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  • 3D Photography Websites
    Some of the best 3D photography sites on the web. Keywords: anaglyph, stereoscopy, stereoscopic, glasses, red, blue, cyan, software, photoshop, cross-eyes, camera

  • FOTOPOLSKA - polskie fotoblogi
    Community poświęcony polskim fotoblogom.

  • PhotoBlogs
    For anyone who loves to take photos and present them to the world.

  • Project 365/52
    Based on Project 365

  • Lomo Action
    This community is designed for the friends of the famous russian camera, Lomo LC-A. Friends of the Smena and Holga, Woca, ActionSampler, SuperSampler, Pop9, Fed5 and all users of Digital Toycameras, Pencams and Webcams are welcome.

  • Picture This!
    A community for photoblogs.

  • Flashback Friday
    Please join me for 'Flashback Fridays', here are the rules: Every Friday you have to upload a photo pre 1985 onto your blog, of course you have to be in the photo! Are you in?

  • Pinhole Photography Community
    This community is for sites that have some connection with pinhole photography. For example: pinhole photograph(s), pinhole camera(s), suppliers of precision pinholes or zone plates, etc.

  • Women Photographers
    a community for women photographers with a blog, website, or gallery on the web. you don't have to be a pro! :)


  • Cemetery Illusions
    Cemetery Illusions is dedicated to the photography of the beauty and art of cemeteries and graveyards.

  • Fotografia Przyrodnicza
    Community zwiazany z grupą "Fotografia Przyrodnicza": www.fotografia-przyrodnicza.art.pl. laczy strony zawierajace fotografie przyrodnicze. Przeznaczony jest dla tych których pasją jest fotografowanie przyrody i poprzez Internet chca pokazac sowje prace innym osobom.

  • Female Eye
    A community for every girl and every woman that owns a photoblog and loves photography.{;}Un community per ogni bambina, ragazza, donna, che possiede un photoblog e ama la fotografia.

  • Stereo 3D Community Unlimited
    Sites about stereoscopy, holography, and stereoscopic virtual reality. Community may contain material intended for mature audiences.

  • Photo Passion
    Join this community to get your photography and Websites Noticed on the Web No Porn Sites Permitted

  • ADaily Photo
    Photo a day, every day ducommunity 2008. Created by members of the AD yahoo group and LooseEnds blogcommunity.

  • SnapShot
    a community created for those who run personal sites and also love the art of photography. this community is for those who showcase their photos on their websites.

  • Taiwan Photoblog Community 台灣攝影部落格串聯

  • Photography Online
    A community for photographers everywhere who would like to display their work in an online portfolio.

  • Digital Eye
    This community is for amateur and professional digital photographers.

  • Foto Blog UK
    Photo blogs; photo heavy weblogs; galleries linked to weblogs for UK residents or ex-pats

  • moblogs
    a community connecting moblogs around the web

  • Southern Shots Community
    Southern Shots is proud to host Several models and Photographers from the South as well as the photography of Alabama Photographer Donald Bates.

  • Creative Photography
    Creative Photography in black and white and/or color. Artistic interpretations of the subject matter and its features (beauty and styling). Traditional and alternative photographic processes. The site must be of top quality, that is it must be clean, concise and quality designed to be admitted to the community. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Community der Newsgroup de.rec.fotografie
    Dieser Community ist für alle Mitschreiber in der Newsgroup de.rec.fotografie gedacht die auch eine eigene Homepage betreiben.

  • 3D FOTO (Imágenes en tercera dimensión)
    Fotografía tridimensional en todas sus formas de presentación: anaglifos, lenticular, estereoscópica, equipos, novedades, cursos, etc.

  • Happy Snappers
    A community for not-so-serious photography sites! You can find some good photography gems on these sites, but you can also find family snaps and technically less impressive shots - excluding the frustratingly smudgy stuff. And sometimes all this, on just one site.

  • A Better Image By Far
    Promoting the art and science of photography through member’s websites.

  • Amateur Photography in Chicago
    A community for amateur photographers in Chicago and their work, both successful and (ahem!) otherwise. Obviously, perfection is not to be expected, but applicants will be expected to have shown some signs of making an effort to improve their work. Those wishing to join should drop by my homelist and post a request for me to make an appointment to see me downtown (probably in the Burgeoise Pig on Fullerton). Bcommunity some pictures and we'll talk.

  • Lightscapes Community
    The Lightscapes Community connects websites, dealing with polarized light microscopy. You can start a virtual journey through photomicrograph galleries from all over the world. Discover hidden microworlds and be fascinated by fantastic colours and shapes.

  • Flickrzen
    For members of Flickr.com who have had their photos featured on http://flickrzen.blogspot.com or are Flickrzen fans.

  • My Gifts From The Heart
    Best photos on the web.

  • Shutterblogs
    A community for webloggers who feature photography on their weblog or journal.

  • Italian Photobloggers Community
    A community that bcommunity togheter all Italian Photobloggers.

  • Best Personal Photos
    This is the place to showcase your favorite personal photos. Your memories will be publish here. Enjoy others memories.

  • Piercing the Dark
    This community is meant for storm chaser teams and anyone else involved with extrem weather status.

  • I dig 4images
    A community for everybody who uses 4images to display their digital photography.{;}All family friendly sites welcome.

  • artists, models, and photographers
    the place for artists, models, and photographers

  • PhotographyCommunity
    Websites related to photography, photographic, photos, images, cameras, film, digital, fine art photography, amateur, professional, wedding, product, zone system, b&w photography, black and white, color, printing, art, digital, photoshop

  • Photoblogs in India community
    Browse different Photoblogs in India.

  • Photo Blog Community
    A treasure hunt for photo takers.

  • Blogs on the Hunt
    A collection of weekly photographs taken along a general theme. Come and see, come and play!

  • Photographer's United

  • Inside 50mm
    Share your thought and feeling through the photos taken by you with your 50mm standard len, a len that own by every photographer.

  • Photographers Community
    This community is for all photographers who wish to get their websites out there and viewed!

  • Anne Geddes Community
    A community to join together pages with the photos of Anne Geddes! The yahoo community has not been to my liking and I still wanted to be in an Anne Geddes community, so I started my own!

  • TagWorld Photographer Society
    This is a TagWorld community designated for persons who are avid photographers or would like to be. This is for people who know a lot about the art of photography or people who would like to know more about it. This is a place for artists to share their photographic arts and secrets.

  • Gary Caltrop photos
    Gary Caltrop Photos

  • visual lifes of visual persons
    i want to vreate a community that connects visual orientated people. that means people who think that their strongest sense is the visual. subscribers should either have a homepage with a sort of gallery of their own pictures, or a weblog which is kind of a diary based on pictures. well, no strict rules, just visual based!

  • kodachrome
    because everything looks better in black and white.......

  • Photography: Shopping for A Camera

    Since the day’s technology began to advance, man has always been fascinated with photography. With today’s technological age, we live surrounded by its brilliance in an era which created the internet and more importantly the digital camera.

    When you decide to either invest in your first digital camera or you are looking for your next digital camera it is always best to shop around for the right product for you as much as the right price. One of the best things to do is decide exactly what you want your new camera to do. Do you want it to be able to hook up to your computer? Change photo conditions, take stunning 12 mega pixel shots or do you just want one that takes a picture and isn’t complicated? Most people although they love fancy gadgets want to go for cameras that aren’t too complicated to work. We live in an age where life is so much in the fast lane that we don’t have time to learn to much about how things work we want to be able to press just one button and it work. So do you have a brand in mind or are you just up to trying anything? Most people will choose one or two brands and stick to them for most of their lives like Sony or Samsung. Others go by the just price and the features alone. The choice is up to you, it is the better option to try and compare them all.

    Type into your search engine and bring up the most common and up to date features of digital cameras. This way you can see how technology has progressed and decide which features are a “must have” and what features are a “would like to have”, these features are not essential but preferred. Now re-look at your list, compare one side with the other, do you really need 12 megapixels, or will 8 megapixels be more than enough for you? Most people will find that the 8 megapixel is more than enough for their needs where as others due their passion or jobs do need something a bit more technical like a 12 megapixel, but do you? Next decide on a price, we all have a budget and the idea is to shop smart and buy the camera we want at a price we can afford.

    The next step is easy, as you have done all of the ground work already. Most people like to at this stage use an internet comparison site as a tool to get the best price and/or deal around. Some others though prefer at this stage to leave the computer alone and hit the local shops themselves as more often than not you can haggle with the clerk behind the desk to get a better price, you can’t do that with a computer! But for those that are not comfortable doing this a day surfing the internet is a better idea.

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