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  • Texas Rebel's
    Texas based community for Southern Rock and Texas music.

  • Carvin Guitars Community
    A brotherhood of Carvin users ... those who know the joy of owning and using Carvin guitars and basses, and who want to pass that knowledge along to others.

  • Momusu Community
    All morning musume site web!

  • ears with feet
    a community for fans of tori amos, called

  • X-ism
    A community for all of us who are X/X Japan fans. If you have a weblog, site, or other home on the internet and you love X Japan, please join!

  • Too Country
    Community uniting traditional and classic country music web sites.

  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
    This is a Web-community for any Beatle fan who has a personal site..and wants to share the BEATLE love. welcome.

  • Imagine Community
    This community is only for Battle of Another Time Imagine team.

  • I Songwrite!!
    A community that bcommunitys sites of individual songwriters, bands and producers together. Our hope is to make it easier for those who are looking for songwriting collaboration to find their partners.

  • Tori=Person, You=Psychotic
    Sure, Tori Amos is a splendid musician, and there is the slight chance that fairys do exist, but Tori is A PERSON!

  • The Julian Lennon Net Community
    The orignal Julian Lennon Community.. Learn more about Julian Lennon

  • Indigo Girls Listees Community
    This is the community for people who have webpages who belong to the Indigo Girls e-mail list (Indigo-Girls@Netspace.org). Indigo Girls content (IGC) is not required, though it is welcomed and encouraged. The only requirements are that you must be a member of the listserve and you must have the code up on your page (with a max. of 2 clicks away from the page you submit as your homepage URL)

  • Independent Christian Music
    This community is for any site related to independent Christian music, whether it's a site for an independent Christian band or just related to independent Christian music in general.

  • Community de Alfonso Andre
    si tienes una pagina de rock {;}El community de Alfonso Andre {;}es el lugar indicado para ella{;}

  • Fumble Blogs
    a community for fumblers who blog

    NIRVANA community, original sites that arent out of date.. thats the one thing you have to have to join this community. there are too many out there that are full of rubbishy sites, so this community is for the best of NIRVANA

  • MeteorCity Community
    The Community for the stoner/cosmic/doom/groove rock community.

  • Have You Hugged Your Bassist Today?
    A Community for those of us who love bass guitarists and believe in the truth of the bassist coolness theory. Yes!

  • Young Hopes
    A community for all young musicians and composers.

  • Remembecommunity Elvis
    A Community for fans who show their love of Elvis through websites and/or webpages. Open to all fans with sites. No Elvis Impersonator sites, please.

  • Reggae Community
    Uniting the reggae community.

    community poswiecony muzyce karaibskiej w polsce{;}powstal z inicjatywy uczestnikow forum dyskusyjnego

  • Lisa Marie Presley, So Real
    This community is for Lisa Marie Presley Fans! If you have a site about or for Lisa Marie Please join this Community! Sites can also be Presley/Lisa Marie related. She not only is SO REAL with her style, music and voice, but has a great heritage! Lisa Marie, So Real!

  • Boat Hounddogs
    This community was created primarily for Boat Hounddogs team members.

  • Clarinet Sites
    Bcommunitying together sites about the clarinet family of instruments.

  • My Chemical Romance: The Community
    My Chemical Romance fans united. A community to connect fans of the band.

    a community made to connect well designed and interesting tori amos fan sites together

  • Save The Music In Our Schools
    Our Save The Music In Our Schools Community is an outgrowth of VH1's "Save The Music" program which has received national acclaim. Those who wish to join our community must have something of significant value relating to music other than "just midi's." Each submitted site will be reviewed to determine whether a significant contribution is present. Inclusions are at the sole discretion of the community Web Master and helpers. Please use the URL for your music excellence (not just midi's) when submitting to our community and a description of what "Save The Music In Our Schools" information a vis

  • CelebDomain
    Celebrity Domain

  • the perfect community
    Join one of the fastest growing nin communitys on the www-increase traffic to your site :-) Nine Inch Nails sites only please-no Marilyn Manson sites.

  • The Jewel Kilcher Community
    For EDA and general fans alike.

  • capture the beauty
    Concert pictures from the Hanson TTA Tour 2000

  • the community for bikini kill fans
    ALL Bikini Kill fans with homepages-- join the riot! Fan site not required!

  • The Fanīs of Doro Pesh community
    A community for the fans of Doro Pesh.

  • Material Girl
    A community for all material girls

  • VAST
    Community for VAST related sites.

  • Elektro Hos
    The Elektro h0s Community: A Circle of Electrifying Energy, Customized Chic, Sensuous Style, and Inconceivable Intellect. {;}{;}

  • MP3 Music Community
    MP3 Music Community for MP3 artists of all genres. Listen to the best original music on MP3. This community is not accepting new members at this time.

  • Boat RunAround Sues
    This community is for Battle of Another Time RunAround Sues team.

  • Lady of the flowers
    This is a community for fans of the band placebo who either have sites decated to placebo or just like placebo

  • Sarah Brightman
    About Sarah Brightman, her music and her life

  • reason
    propellerheads reason - resource sites ....{;}-sounds{;}-info{;}-trax{;}-help{;}-discussion{;}-...

  • New Age Radio
    Visualize your very own special place, {;}a personal sanctuary of warmth and well-being. {;}A place where you can indulge your senses {;}and wrap yourself in the cocoon of relaxation. {;} No matter what day of the week it is, {;}Welcome to Sunday Interlude.

  • Community of Industrial/Dark Music DJs
    A community for club DJs who focus on industrial, electro, EBM, and other related genres such as darkwave, synthpop, noise, and more. Websites for Promotion companies, club nights, and other similar resources dealing with dark music are also welcome. Although primarily indended for club DJs, DJs with regular radio shows in the genre are welcome to join too .. I'm not gonna be a Nazi about who can and cannot join the community, as long as their site is related to dark music.

  • kevinskisspagecommunity
    join my kiss community this is for kiss fans ownly

  • Aneurysm...Another Nirvana Community
    Community for people who have strictly and only nirvana and/or Kurt cobain sites

  • Moby Fan Community
    These sites are owned by Moby fans.

  • The Color Guard Community
    this is the community dedicated to colorguard!, and any form of guard, winterguard, twirlers, drill teams its all good!

  • Nashville Music Roots
    Family entertainment {;}Bluegrass Country Gospel and other{;}Great music{;}Legends Tributes{;}Photo Gallery{;}Actors and actresses{;}Publishing companies radio stations

  • Chicago Alternative
    Bands from the Chicago area.
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