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  • Bcommunity Nadia Home to Her Mommy!
    The Bcommunity Nadia Home community is dedicated to Nadia Alexandra Dabbagh,{;}abducted by her non-custodial father(who is wanted internationally) to a foreign country back in November of 1992 & then{;}abandoned in that foreign country by her abductor. The reason behind this community is to bcommunity as much possible exposure to Nadia's missing children's case throughout the internet community &{;}hopefully the exposure will flood out into real life & Nadia will once again be reunite with her Mommy Maureen.

  • Smart Is Sexy
    Are you intelligent and sexy both inside and out? Do you know what they want and make it your business to achieve it? Are you a strong, smart and sexy person with a personal page? If so then this is the community for you.

  • Tears of the Littlest Angels
    This community was created for the smallest of victims.. the children.. For we all, carry the child that we were within us for life. Children are the Littlest Angels. Angels are pure, without guile, without sin, loving, and all forgiving. That is the same description that I would give to a child.

  • Journal.Domain
    A community of journals who have their own domain name. :)

  • Zamboanga Community
    Zamboanga.ph Community - Where online community of Zamboanga Web Designers and Developers meet.

  • Bay Area Webloggers
    A community for webloggers living in the Bay Area of California.

  • The Shades of You BBW Community
    This community is for and about bbw of color. However, other sites about or for bbw are welcome. No Xrated sites are allowed.

  • Un-cool
    Are you un-cool?

  • emo love.
    emo loving kids

  • Stars N Stripes Forever Community
    Patriotism at its finest... If you have a family safe patriotic website, a memorial website, a website offecommunity patriotic graphics, or a website featucommunity anything relating to patriotism and america (exclusing sites that only sell something), then please join! Let's band together and become even stronger! Thanks! God Bless America!

    Le 1er cercle des sites de mariage et des sites consacrés au mariage en FRANCE.

  • COOL Personal Weblogs Community
    community for all cool personal blogs on the net, of all types and styles! Wanna share you're site with the world, this is where you belong!

  • Live the Life
    "Life is a challenge, dare it!" Is your life on the edge? Are you in love yet you cannot have him/her for yourself? Have you ever tried to stop "sleepwalking" through life? What do you dream about? How do you handle your "storms" in life? ...there are many questions about life and how we live it. Let us form a community to learn from one another for whatever perspective on life we find ourselves now, we still want to SAIL...DREAM...BELIEVE...LOVE ... LIVE because we dare LIFE!

  • Women of Fortune City
    Linking together the girls and women of Fortune City.

  • Los Angeles Hell
    This Community Is Maintained By My Two Furbabies

  • perfect
    This community is made for people living with a constant problem. We are all told we can’t be perfect, but to us it just seems so obvious that we never even had the chance.

  • the social reject community
    are you a social reject? join!

  • Big Apple Blogs
    A blogging community for the New York City and surrounding area bloggers.

  • The Halloween Zone Community
    The Halloween Zone Community is a great community that links together awsome halloween related sites!

  • Lorain County Online
    This community consists of sites located in Lorain County Ohio. Sponsored by www.lorain.com, Lorain County's Home on the Internet.

  • Midwest Psychics
    A Community devoted especially to psychics, mediums, and spiritual counselors in the U.S. Midwest Region.

  • DeafSpot.net Network
    The DeafSpot.net Network is a collection of quality websites associated with the Deaf Community

  • JennsFriendsCommunity
    We are a group of friends... that were joined together by me , Jenn

  • Blog-City Blogs
    A community for blog-city bloggers.

  • Superior E-Cards Community
    Hello and Welcome to Superior E-Cards Community ---- If you offer e-cards or online greeting pages to email or recommend to a friend then this is the community for you :) -- THE FOLLOWING SITES ARE NOT ALLOWED: 1. Sites with pornography or discrimination. 2. Sites promoting products for sale. 3. All Adult sites.

  • Furry Realms Community
    A community for those who take anthropomorphic/furry art, writing, fursuiting and more seriously, and embrace the original, distinctive and different. My only stipulations are that adult material should not be on the page the community links to, and said content elsewhere on the site is clearly signposted.

  • Vampyers and Other Freaks of the Night
    The is a community for goths, vampires, freaks, and other such people/things to join as one.

  • Proud Pinoy Community
    A community for people who are proud to be filipinos.

  • Bloggers
    The Bloggers Community is for those individuals that maintain a personal diary, journal or other form of writing dealing with their life and the life around them.

  • The Disability Rights Community
    This community is for sites that support disability rights. No commercial sites. This community is for personal sites and organizational sites.

  • Native Visions
    A community for full bloods and part bloods to meet and discuss their problems and victories.

  • not quite normal
    people who arent quite normal

  • Weblogs with Webcams
    Those of us who keep weblogs, blogs, diaries, and other regularly kept journals on the web who also have a webcam to accompany it. Make sure you visit the community home at http://metzger.ws/blogcams for all the requirements.

  • The Temple of the Gods of Coffee
    All Hail the Holy Bean! Coffee lovers unite! Come and worship the Goddess of Coffee, Caffeina and her consort the God of Coffee, Juan Valdez. All lovers of the elixir of life are welcome here.

  • Cybergoth Community
    A community for all things cybergoth. Techno gothic cyberculture sites.

  • Siren's Romance Community
    This community is for sites dealing with romance, love, marriage, love advice, poetry, friendship, sweethearts.. or anything in between...Commercial sites *including One and Only* are no longer being accepted. However, if you have a quality site pertaining to romance, we would love for you to be in our community!!

    SciFiVine Save Our Sites

  • cam bitches
    silly cam hoes

  • Free Thinkers Society
    The Free Thinkers Society Community, for responsible free thinkers who wish to share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

  • Redefining Beautiful
    Beauty - The definitions have changed.

  • Pluralities
    link up with other Multiple Folk - see the homepage for details

  • Rivet Girls
    A community for females involved in the industrial scene. Female DJs, bands, and personal sites more than welcome.

  • Swastika
    A way to link websites dedicated to restocommunity and promoting the swastika as a positive symbol of humanity, life and nature.

  • RaisingASon.com Community
    Joining together websites that belong to those who care about raising our sons in today's world.

  • cocoablogz
    A comprehensive directory of african american (people of color) bloggers

  • Fight Against Terrorism
    Supporters for stopping terrorism.{;}We band togehter to stop terrorism world wide.{;}United We Stand As One

  • TheTrolley
    The Trolley Song{;}{;}'Clang, clang, clang went the trolley,{;}Ding, ding, ding went the bell,{;}Zing, zing, zing went my heartstcommunitys,'{;}From the moment I blogged it I fell!{;}{;}Do you have an online journal/blog? Do you love blogging? Do you like Judy Garland? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this is the community for you!{;}{;}No porn or hate sites accepted.

  • Forum Emporium

    forum and discussion board community. Created by forum owners, for forum owners. To bcommunity more traffic to your site! All forums and discussion boards are welcome to join this rign.

  • P.O.R.K.
    A Community for the Members of the Psychobilly Online Retard Krew (P.O.R.K.)

  • Marriage Equality Meetup Community
    A community for folks who participate in the Marriage Equality Meetups on Meetup.com
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