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  • Gumdrops
    A place for true Tori fans to come together.

  • Folk Rock Dreams
    This community is open to anyone who appreciates the beauty of music. Hosted by Folk Rock Dreams.

  • The Jill Sobule Fan Community
    If you love Jill like we do, get on the list!

  • This Alliance
    An elite community for Tori Amos websites that are original, fun and creative.

  • Hydeism: fans of Takarai Hideto aka HYDE
    for fans of Hyde - band member of L'arc en Ciel & also a solo musician. you dont have to have a hyde-related site, just be a fan.

  • Ska4Life Community
    Community for 2nd and 3rd wave ska. If U want to become a member then add the community code to your site and email me to make sure I will be notified of your submission ska4life@home.nl

  • YG Family
    A Community for all fans of the YG Family and its individual groups and singers!

  • The Captain Beefheart page
    A site about Captain Beefheart and the magic band pics,biography,discography

  • Darren Hayes-The Tension and The Spark
    Community dedicated to Darren Hayes upcoming CD The Tension and The Spark. All web sites must be Darren Hayes specific. Street Team sites OK, NO Savage Garden or fan fiction sites.

  • The Rooney Net Community
    Find all the sites dedicated to the very talented California band Rooney right here. This community is for sites that are dedicated to the whole band or the individuals of the band.

  • Boat Changing Times
    This community is for members only of the Battle of Another Time Changing Times team

  • CommunitySurf: United Hip Hop Sites Network Community
    This community is for fans of hip hop music and owners of hip hop sites. Join today!

    This is a community that will promote all musical creaters on the net. (Midi, Modules, Mp3... and all) Must present musical creations from the homepage creater.

  • Anti-Anti-KoRn Campaign
    For all sites dedicated to making the online lives of korn haters a living hell!

  • The Taste The Pain Community
    An unofficial Red Hot Chili Peppers community started by the owner of

    Anyone is welcome to join the community, but PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN, NO XXX SITES or sites that promote racsim or anything illegal..thanks you, JOIN TODAY!

  • Rich Mullins Memorial Community
    A gathecommunity of sites dedicated to the memory of Christian musician Rich Mullins, 1955-1997.

  • Beulah Land Community
    Tori Amos community for Tori sites. Only requirements are you have Tori on your page and you have her in a good way!

  • Progressive Music
    All about progressive music, prog folk, symphonic prog, electic prog, etc

  • The Chopin Circle
    This is a community for all Chopin fans to unite! The only thing we ask though, is that your site has something to do with classical/Romantic music! Please join!

  • the solar field
    a tori amos community which focuses on bcommunitying all the great artistic, and beautifully designed sites together, for easy navigation.

  • Band World
    School Bands of the World unite! High School Marching Bands, High School Concert Bands, Symphonic Bands, Junior High Bands, Beginning Bands, and even College Bands should join! Just a Band person? You should join, too! Because: It's a Band World after all! All Winter Guards, Flag and Rifle Teams, Ensembles, Percussion Groups, and Twirlers are WELCOME to JOIN!

  • The Miracle Community
    This community is all about the fantastic Dutch Queen Coverband called Miracle. Since they are starting to write their own songs, and there are more and more Miracle web-sites created, the time was there to create a community for these fantastic five.{;}

  • Suck my dick
    A community devoted to riot grrrls, glitter bois and all things trashy

  • Blinking Carousel: Community of fire
    This is going to be the BEST blink 182 community ever.

  • MatchboxTwenty4u
    Your site must be related to Matchbox 20 or Tabitha's Secret. It may be devoted to all or one of the members, as long as the main content pertains to the band in some way.

  • Zam'ru Lo --- Jewish Voices
    A collection of web sites related to Jewish vocal music, including chazzanut, boys' and men's choruses, frum singers, and a capella small ensembles, etc.; all k'halacha.

  • The Fiercest Calm
    The fiercest calm community is divided into two sections: fierce Tori sites and calm Tori sites. {;}

  • nevermindthebouffant
    a community for fans of Shampoo. viva la megababes!

  • em is my bud
    this community is so that all of my friends pages can be linked together, no real reason , just for fun.

  • Selena City
    A tribute to our tejano queen, Selena!

  • M People & Heather Small Community
    M People music and information etc etc. Anything to do with them!

  • Linkinweb.com's Linkin Park Net Community
    Linkin Park, A new Great Music Group!{;}Their music include allmost all the different music stiles..

  • KriegZeit: A Funker Vogt community
    A community devoted to thEE German elektro band funker Vogt, of course. ;) This community is open to sites relating to Funker Vogt, their side projects, and similar projects... and fans' personal pages too, as I don't feel like being a fascist in terms who can join and who can't.

  • girl in a room
    glassbox:girlinaroom is an artist from North Carolina who weaves words and sounds together to alleviate the pain of day to day existence.

  • Asking For It
    This community is for fans of the band hole who either have web sites about hole or are just fans of the band. No anti hole or courtney love sites will be allowed in the community

  • Escape The Pain Inside
    This is a community for fans of the band Korn who either have sites decated to korn or just like them

  • Anchors To The Ground
    A community for all Cousin Kevin, Messiah, Kevin Cadogan, and Cooldoe sites.

  • Eurotrash
    For people who love brit-pop, british bands, british rock stars and are complete anglophiles.

  • w e s t l i f e fanlistings
    A community for members of the westlife fanlistings.

    A Community Devoted to all the Bands that doesn't get Radio Play. From Small to Big bands or They aren't what People won't to hear. Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Rock

  • Singapore Rock Music
    The Singapore Rock Music Community, for sites related to Singapore rock music.

  • WorthlessJunk Audio Community
    site with everything from lyrics 2 audio 60's,70's and early 90's real audio songs full length Audio and video{;}submit a poetic musician tribute help build worthlessjunk to becoming the number 1 audio site on the net

  • -[.the art of nine inch nails.]-

  • The Freddie Mercury Community
    Finalmente il community dedicato a Freddie in italiano, qui la raccolta dei migliori siti italiiani e stranieri dedicati ha Freddie e hai Queen.

  • LiNkiN PaRk SoLdieRs
    For all the LiNkiN PaRk SoLdieRs out there!

  • broken sound
    For all music lovers. Any type.

  • Banjo Community
    The Banjo Community - to promote banjo music of all styles.

  • You're My Best Friend-RING
    Un modo per unire tutti fan dei QUEEN.

  • representin' gc!
    a good charlotte fan community that helps represent GC!! and like benji says "keep representing gc cause we'll keep representing you"
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