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  • Chicago Blogs
    Highlighting Chicago owned or based blogs, weblogs, online diaries and/or journal style web sites. If you're a weblogger, in, around, or about Chicago, join your fellow Chicagoans in the Chicago Blogs Community!

  • Web Art - L'Anneau francophone de l'Art
    Cet anneau rassemble les sites internet francophones traitant de l'art. Peinture, musique, cinéma, photographie ou littérature; tous les sujets artistiques et/ou culturels ont leur place sur l'Anneau francophone du Web Art.

  • blog girls has moved join at http://www.alexcia.com/communitys/bloggirls.shtml
    Do you Blog? Then add your site to the blog girls community we would be happy to have you!

  • Girls Blog UK
    For UK bloggers who are also women/girls

  • Black Blogz
    For black people, mainly bloggers to come together, link to one another n all that good stuff.

  • California Blogs
    Bloggers who live in the fabulous state of California.

  • All Communitys And Communitys
    A Community Of Communitys And Community Managers.

  • Cyber Begging
    Created by CyberBeggar.org, a unique website dedicated to Cyber Beggars throughout the World Wide Web (now defunct). Now maintained by Cyberbeg.org - free Cyberbeggar listings. OK! What is Cyber Begging? You'll find out that answer soon.

  • Angel's Love
    Angel's Love Community was formed May 30, 1998. We are true believers in angels, which helps us feel safe, at peace, in harmony and closer to the Universal One, GOD, on a daily basis. "Angel's Love" Community's intention is to connect all those that have a true belief of Angels together in a circle. We are angel believers and a joy to visit for those who are angel enthusiatists. Please, come and look at the community and follow a few sites. You will enjoy it and hopefully, come away with a sense of warmth, love and friendship. NOTE: NO SITE WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST.

  • Artist Blogs
    Blogs by artists about life or art.

  • Bitches Club
    Been called a bitch lately? Welcome to an exclusive club for Bitches with Blogs. Outspoken, intelligent, honest women, and all their venting, welcomed. The first rule of Bitch Club... is you simply MUST talk about Bitch Club! This community is updated often. If there is a large queue it is from removed members who need to get the coding right.

  • Cultural Creatives Community
    CULTURAL CREATIVE? Over 50 Million in the US alone. Core values: a strong concern for the family and relationships, environmental, health, civil rights, sustainable living, spirituality, social conscience, optimism, stress education, rebuild communities, oppose apathy. Other interests include Travel, Arts, Natural Foods, & Alternative Health. Cultural Creatives, please let people know that your out there and join! :-) {;}

  • BlogShares Community
    The BlogShares Community is a community for blogs that have been listed and claimed on BlogShares - Fantasy Stock Market for Weblogs. If you have a blog that has been listed at BlogShares and that you have claimed, please come join us - after all, what better way to find your next great investment!

  • Pro-Choice Community
    The *new* Pro-Choice Community! Connecting pro-choice people around the web including small organizations and some bigger ones. Currently I am being flooded with spam sign ups so I have closed the community until CommunitySurf can address the issue. Please contact me via gmail if you have any questions or concerns. My id is roniweb. Thank you.

  • Oddbloggers
    Blogs outside the norm in topic, design and/or structure. Preference given to anti-prohibition, anti-war, sex-positive writers.

  • United We Stand
    This community is dedicated to the memory of those lost in the terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11/01 and is open to any and all who wish to join voices to shout out against terrorism, racism and intolerance.{;}This is a WEB RING not a LINKS exchange. Please add the banner to your web page. Thanks!

  • Southern Africa
    Your weblog may be political, about art, sports, or something else, but it must be southern African. Blogs and sites from elsewhere are welcome to join, as long as they speak about some aspect or country of southern Africa. You may suggest other HTML codes for the community, or other buttons, but I must approve them and they must have the name "Southern Africa," and the following buttons: (+)join, (#)members, (?)random, (>)next. Cheers.

  • UltimateWedding.com Engaged Couples Community
    Engaged Couples who have created a

  • One World Community
    If you feel that all of Earth's people are one, this may be the community for you. If you have a site that promotes world peace, equality, spirituality, brother/sisterhood, the environment, animal rights, and/or love for each other, you are invited to join.

  • Communitysurf the Postcard Sites
    A collection of postcard sites and postcard link sites where you can send greetings to others

  • (~waterblogged~)
    This is a community for online journals and weblogs maintained by those with an affinity toward water in any of its forms.

  • The Canadian Furry Community
    This community is intended for the use of Canadian furry artists, costumers, writers, and fanatics to show off their furry-related web site. This is your chance to show your pride in your country AND your furryness! :X)

  • Limbaugh Listeners Community
    You too, can be an undeniably proud member of{;}The Limbaugh Listeners Community{;}{;}Join with other web sites in generating additional

  • Boylogs
    A community for boys who blog.

  • We Who Never Sleep
    This webpage is dedicated to all people who spend way too much time in front of a computer monitor..... We are a group devoted to depriving ourselves of sleep through the use of the internet. Our community is open to anyone who has a web page of some sort, and spends many long hours looking at computer monitors with red-rimmed teary eyes......OH ya!! Did I mention we are lazy too????

  • Kindhearted Community
    This community is for everyone, fun and hobbies. Its hard to put it in a catagory. But it must have a fewof these things to qualify. Family, freinds and a hobbie. Family, freinds, Pets, Communitys, Banners, Firemen, Endangered Wildlife, Links, guestbook, free websites, Memorial Page, Awards, Holidays, About my home state of MAINE and me. The wildlife there, the STORMS of 97-98. I make free backgrounds sets.

  • Organic
    This site is for anyone interested in Organic Foods and products. Included are informational agencies, backyard gardeners, wholesales, and supplies of products for the organic farmer.

  • The Death Row Inmate Community
    This community is for the homepages of Death Row inmates, pen pal sites for death row inmates or other things having to do with death row inmates.

  • Council of Crones
    A community for women 45 or older who are secure in the knowlege of their experience and strength, and who don't see age as a fault. Welcome to the power of the elders!{;}{;}NOTE: The order in which the community list appears is regularly rearranged at random in order to give each member a chance to be listed in the first part of the sequence. This is not an indication of preference or importance!

  • Second Amendment Community
    "[W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.". . . - U.S. Constitution ratification convention, 1788. THIS WEBRING IS DEDICATED TO THE PRESERVATION OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT, FOR WE BELIEVE THIS IS THE RIGHT THAT PERESERVES THE REST OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS!!

    The WWDNBLOGRING is the community devoted to linking the blogs of the members of WilWheatonDotNet.

  • Second Amendment Sisters Inc.
    Supporting the right to self-defense..

  • Irish Lasses
    a community for women with irish and celtic heritage

  • A Bridge To A Spiritual Realm
    This community is for any site containing information on psychic, mediumship material. All belief systems welcomed, informational as well!

  • DykeWrite2
    A continuation of the original DykeWrite community.

  • Psychics Around the World
    Psychics Around the World (PATW) Community was formed July, 1998 and is strictly is for professional psychics. We are an elite group of professional psychics using modalities such as angels, spirit guides, masters, clairvoyance, channeling, clairaudios, clairvisual, tarot, astrology, numerology, runes, i-ching, and other such mediums. In addition, you'll receive a listing in our "Psychic Locator", for clients searching for a psychic in their area. Requirements to join - you must give a reading to two existing community members. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my administrator,

  • Conservatives Against Media Bias and Network Propaganda
    This is a community for politically conservative websites. Libertarians are welcome. {;}

  • Women of Oz
    Women of Oz is a collection of blogs by Austalian women, or women residing in Australia.

  • I love America
    This community is for all proud Americans.

  • 9/11 Memorial Quilt Community
    This community is for pages that have a virtual quilt devoted to a memorial to those who have suffered because of the attack on the United States on September 11.

  • Temenos Young Gay Men
    Connecting sites by and for Young Gay Men.

  • The Remembecommunity Matthew Shepard Community
    Matthew Wayne Shepard and other victims of hate crimes should never be forgotten

  • SuburbGoth
    For those goths/rivetheads/whatever who live in Suburbia and have no local scene. Currently closed.

  • Circle of Life
    This community bcommunitys together people who are committed to turn the tide for the better and heal our planet. Join us and celebrate the Circle of Life.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    In the grand salon tradition, Bas Bleu Salon is an online space designed to cultivate introspection, thoughtful creativity and intellectual musings.

  • Lost 80's Community
    This community is for all sites that have an 80s theme (eg. music, tv, fashion, movies, cartoons, fades, games and more). If you love the 1980s this is the community for you!

  • America Remembers
    This community is for sites specifically related to September 11th, 2001. Must be family friendly and there may NOT be ANY HATE on your site of any kind toward any group or race of people. This is NOT a HATE Community...and sites displaying or linking to or from sites promoting hate will NOT be accepted into the community.

  • oxfordblog
    A simple community to link regular bloggers based in Oxford (and the surrounding Oxfordshire aread), UK. Free to join, simple rules and regulations, no gaudy banners to display on your site, just a small link.

  • Pocketbook Angels
    A community for blogging members of the Belle and Sebastian mailing list

  • Net Bitch
    ***Adopted September 2004!*** For those who have a passion for expressing themselves. Come join!

  • Looking At Society and Culture


    Society and Culture is an integral part of any human race or civilization. Right from the time of stone age to iron age from our primitive days to the medieval and to the modern days, every phase of the evolution of ‘homosapians’ or man, has been through generations of ‘society’ and ‘culture’, some of which are so rich in heritage that it outlives any of our genre.


    Starting from the sketches of ‘Altamira Caves’ from primitive history to the ‘Fresco’ paintings of the medieval period, civilizations across the world have thrived on the rich social and cultural heritages, that had evolved around the same. At every step of human civilization and its growth, society and culture has played a very important role in defining the strength of its Race, the Caste and the Creed; differentiating one Race or Civilization from the other, creating the stronger race from the weaker ones; making the Ruler and the ruled; leading to man’s everlasting lust for power and greed.


    It has been seen in history, that the race with richer and stronger social and cultural heritage has always been the most powerful amongst its contemporary and has always ruled the weaker races with mediocre cultural stature. If we look at the Greek or Roman civilizations it is their rich cultural heritage that has made them the most powerful nations in their times. Society defines the basic structure of any civilization, where the richness comes from the culture of the same. The culture truly depicts how the various entities comprising the society behaves within the periphery or the limits of the civilization; how it evolves over the period of time and how it grows in its richness and make its true identity.


    At its root, any society with its rich cultural heritage owe its flourish to its ruler, the king or the emperor, who is not only the epitome of the power or the nation, but also its rich heritage and culture, cause it is he who writes the law of the land, its governance and proclaims how the nation or the empire is run. This in turn leads to the common people how they live or prosper and in turn contributes and enrich the cultural heritage of any civilized society.


    Even in the modern Indian history, the Mughals have shown the world that how the rulers have crafted the rich cultural legacies from the time of Babar, whose invasion from Persia to the Asian subcontinent laid the foundation of the largest Muslim Empire in world history, till the time of Akbar, the epitome of greatness; during whose time, the culture and social stature of the Mughal empire reached its zenith; which slowly down-slided and reached its nadir during the rule of Aurangzeb; thus slowly leading to the death-nail of the Mughals with the final submission of the Delhi thrown to the British Raj, thus paving the path towards inheritance of the rich English culture, which rewrote the history of Modern India.


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