. Writers, journal-keepers, poets, photographers, painters, sketchers, graphic artists, musicians, and anyone else who is involved in some form of creation. We all have moments of doubt from time to time about our creations, our abilities, and even ourselves. Here's a way to link our creations, bits of ourselves, and our 'net spaces together.

  • ~*Country Delights*~
    The circle of delightful country sites.

  • Community - pl.rec.foto
    Community grupy dyskusyjnej pl.rec.foto

  • I'm FINE - Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional
    Sometimes do you want to say no I'm not doing fine?? I am F.I.N.E !! {;}{;}Fucked up: someone with severe mental or emotional problems. Insecure: not feeling safe, not confident. Neuosis: abnormally sensitive or obsessive person. Emotional: especially liable to emotion.

  • The Scarlett O'Hara Community
    Looking for GWTW related sites? If you are, this is the place for you!{;}An entire community dedicated to Gone with the Wind and Scarlett O'hara. If you are a fellow fan and have a site dedicated to GWTW or Vivian Leigh, please feel free to join.

  • Laban Community
    Laban Community links websites of organizations and individuals working with Laban theories: notation, motif, effort.

  • Celebration of Anthropomorphic Art
    A community dedicated to the creative form of anthropomorphic ( furry art ). It is meant to bcommunity the community surfer a chance to see the wide variety of quality furry art available whether it is kid-safe or adult.

  • Creative Drama and Youth Theatre
    Resources for teachers of creative drama and directors of youth theatre.

  • Breeze on the Balcony
    if the night runs over, it's ok, we'll just spin toward the moonlight

  • True Believers Community
    The True Believers Community is unique in that only those who have earned or received an award titled

  • The Book Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Book related Web Sites.

  • We Love Our Cats
    My community is for anyone who loves their cat dearly.

  • Proud*American*Woman
    Created to showcase the beauty and talent of American Women, Proud*American*Woman exists to unite those that dream- and make their dreams come true.

  • scrap.n.blog
    For bloggers who love scrapbooking, whether it be digital or paper.

  • i dig scrawny pale guys
    everyone digs scrawny pale guys, my friend.

  • Fantasy Poets Community
    A community for Fantasy Poets...

  • Grave Matters Community of Distinction
    An eclectic group of sites focusing on subjects such as the funeral industry and practices, cemetery art and photography. There is also dark fiction and poetry. True ghost stories, Wicca and forums to talk about all of it. We also have forums to talk about TV Shows Six Feet Under, Angel and Dead Like me. This is not a community for gore mongers. This is a community for high quality subject related content.

  • L'Anello Magico della Danza Orientale
    Una risorsa in pių per gli appassionati della Danza del ventre, araba, egiziana, mediorentale, della Danza Orientale in genere. Un'occasione per unire le risorse degli insegnanti, delle associazioni, dei commercianti. Un abbraccio virtuale trasversale e spero utile alla diffusione delle informazioni delle notizie e anche della curiositā.

  • * I just love my teddy bear *
    Do you really love your teddy bear as much as I do LOL? Then join our chain!

  • angel fan fiction community
    Community for fan fiction sites based on{;}Fox's

  • [being] devoured
    a community for anyone that's being [been] devoured by something untouchable. a situation. an occurence. an existence. a thought, or idea, or word. all sites that are tasteful, fairly well designed, and contain samples of art or writing are welcome.

  • CHD Angels
    A community dedicated to the memory of our CHD Angels.Among this community of hearts you will find: love, support, friendship,laughter, grief, tears, strength and hope. You'll learn more about our angels, near and far; you'll learn about what makes us keep going,{;}dredging through this grief. It's strength and love, unconditional{;}love. The strength and unconditional love we have all recieved from the angels that have touched our lives forever. This kind of strength can only be found in such a circle of hearts. Please share the stories, the{;}love, the incredible journey's our angels

  • CyberAdoptionsCrew
    This community is for anyone who has a child safe, family site of adoptions for net users. No nudity

  • "We proudly Support our U.S Flag"
    WWWLuc-Women Causes Committee Proudly Supports our US{;}flag. This is one of our causes, No membership into Luc Women is required. Anyone can join this community.

  • The Tribe
    A gathecommunity of websites devoted to the musical CATS.

  • A tribute to the other Falling Hero's Our parents and grandparents
    this community is to honor all our Parents and Grandparents who have passed away.. Our other falling Heros

  • Children's Memorial Graphics
    Providing free graphics, background sets and globes to memorial sites

  • beautiful like breaking glass.
    journal community.

  • The Jellicle Spirit Community
    It's a community welcome to all CATS sites.

  • MILadys World Doll Stuff
    This community is for those who make cartoon dolls,or stuff with cartoons. People who have dolls on their site that,they adopted from other people are welcome to join as well.

  • There’s Nothing Like The Theatre

    As children we are often taken to pantomimes which we absolutely love and enjoy going to. Some families make it a yearly outing mainly at Christmas others go more than once a year. However often you went to see pantomimes you will always remember the experience and often some people find that this is when the first bite of the acting bug takes them. As you get older you begin to go and see older more appropriate plays at your local or regional theatre. These can include Broadway type shows, musicals and other plays that can be traditional as well as more modern plays.

    The current trend is for musicals and the popularity over the last two years has sky rocketed. With the introduction of musicals into films and the children’s favorite High School Musical it has re-invited us to bring musicals back into our hearts. Over the last twenty years the popularity of musicals has diminished as they were considered old fashioned and out of trend. They were not considered as being realistic and to fanciful in their plots. The golden age of the 1920’s and beyond brought us some fantastic musicals such as 42nd street and west side story. People have come to love musicals again due to that they are fun exciting and very consuming. The story is brought to life through song and makes us feel that life can be as magical as it is portrayed in the musical. Most people leave the theatre after seeing a musical with a song in their hearts and a spring in their steps.

    Shakespeare plays are often the more popular when it comes to plays being performed. Although the plays were written hundreds of years ago they are still as popular today if not more than they were when they were written. The language although old English, is witty and has undertones through out of fables and morals that has meaning and warnings of what can happen in life. They also feature tragedy; comedy and majority cover various settings in history that are both loved and much written about. Every one of these plays has been translated into every language around to date.  The allure of Shakespeare’s plays has often been explained but no one truly understands the real reason why they are so popular to all ages. High school students have to learn about the plays within their English studies and are discussed in great depth. The love of these plays is believed to stem from this early introduction and then can become a love later on in life when they are older for them to appreciate. Favorites include; Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Hamlet and King Lear.  These plays have been adapted from the theatre to the big screen and pull in millions when produced as the love for these plays will always grow in the hearts of the masses. The stories that they tell are timeless and are unforgettable.

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