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  • The etsyBEAD Blog Community
    This is the official etsyBEAD Blog Community, for members of the Etsy Street Team: etsyBEAD.

  • The Friendship Garden
    The Friendship Garden is a place to meet friends. We have several activities going on. This is NOT just another community in which we just link to eachother :o)We communicate with others, and spend time doing a lot of activities. This community might not be of interest to those under 18 years of age. But you are more then welcome to join!

  • Here Be Dragons Net Community
    Our virtual community joins together all those who are fascinated by the fantastic.

  • The Birthday Club
    A club where members sign other member's guestbooks ducommunity the birthday month.

  • UKHandmade
    UK Handmade is a design led online magazine committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer. http://ukhandmade.co.uk Join our network at http://ukhandmade.ning.com/

  • A Victorian Fete
    This community is for all lovers of Victorianna as well as people who own Victorian themed stores or stores that sell Victorian items. This community is sposnsered and mainatined by the Victorian Ladies Parlour.

  • ETC Street Team Bloggers
    A Ring for Etsy Texas Crafters who blog

  • Bipolar
    Sites for and by those affected by Bipolar Disorder.

  • Legendary Spirit
    A Community designed especially for those Fairies, Wee Ones, Quills, and Spirits of The Site Fights team, The Legends.

  • The Cancer Memorial Community
    The Cancer Memorial Community is an online Memorial Community, dedicated to those who have lost the fight against Cancer. If you have a web site or just a page dedicated to someone who has passed away from cancer or about dealing with grief or terminal illness, then you may join this community.

  • acap
    Original artists educating web users in copyright law, credits, bandwidth, graphics, music, writings. We offer help to anyone whose copyright is being infcommunityed upon and help people to stay out of court for violations of copyright law.

  • The Community of a New Sunrise
    This is a Community of Memorials to those who have lost the fight against Cancer. If you have a page or web site dedicated to a loved one who's passed on to a new sunrise from cancer, then you should join this Community.

  • Firebase Hope
    We are a support group, exchanging information on "AGENT ORANGE" issues that still plague us all today!{;}{;}{;}Vietnam Veterans, Veterans families, friends and citizens who believe and know the damage the defoliant "AGENT ORANGE" along with the "RAINBOW CHEMICLES" have done to the Vietnam Veteran.{;}{;}{;}United in supporting the Vietnam Veteran in his/her fight for their benefits, which have been denied us since the war.{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • Socially Hazardous!
    Socially hazardous, are you? Then join.

  • Human
    are you human? People who think differently.

  • In Loving Memory of Amy Lynn Boyer Community
    Joining together those of us that of loved and lost so violently and how we try to prevent another amy

  • Kokopelli Spirit
    dedicated to the education and to preserving quality of life on Earth for all lifeforms, for all time to come.

  • Young Navy Wives
    This is a community that is maily for Navy wives,but all military wives fiancees and girlfriends are welcome to join.

  • Gibson Girls Community
    The Official Gibson Girls Community. Available only to Gibson Girl Members.

  • Be Part of A Cause
    This is the Community for Be Part of a Cuase. A group dedicated to helping out in different issues, whether it be to end something, start something or just recognize it.

  • The Wiccan/Pagan Guild Community
    This is community for the WPG members who have sites.

  • On Wings of Love
    The On Wings of Love Organization is dedicated to spreading Love and Kindness throughout the Internet.

  • Leones de Argentina
    Leones de Argentina

  • Respect My Work

  • Lyrical Regurgitation
    Sometimes we take in things that we just have to regurgitate. This collaborative writing community is about allowing yourself to be inspired and learning how to express that inspiration into a written regurgitation.

  • Be_A_LifeSaver
    Definitely not a site for those who would become upset from any of the crimes depicted here. Abuse & to the point of death is not a picture that everyone can take. The front page is only a taste of what this community exposes. And there are many warnings for you not to keep going !

  • grinchy girls
    community for devilish girls

  • Moonfire Community
    A community for basically anything relating to role-playing games, fantasy stories, poetry, writing, fan fictions, dragons, fairies, or whatever. Check out the homepage for more details! Thanks! ~ DestinyWriter

  • chloe's place
    chloes place for u!

  • Freinds Connection
    This community is all about Friendships internet freinds . a group of freinds bonding. Discussing diffrent matters in thier Lives,, Join us, where he Hoping to have a good outcome to possibly have a gathecommunity in the year of 2004

  • Organizations  are to help make for the betterment of the people in various form like organization for he self-service, for the business purpose, for the purpose of serving the poor, for the purpose of educating, for making people aware of arts and cultures, for spreading the computer literacy, for organizing some person to fight morally with some unwanted rulers, to spread the new concept which has been discovered to betterment of the people, to spread the awareness of some rules which are benefit for the society but very few are aware of them. So making organization is very easy but the running is very much difficult and challenging, as one has to take initiative for this and some member may be ask to gather at one place for the general meetings.


    The goal of the organizations are to be decided and then some registration for the organization is required to be done with the government laws, either it may be a non profit making society or a profit making organization. In each of the cases a memorandum is to be produced before the governing body with full details of the organizations including its name with the governing member and non governing member who will run the organization, address, aim, purpose of its making, and all the methods of earning that is the sources of the income has to be produced in the memorandum, after proper documentation of the matter all the papers should be submitted and now the waiting will come for the name of the organization to take effect and the works of the organization has to be started as soon as possible. Each and every member of the organization should be given a particular and importance task to make it popular and to make fulfill its varied aim. At least one man of the organizations are to be very active to follow the activities of the organization, with taking the responsibility of the running it for long terms and he will make all the people who are sleeping for some time.


    In the annual general meeting for the organization in the form of society, all the persons governing or non-governing should be called to see the betterment of the same, it should be taken care that in this annual meeting the governing body member are to be changed frequently so that each person get a chance to run the organization at least for one time and s/he should understand the problems and advantage of running the organization. There are various organization which are profit making in nature, in this case the duties of the member are very high as they have to be attacking in the market for the betterment of the same. The management should be so powerful that the profit and loss of the organization is crystal clear at the time annual or half yearly meeting or even at the time of anytime meeting so that no body including the government tax office had bad eye on them.