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    This is the official blogcommunity of the EtsyBloggers Street Team. We love to blog about our craft, the creative process, and other Etsians! If you have any questions please contact Joey & Aleethea here: http://joeyandaleethea.com

    A community for members of BBEST, the Boomers and Beyond Etsy Group.

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    This is a community for Etsy sellers who have blogs and wish to connect to fellow Etsy bloggers.

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    Mile High Etsy is a blog community for members of the Mile High Etsy Street Team in Colorado.

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    Blog community of artists with chronic illness or pain. This blog community hopes to create a network of established and new artists who are balancing their art with their chronic health conditions and/or pain. Members are welcome from around the world, from all kinds of artistic practices. Visit the Chronic Artists blog http://chronicartists.wordpress.com

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    A community for fansites and fanlistings related to Johnny Depp.

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    For people who share the common goal of loseing 5 pounds a month in 2005. 5 in '05! We can do it with each other's support!

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    Celebrities can be known for a talent like acting or dancing or they can be people known for simply being seen at the right spot and doing the right thing. Look at Paris Hilton!
    If you're obsessed with all things celebrity and have always secretly longed to be in the limelight then this community is all about you! Get all kinds of great information and resources and of course, some juicy celebrity gossip too.

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    A community for members of WebTown's Safari park team.

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    This is the first community to be dedicated to the memory of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (1900-1948). All Zelda-related websites are welcome to join!

  • An Olsen Twins Community
    For all things Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look no further. This community is all about the Olsen Twins who have gone from cute little child stars on Full HOuse to full-on fashionistas and entrepreneurs.
    You can find everything about the Olsen Twins here in this fabulous community! Find information about their lives, photos, pictures, products and more. Find their clothing line, see who they're dating and what they've been up to and even take a trip back in time with one of their DVDs.

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    This community is all about John Denver, his songs, life, death and more. This is a great place for fans to celebrate his memory and also to find all kinds of great stuff on John Denver.
    John Denver's songs were filled with a deep and abiding kinship with the natural world. Songs such as Take Me Home, Country Roads, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Annie’s Song and Rocky Mountain High are popular all over the world and can be found here on John Denver’s CD’s and DVD’s for sale. Learn all about this wonderful singer, songwriter and actor who le

  • Give Love 365
    Give Love 365 is a Charity Blog looking for others who actively donate to charity. If you Crochet, Knit, Sew or handcraft an item for charity, have a blog that you actively post to about your charitable works and enjoy giving love through charity....then this is the place for you.

  • True-Emotions Artistic-Creations WebRing
    True-Emotions Artistic-Creations WebRing is for anyone and everyone that has an artistic section to his or her website. Some of these areas include: Photography, painting, graphics,tattooing, scetching, poetry, pottery, etc.... If you have it WE WANT YOU! So come on and join us...

  • Does the Media Encourage Bad Eating Habits on Young People?


    Now a day’s media is a very brute and powerful force and can influence the lives of many in a very quick manner. We see each day that media shows the concept of “idyllic” or “wonderful” looks. They are acquiring the services of models and film stars or singers that are very skinny and too thin. So it is a very good question that weather or not the media is affecting the eating habits of young people around the world? People believe what they see and especially the young people. And when they see the skinny people on T.V they try to become like them. They develop bad eating habit and result is mal nourishment. So the answer to this obvious question is yes! The media is influencing such bad habits. Parents are growing in concern each day and looking for an answer to this problem. The rate of bad eating habits is increasing everyday.

    It is very crucial that we realize that before we point fingers at others we stop to look that may be the young person is more disposed to having bad eating. Media and other factors do influence but sometimes there can be eating malfunctions in one’s own body. Some might develop bad eating habits without being subjected to the media and other outside entities that may influence the young people.

    But the question remains that what’s the role of media in influencing the bad eating habits in young people. How can we prevent these influences? It has been going on for centuries that the media is highly focused on the outer appearance of someone and they show more and more skinny dudes or duvets. In old times, the ladies that were shown on the media were shown as good looking rather then “good thin looking”. Over the past few years, this concept has differed and these days, if you aren’t thin enough then YOU ARE OUT! Either show your bones or don’t show at all. And the most ironic thing is, she s then termed as being FAT! Ah the cruel world.

    The latest victim of such criticism was one of the top singers, Britney spears. She had given birth to two children and after that when she came on to performs in thin dresses, she was termed as being fat because her body was just not perfect. Though she was not fat at all but she was just not perfect. This kind of news displayed by the media, well no wonder the children was to get more and thinner. Irresponsible media we might call it?

    May be if the media started to portray a more fit and healthy out look of a model and give the skinny beauty a rest then people might actually stop their bad eating habits and start to try to stay healthy and fit. Because being skinny is not the standard of being beautiful. It’s all just an illusion. Because if you don’t eat properly, then may be some day it might come back as an issue and become a matter of living or dyeing.