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  • Punk Bitch!
    For anyone who's a punk, a bitch, or both :)

  • Joyful Girl
    Inspired by the song by Ani DiFranco. If you can relate to the song or if you just like it (or Ani), this may be the community for you. . .

  • Gorillaz Fan Community
    A community for fans of the group/band Gorillaz.

  • Cool MP3 Stations
    Dedicated to cool MP3 based stations where listeners can stream music or any other recordings.

  • Wu Tang Killa Beez
    This community is for any sites associated with the Wu-Tang Clan or other hip-hop sites in general.

  • viva la vinyl
    Did you know you loved records?

  • The guitar chords and keyboard chords community
    over 72.000 guitar chords plus the according keyboard chords inner voicings, substitute chords, all about transpose,search by notes, sounds, mid, etc.

  • Linkin Park Logs
    A community for the weblogs of all Linkin Park fans. It does not matter if you have no Linkin Park-related content, as long as you love the group and have a blog, you're in!

  • I Know Where Johnny Went
    For Hanson Fans who KNOW where Johnny went, or want to find out

  • little conversations
    a community for fans of the band Concrete Blonde

  • tori site love
    a community against tori site competition. everyones site is wonderful.

  • Scarling.
    A community for anyone who supports Jessicka's new band Scarling.

  • Naturally
    A community for Ayumi fans

  • Flower Garden
    A community for Ayumi Hamasaki site owners.

  • petals
    a community for fans of carcass

  • divina :: a community for musicians
    a community for both talented musicians and talented webdesigners.

  • Fans of Lisa Marie Presley
    This community was created in honor of Lisa's debut record in effort to gather all her supporters and help support her album.

  • A Static Lullaby
    A community for A Static Lullaby fans.


  • Crystalline Irises
    Tori Amos based Fan Community.

  • Quality Samples + Loops Community
    Contains only quality sites that host samples or loops for people to download. Royalty free samples are preferred but not required. Webmaster must also update semi-frequently so there sites dont get old and bocommunity or they are dropped from the list!

  • Fans Of GC
    A community dedicated to the one and only Good Charlotte! Exclusive to GC fans! If you are a fan of Gc and have a site be added to the Fans Of GC community!

  • South Florida alternative
    South florida's alternative music-Events & Bands

  • The Wilson Phillips Community
    A community dedicated to Wilson Phillips and its individual members.

  • Miyavi's Obsession
    Welcome to MIYAVI'S OBSESSION. This community is dedicated to Miyavi's Lovers. Bcommunity your website to our community and share the joy! This is a sanctuary to dedicated sites to Miyavi or Due Le Quartz and Music Rotation Websites. Enjoi!

  • DJ Sets
    This community is for websites and blogs which feature free mp3 downloads of DJ Mix sets for trance, techno, break beats, and other genres of electronic style music.

  • itsjustour//PERFECTMAN
    Community set-up for all ShinHwa fans/lovers out there!

  • Bootlegs R Us
    Sites pretaining to bootleg music and trading of bootleg music.

  • Die Young Stay Pretty
    A collection of websites based around creative women in the areas of writing, journalism, music etc

  • Expressive Art/ANNA OXA
    \"...The ancient Chinese story is that whenever a musician becomes perfect, he throws away his instruments; whenever a swordsman becomes perfect, he throws away his sword.\" OSHO

  • Live Music Rock Musik Community
    Welcome to the Live Music Community! Livebands from all over the World can join this Community. You can join this community if your site contains any type of Livemusic!

  • Dallas Local Bands Directory
    A comprehensive list of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas bands.

  • Piano Community
    Beethoven would be thrilled to know that you can get all of your piano needs and whims taken care of online in this fabulous community dedicated to pianos and piano lovers. Who says you have to suffer for your art??
    This community gives you access to all you need to enjoy the piano. You can find Piano lessons, Music, Sheet Music, Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Piano Bench’s, Piano Instruction, Songs and more. The Online Piano Store offers you great deals on everything you need and even offers Piano Tuning and Repair for Lacrosse, Onalaska, West Salem, Bang

  • Band World
    School Bands, Marching Band, Rock Bands, Concert Bands, Country Bands, Pop Bands, Metal Bands, Percussion, Guard, Winterguard

  • NL Thrash
    A community for all dutch speed and thrash metal bands!

  • The Faint Fans
    For fans of The Faint

  • Emoosic : Listening Music Online

    Northern Soul Music, information, news, reviews, records, clothing, dancing, lifestyle

  • Canadas #1 Hip Hop Artists
    Live Life your way. Do You think you can be one of the greatest ? sign up for this community Today. Look at all the others and see if you can be competition to eny of them. Do you have the Balls to join ?

  • hesham songs
    full albums and games

  • Won Heart
    This is a ring showcasing evangelical music. We exist to preach the gospel clearly through original music. Our goal is to exalt the name of Jesus not sell product.
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