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  • The Indiepublic Blog Community
    This blog community was created so that members of indiepublic.com could show support for the site and each other while we network and promote our love of indie art and design.

  • Babes In Blogland
    If you're a woman with something to say, this is the ring for you! Rant, rave, wax poetic, tell us a story--you get the idea. Be seen, be heard, be fierce--be a Blogland Babe!

  • Fanfiction en Español
    Un anillo para todos aquellos de habla hispana que gustan del manga y el anime. Aquí encontrarán Fanfiction en español, del anime y manga en general... Anime fanfiction in Spanish, translations and original pieces of work.

  • Romance Writer's Weblogs
    This community is for romance writers (or writer's who use elements of romance - published or unpublished) who also maintain weblogs/journals.

  • Epic Authors
    EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, is a professional organization for published and contracted e-book and print authors. It was established to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing.

  • Latino Blogs
    The Latino Blogs Community whishes to gather all the latinos living on the US that maintain weblogs. It is a bilingual community {english/spanish}. {;}Este es un community para latinos que viven en EU y que tienen un diario en internet

  • Emotions & Secrets
    This community is for every writer and author who wants to join. It is about you, the writer and about your writing. If you write and you want the world wide web to know about you, please join.

  • Rants N Raves
    Have a weblog? An online diary? Then this community is for you. Whether you have a Deadjournal, Livejournal, Diary-X, GreatestJournal, etc. it doesn't matter. As long as you're over 18 years of age, feel free to join.

  • FFNo A community full of those who have really unleashed their imagination
    This community is for those who were kicked out of FFN because of the closed minded people who now are in charge of the site. This community is to promote the works of writers who's only fault is that they write stories that aren't geared for 5 year olds and the homophobic jerks that seem to be in charge of Fanfiction.net now.

  • Weaving Creations
    Welcoming all genre's of fanfiction and story telling in scifi, folk and fantasy, including RPG's, comics, poetry, artists, graphics, cultural interests and hanging out.

  • Muse's Alluvion
    Where life and fantasy writers in the IMVU community can collect and share. Keep your eyes open for writing contests or find others with your same writing tendencies.

    We're a group of Writers & Poets who place copyrighted works of poetry, short stories,& life observations based upon human interest elements, real life adventures, quips, original thoughts & quotes, etc... in this message board writing community. Family friendly sites, G-Rated... and message boards/communities dedicated to showcasing new and established writers are welcome to join our ring. Copyright's must be posted in plain sight on the main page of the site/message board index, to be able to join our community. If it even remotely resembles another person's work, do not apply. Ori

  • Webauthors
    A community of writers, poets, and commentators on life, love and everything random.

  • Poetic Reflections
    This community is open to anyone who has poetry on their site.

  • Writers on the Web
    THIS RING IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW SIGNUPS. IF YOU'RE STILL INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL THE RINGMASTER FOR MORE INFORMATION. Originally "The WebTV Writing Club" but now open to all writers who showcase their works on the web regardless of Internet appliance used, PC, WebTV, or Mac. All genres are welcome: Fiction, non-fiction, fan fiction, poetry, personal narratives, blogs, journals, children's stories. NO adult oriented sites will be accepted.

  • The Art Zero Axis
    Various chaotic elements, now overtaken by the flux of time.

  • PanHistoria Sister Novels
    PanHistoria novels participating in the sister novel netwrok.

  • The Identity Challenge
    If you are like me, blogging is one of those things that is on again and off again. Sometimes you have a ton of stuff to write and other times you have nothing. Others of us have tried to start blogging for a long time and have never been able to get the spark to inspire us. People are much like crystals in the sunlight. Turn us one way or another and we see different facets of our lives. When we ask someone the question \"Who are you?\" the answer we get will change dependent on a number of different variables; time of day, mentality, person who is asking, place that they are asking, etc.

  • Gwendolyn Grand
    a writer trying to find her place in the world..

  • WritersGuild.us
    An online site that allows authors to post their short stories and gain recognition. Fans of short stories are always welcome. Come check it out at writersguild.us

    For poets of the world who wish to have their poems read by all.

  • Making Money with Online Writing



    The internet is a great thing for those of us looking to make money using our writing skills because it has opened up a whole new world of money making possibilities with online writing. Gone are the days when you had to fight for an editor’s attention with a limited number of print publications! Now there are thousands of companies and publishers looking for content for websites and blogs making your chances of succeeding as a paid writer better than ever before!


    Online writing can consist of content of all kinds, from articles to blogs to product descriptions and more. Writing for the web also means there are variety of niches so that regardless of your preference or specialty; you can find assignments doing what you love—fiction, non-fiction, business writing—whatever! As well, the never-ending topics required by various sites means never getting bored for those of us who enjoy spreading our wings and venturing into new territory. You know how one can find information on any subject in the world online? Well these are all possibilities for any writer with something to say, whether it be about finances, politics, crafts or even sex!


    Finding online writing gigs is a piece of cake too since it’s just a matter of clicking your way through the sites that interest you and if you don’t have any specific sites in mind, you can always use trusty ol’ Google to search your topic of choice. Some sites make it really easy for you by listing their writers guidelines on the site as well as contact details while others may require a little more digging and shooting off a quick (and polite!) email to the webmaster. Either way, it sure beats the old way which consisted of researching mastheads and sending letters via snail mail in hopes of getting a reply—any reply! In a matter of minutes you can get some great leads and be on your way to earning money as a web writer.


    Speaking of money, one thing you need to know is that web writing has the possibility of being quite lucrative, but is often not quite as well paying as some print publications. Before turning down a lower paying gig though, remember to consider the exposure factor. Some sites get so many hits that writing for a lower rate may prove priceless by way of publicity and attention which in the end could lead to many more assignments including better paying ones.


    Online writing has definitely opened up wonderful opportunities for writers looking to get published and made it easier than it used to be before the invention of the world wide web, but, don’t let that make you slack in anyway! As with everything in life, the more effort you put forth, the more successful you will be. This won’t be a free ride by any stretch and you’ll still have to use your talents and persistence as well as invest your time and energy into getting where you want to be, but it sure is within closer reach than ever before thanks to the abundance of opportunities available. Just think, with a little resourcefulness and gusto, you can be a published writer any day now! Life is good.