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  • Robin Hood 2006 Community
    A community for fan sites for the Tiger Aspect/BBC production of Robin Hood. For fan sites and forums of the production, characters and cast members

  • Bam Obsessed Chick
    This community is for all those obsessive Bam fans. If you can't get enough of Bam's hilarious antics on Jackass, or your a huge fan of his skateboarding abilities, or maybe you just think he's gorgeous, then this is the community for you!!

  • Actors and Actresses
    hotttest actors and actresses in all the world

  • TV Cowboy Community
    Welcome to the Cowboy community. This community is designed for sites that are about TV cowboys, the shows they did, and any cowboy related serials. Also sites about set locations,and other information relating to the filming of the shows.

  • Little Rascals Our Gang
    This is a community for all of those who loved The Little Rascals Our Gang show. That show continues to be a favorite with young and old alike and always will be. Connect with others who loved Spanky, Alfalfa, Darlaand the rest of the gang here.
    This community is also a great place for collectors as we have all the funniest epsiodes and history here as well. Have a browse around the community and see what Little Rascals treasures you can find!

  • Charmed P3
    This is a community dedicated to Charmed and all the characters associated with it. If your site doesn't contain this criteria, then it will NOT be placed in this community.

  • Live from New York.... The TFL Approved Saturday Night Live Related Fanlists Ring
    This is a ring for all SNL related fanlists that are approved by http://thefanlistings.org!

  • German XF FanFiction Community
    Ein Community für deutsche Akte-X FanFiction Pages.

  • Little House on the Prairie Fans
    Written by Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie was based on her Midwest childhood. The show still has  millions  of fans all over the world and this community gives them a place to come together and enjoy all things to do with the show and books.
    Find Little House on the Prairie Information, Books, Photos, and DVD’s and more here. You can find episodes of the show as well as their movie and other great stuff here. Enjoy this Little House on the Praire community and all the memories it has to offer.

  • DuckTales and Disney Community
    Community for all Disney Sites, Including DuckTales and Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers Sites

  • Fans of The Waltons
    The Waltons is an American television series about a family living at Walton's Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. This community is dedicated to the wonderful show and all of its fans.
    Read about all the characters including John-Boy Walton, Jr, Livie Walton, Grandma and Grandpa Walton, Mary Ellen Walton, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob, Elizabeth, Walton. Ike Godsey and more. Find episodes of the show, DVDs, books and more too!

  • Invader Zim Community of Doom
    The Invader Zim Community of Doom...The Best Invader Zim Sites...

  • Nose-a-licious
    Ever find yourself stacommunity at Fox Mulder's Nose? How its shaped? How it just... stays there? Well this is the community for you. And you don't even have to like his nose. You could always like what the nose leaves out-- Mulder in general!

  • McLeods Daughters Fans
    A community for fans of the #1 Australian Drama, McLeods Daughters.

  • Charming Charmed Community
    Community for Charmed fans who created a charming Charmed website / page and for those who have made a charming website / page on a Charmed actor or actress.

  • I Love Lucy
    Who could forget I Love Lucy and the endearing and wacky characters; Lucy, Ricky Ricardo, Ethel and Fred? This community is for those of us who love I Love Lucy and can't get enough!
    For everything from episodes and DVDs to memorabilia and all things Lucille Ball, check us out. You'll find all kinds of interesting information and products and have a little fun too! So sit back, have a browse and prepare to be mesemerized by all things I Love Lucy.

  • The Waltons Community
    This community offers a look back at the Waltons and their wholesome adventures. Take a trip back in time and relive some of your favorite moments with John Boy and the others right here.
    Here you can find things like Waltons DVDs including seasons 4 & 5. Find episodes, books,information and more. If you're a fan of the Waltons or know someone who is then this community is worth a browse.

  • The Beauty and the Beast TunnelCommunity
    This web-site about tv show Beauty and the Beast...

  • Television And Our Children

    There is a lot of controversy when it comes to television and your child. How much is too much when it comes to the amount of time your child watches. It is said that on average that over a third of toddlers watch the TV for over two hours per day, children under six also watch the same amount and the age range of eight to eighteen watch over four hours of TV and two hours of computer games per day. These results found in surveys go against the AAP (The American Academy of Paediatrics) advice which says that children under two shouldn’t watch TV at all and for over two year olds a maximum of two hours is recommended. The reason for this is down to the development of the brain within the first two years of a child’s life. They believe that the TV diminishes the natural development of the child’s brain as they are being stopped from playing and interacting with other people i.e. their parents, which encourages them to socially develop and learn physical health.

    As a child develops and gets older the TV interferes with them being outdoors and being active physically. Also homework and social development suffers. Not all TV is bad though the AAP does say that in moderation TV can be a good thing. Before starting school if children are exposed to educational learning TV they often start school at an advantage to other children who did not. It’s not an easy call and often parents feel confused as they are being told different advice constantly making them feel that they don’t know which way to turn.

    TV in excess is blamed for a nation of obese children as they are not experiencing enough physical activity. The violence they see when watching some films or programs de-sensitizes them so that they believe that level of violence is acceptable, for others it makes them have a unhealthy fear of the outside world and can cause agoraphobia. The level of violence that children can see on TV can cause your children to become a bully in life as violence is often shown as being fun and hip and shows you the way to get your own way. It can cause nightmares in younger children as they are unable to know the difference between real life and the fantasy of TV.

    Another concern is that within the TV programming many adult undertones are on show to a child who may not understand but will think that it is acceptable. Programs that show sexual behaviour, smoking, drinking and drugs are often shown to underage children and it influences them later on in life. Most children who are subjected to these things often try them at an age that is unacceptable and sometimes illegal before they have the adult mind to be able to understand the consequences of their choices.

    The health concern that is gripping all nations is that of obesity in not just adults but children as well. When a person is bored or inactive they tend to nibble and eat, also commercials that are between the programs often show children eating high fat and high sugar goodies that the children will then crave. Eating whilst watching TV causes anyone child or adult to eat more.