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  • Class of 2002
    A community for people (male or female) of the high school class of 2002.

  • * glamourous ones*
    A community for all the glamourous ones....

  • An Excuse to Lick
    An odd warbling of many different things. They are primarily beautiful and primarily run by girls, they are primarily smart.

  • Night Masks Community of Notoriety
    A community for guildmembers, and honorary guildmembers.

  • evilgrrls
    a community for girls who are very naughty, and not ever nice. girls who taste like sugar, but are completely spice.

  • Lumbee Community
    This Community was created to connect the Internet web pages of Lumbee Indians and to promote our pettition for Federal Recognition. We invite you to enjoy our pages and hope you return soon.

  • ashford-web
    ashford kent uk

  • flickmakt
    en community där flikkor på nätet samlas, flickskap och flickmakt syns, skapas eller saknas.

  • Alliance Of Survivors United Against Domestic Violence (SUADV)
    Alliance of individual survivors and organizations created by survivors to create awareness and fight domestic violence through programs, testimonials, legal advocacy and petitions to change the FEDERAL status of DV to crime instead of just leaving it up the states with no federal status to reinforce their efforts. The site also proposes several measures to make abusers accountable for their actions and provide survivors a true chance to rebuild their lives once they leave the situation. We have also allied with other organizations fighting general violence as well as projects that provide he

  • Pentru Romania
    Daca ne-am saturat de imbecili si hahalere, inseamna ca trebuie sa facem, in sfirsit, ceva!

  • got geek?
    do you consider yourself to be a geek? if so, then this community is for you. being a geek isn't a bad thing anymore, it's actually a compliment.. ;)

  • Life List
    Support life in all stages? Join the official Life List. Only clean, non-violent sites owned by prolifers please. Sites need not contain prolife content.

  • Geek Blog's
    Coming soon

  • South Carolina Bride
    This community is dedicated to South Carolina's finest wedding professionals.

  • bluexotica_interracial
    A community of quality interracial sites.{;}{;}This community offers Community Management to Interracial sites (with content.) Quality sites on interracial and multicultural subjects or support. Relationships, picture sites, true stories, topics, discussion groups, etc. are be listed.{;}{;}No bogus fronts to pay personals, or other affiliate pay personals sites. You can have that in your content, but you must also have some quality depth in your site. Not just bogus links; if you do, you won't be accepted.{;}{;}

  • Universal Peace
    A Community devoted to psychic, spiritual, and metaphysical non-commercial websites that offer positive insights.

  • Sim-ulated
    A site community for The Sims lovers. Do you love the sims?? IF so join and meet more and more Sim lovers check out sites and get some funky skins and loadsa other downloads!!

  • Liverpool Community Web
    The community's for members of 'Community Web' Internet clubs in Liverpool in the UK.

  • JAC student community
    A small community designed to be used for any JAC student.

  • YouthHIV: HIV Positive Youth Community
    A community linking websites of HIV positive young people under 24.

  • Dixie Country
    This site is dedicated to the confederacy and to the south.

  • Boys & Pattys
    This community is a collection of various personal sites and weblogs of fashion girls and guys{;}
    Weblogcommunity dedicado a pattys, boys e seus amigos.

  • PhiliCommunity
    Websites dedicated the Philippines.

  • :: suramerican@s ::
    Gente de América del Sur, unida a través de sus diarios, journals, blogs, weblogs, logs... Y toda la gama de diarios que existan en la red.

  • No Boundaries
    A community for people of mixed heritage with personal web sites.

  • South Sea Sirens
    A community for women from Oceania who are dicicated to the care and consideration of others of like minded sould to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the South Sea cultures.

    {;}A place to share fun, laughter, dreams and celebrate our unique seasons and humour.

  • I Run A Forum
    A community for owners of forums, such as ezboards, ikonboards, ubbs, invisionboards or any others!

  • EurosInUSA
    A community for all Europeans who live/want to live in the USA and all Americans who live/want to live in Europe.

  • The Cat's Meow
    This community is for people who are highly admired or feel they are.{;}It is an elite community, so getting in won't be easy. There are certain rules{;}you must follow to be considered The Cat's Meow.

  • indoblogs
    Indonesian bloggers: unite!!!!!!

  • Moselle Blogs
    Clique regroupant les bloggueurs et autres diaristes vivant en Moselle :)

  • Smart Teens
    A community for teenagers who are sick and tired of the typical teen stereotype.

  • ThriftCore
    Thriftcore. The core of thrifting.

  • Treasonists!
    This is a community for liberals (or anyone) who are disgusted by those who continually label us as {;}{;}

  • Victims Of Internet Stalking And Harassment Unite!
    This is a community for people like myself who have been victims of abuse ranging from Internet stalking and harassment to other forms of abuse such as mental, emotional, and physical. It's time to stop the abuse NOW!

  • Manitoba Blogs
    Do you have a blog or online diary? Do you live in Manitoba, Canada's "Keystone Province"? If so, you're invited to join our community.

  • Tambaqui Isle VE Club Community
    Community for the members of the Tambaqui Isle VE Club

  • Hooked on Orient
    Too those who are frenetically in love with everything oriental... orientaholics so to say... no matter if music, dancing, arts & crafts, cuisine, patterns, fabrics, colours.. from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Silk Road, up to India and the Far East! Join the community!

  • Community of Cheese
    John Cleese was born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England to Reginald Francis Cleese and Muriel Cross. His family’s surname was previously “Cheese”, but his father, an insurance salesman, changed his surname to “Cleese” upon joining the army in 1915.
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