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  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Cine,Literatura, Arte y Cultura hispana

  • Rising from the Ashes
    A place for those adult survivors of abuse, incest, ritual sexual abuse, and other crimes against our childhood.

  • pretty vacant
    this community isn't about beautiful people or dumbfucks. {;}this community is about just being you.{;}and you couldn't give a rat's ass about what others think.

  • Southern Creations
    Southern Creations is for anyone who has a website and is from the southern part of the United States.

  • vp nothing
    A VP community for innovative, understated Virtual Places sites. --because less is more.

  • ::millenium moms::
    journalling the experience of a lifetime...

  • Beautiful Biracial Children
    This community is for biracial families. If you have kids who are different races or you are biracial come and join. There is no age limit and it's open for everyone. Only family-oriented sites.

  • Smiley Community
    A community for fun pages. Everyone is invited.

  • The Family Life Community
    This community focuses on families in today's busy, fast-paced world. Any family homepage can be submitted, and both commercial and non-commercial sites are welcomed. All sites must meet criteria as stated by communitymaster on join page, and will be reviewed by her before acceptance into the community. Only family-friendly sites accepted.

  • TelevisionCity LeadeCommunity
    The TelevisionCity LeadeCommunity is a community for all Community Leaders of TelevisionCity at Yahoo! GeoCities.

  • Fans of Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Celtic Culture Community
    The sites listed in this community are about Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, or anything Irish. Many of the sites are about Irish dancing or famous Irish dancers. If you have a site about Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and/or Celtic Culture, you're are invited to join our community! This community is always open to new sites and owners! Help is always available within the community and the members are all very nice. Submit your site today!

  • Please Dont Hurt Me Anymore
    HomePage for Please Don't Hurt Me Anymore. A site about the child abuse of my grandchildren.

  • Personal Homepages of folks in Bakersfield
    Homepages of guys and gals who live in Bakersfield, California.

  • Oklahoma!
    Websites that talk about, promote, or otherwise have to do with Oklahoma and things Oklahoman.

  • Husker Blogs
    A community for bloggers who live in Nebraska and those who have been fortunate enough to leave it.

  • Blogs With History
    Community for those aged 35+ who keep weblogs or on-line journals. No teenage angst or woe. Journals are by those who have seen a bit of life, have learned and are still learning from the school of hard knocks. We are older and a bit wiser for it and comfortable with who we are.

  • Friends Of Family Community
    A place for people of all kinds to come & unite to express their own opinions & views, creative streaks,and just to be a part of the family.

  • Abuse Survivors Ribbon Campaign
    This community is a Ribbon Campaign to take back the Self Empowerment from Child Abuse. This community is for those that think they have taken back their personal power from all forms child abuse.

  • Just The Girl
    She's just the girl, the girl who walks around school trying to find her friends, the girl who scribbles things in note books trying to score marks from the teacher, the girl who hates her part time job but will do anything for a new pair of jeans, the girl who looks over at the boy who probably likes her too, the girl who loves chocolate...{;}

  • dasg/dssg community
    This is a community for regulars of the german newsgroup

  • Sisters by Choice
    We are a group of ladies who have decided to stay together as sisters. We are here for each other through thick and thin.

  • Who is Big Fat Har?
    A well-researched and fact-filled look into the man, the myth, and the enigma of Big Fat Har.

  • Love On The 'Net
    A community for all those who have met their loved one online.

  • Blogging Katherines
    A community for those named Katherine, other spellings of Katherine, or other variations of Katherine.

  • TLOL & ABC Friends
    Keep in touch with your friends from TLOL and ABC by adding your board / community to this community.

  • Keystone Bloggers
    A Community for bloggers in the state of Pennsylvania!

  • Sabrina Blogs
    A Community for bloggers named Sabrina, Zabrina, Brina, or any form thereof.

  • Ana's Cabana
    This is a pro-ana, pro-mia, pro-ed community.

  • For Ethiopians/Eritreans with a weblog
    For anybody who is in/from Ethiopia or Eritrea.

  • I Write Here
    The boys I grew up with in elementary school weren't cool enough to join my community. So I LIT A FORK ON FIRE AND THREW IT AT THEM. Now, they're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally cool.

  • The Forum Net Community
    This Net Circle is dedicated to webmasters who administer threaded discussion groups at their sites.{;}Link code should be placed on the message posting page or forum FAQ page for best results.

  • Lakhota Community
    A community dedicated to the Sioux Nation

  • Civil Rights Sites
    Support education and protection on Civil Rights. A place to learn, discuss, and link. No hate/bigotry sites; no child porn; and no XXX sites. Let's keep it clean so young people can link and no sites get blocked by filters.

  • A Different Cyber Community
    Communitys just about anything! Communitys here are fun and exciting, go here if your BORED!

  • Featured Sites Community
    Athena District of Fortune City. Featured site award winners.

  • robot girl
    [r] [o] [b] [o] [t] * [g] [i] [r] [l]

  • (oYo)
    for anyone with breasts

  • rant girl
    A community for a monthly collaboration of something to bitch and whine about.

  • state of being
    I'm moving this from community. I'll modify this later.

  • Star Girl
    This is a community of girls who interact and keep intouch. It's a democratic community of friends meeting friends.

  • Yaoi/Yuri Fanfiction Community
    A haven for Yaoi and Yuri fanfic sites.

  • Sinister in Pain
    None now

  • Save Our Children
    This site was created in the hopes of increasing awareness about the horrific crimes that plague our children and society. There is a lot of information about child abuse - including: definitions of the many types of abuse that our children suffer. Signs and symptoms that abused children my show. The many different emotions that they might be feeling. Why you should report, how to report, and who to report too for any suspicions. There is a section dedicated to missing children, including photos, relevant information and contact information. There is a page of poems/songs/prayers for our chil

  • parenting
    A community for parents with non-custody, shared custody and custody. A community of parents helping each other in the role of parenting.

  • Freaky People Rule!
    Place where people can go to see Weird, Freaky, Gothic,

  • digital.whore
    all that glitters is cold.

  • Web Brasil
    community só para site feitos por brasileiros

  • lesbian_femdom
    Lesbian Femdom, girl on girl creul femdom

  • Intimacy
    Enfin une community pour les journaux / weblogs tellement intimes qu'ils ne sont lus que (enfin presque) par leur auteur...

  • Dreamwater Community
    This community is a collection of various sites designed by the members of Dreamwater Free Webspace for Dreamwater members only. Please take a peak at the wonderful sites created here at Dreamwater. Managed By: Lunabud{;}
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