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  • ameriBLOGs
    There are weblog communitys for Aussies, Brits, Canadians and just about everyone else. So, why not one for us Yanks. Everyone else around the world hates us, so the least we can do is show some love for each other.

  • Expat Express Blog Community
    Community dedicated to persons with a weblog, journal, diary, log, photolog, or blog who are living abroad as expatriots.

  • Ingemars sidor
    En sida som handlar om foto, hundar tankar och ord samt en massa andra saker

  • Dazzle
    A community for sites that pertain to the book series, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

  • Blog Domain
    If you're a blogger ...you're pretty much in ... unless you use your blog for "hate" - that's not cool ---Kimberly www.kimberlyteed.com

  • Amateur Press Association Net Community
    A community for Amateur Press Associations or APAs. APAs are limited circulation fanzines, usually print-based but not always. In order to receive a copy, one must be an active contributor to the APA. APAs are a system of centralizing correspondence which makes it possible to keep in touch with a large number of other fans at the same time.

  • Servants Of The Muse
    A promotional group for authors Adrianna Dane, Tess Maynard, Catherine Snodgrass, Caitlyn Willows, Lyndi Lamont, Linda McLaughlin, Trixie Stilletto, Isabella Jordan, Lacey Savage

  • Wildside Press
    This is a Community exclusively for Wildside Press authors and other publishing industry professionals affiliated with Wildside Press, a quality small press publishing house making many classic and out-of-print works available to readers today (plus a few select original titles).

  • Drama Queens
    As a journaller, have you ever resorted to verbal temper tantrums? Had a complete lash-out? How about a total breakdown? Have you ever played something up, even just a little for the purposes of painting yourself in a sympathetic light? Like to whine (or whinge, if you prefer) when you've had a day? Do things in your life (and consequently, your writing) seem to always be really awful or really fantastic, without a lot of in between? {;}{;}If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are indeed a Drama Queen.

  • Safe Haven community
    a community for those who are member of SH or who support the board

  • overexposed
    online diaries and journals demonstrating a longstanding commitment to writing

  • The Fairytale Collab
    This is a bi-monthly on-line journal collab. Every two months there is a new featured fairytale on which members should base their submissions. Submissions may be versions of the featured tale (poetry or prose), visual art, or personal essays on the fairytale.

  • LetterSent
    A community to unite people who prefer paper letters and cards over emails and im's.

  • Careless Ramblings
    You don't care about what you write. And you think no one else does either. If this is you, join this community. Men and women allowed, but mainly for species of another kind. Come on in!

  • Health Publications: Getting the Information You Crave


    Whether you like to read articles in magazines and books or while sitting at your computer clicking through an E-zine; health publications can be a source of entertainment as well as valuable information. And how wonderful is it to be in an age where health news and information is so readily available and not just limited to a doctor’s office or hospital anymore!


    When it comes to getting informed as to the goings ons in the health world as far as new developments and progress in treatments go; your best source if information would be in health and medical journals which are easily bought at bookstores or ordered online. Cutting edge information about health matters are not limited to medical journals though; these days most men’s and women’s magazines contain sections dedicated to health and offer bits on health news and tips. And because these articles are written in plain ol’ English as opposed to medical jargon geared for med students; chances are that you’ll actually enjoy reading the information and retain/understand it!


    Another type of publication that can do the trick in giving you your health news kick would be anyone of the magazines or E-zines dedicated to health and fitness. While these magazines have a strong focus on exercise and diet, they also offer a good variety of tips for over all healthy living as well as blurbs on the latest in health news. These are actually great for tips that can be used day to day to improve your health and quality of living. There are a few that cater to bodybuilders and hardcore athletes but for the most part they offer easy reading and excellent and accurate information that can be used by people like you and me. While we’re on the topic of tips for the average Joe, another neat little source for health information would be what people refer to as ‘supermarket magazines’. I’m talking about then flimsy little weeklies geared for women that you flip through when waiting in the grocery store checkout line. These magazines usually throw in health news as well as health-related tips and suggestions for a family which is great if you have children.


    Finding a health publication that touches on the topics that matter to you can be simple if you just take a little but of time to flip through a few or even visit their websites for a preview. Some publications also offer a preview issue for free or for a nominal fee. It’s a great way to sample a magazine before committing to a subscription and adding more junk to your recycling bin every week. Don’t just look for one that covers the subjects of interest to you but also one with an overall tone and style that resonates with you so that your read can be informative AND enjoyable. As I said, you’re more likely to retain the information you read if you can actually relate to it and understand it. This way  guarantees that you’ll get the most for your money.