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  • Jack McDevitt Community
    A Community connecting pages concerning SciFi author Jack McDevitt and other sites of interest

  • Harry Harrison
    A community dedicated to SciFi author Harry Harrison.

  • Arthur C Clarke
    Community dedicated to SciFi author, Arthur C. Clarke

  • Charles Sheffield Community
    A Community joining fans of Charles Sheffield with sites of interest.

  • Nancy Kress Community
    Linking fans of Nancy Kress and other sites of interest.

  • Tektonike - Art of the Carpenters or Cabinetmakers!
    TEKTONIKE The Art of Buliding the Men! João Basileu, Arts & literarture, ebooks & Orthers.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    A unique Poetry Club hosting poetry competitions for schools and adults. The club promotes and is involved in a wide spectrum of the arts. The poetry club offers some of the most valuable prizes worldwide

  • Open Minds Poetry Community
    A community for all poets / writers to unite, share words, feelings and inspire one another... a place where the dark is brightened by the light, and the light is dimmed by the dark..

  • Cathy's Attic
    Community for VC Andrews related sites

  • Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
    A community of all the participants in the 2008 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by http://readingwritingranting.blogspot.com

  • Author Community
    Round-robin Community for authors published in book-length, PAYING, fiction or non-fiction. The Author Community is not open to vanity press at this time.

  • Book Blog Reviewers
    We are a group of book bloggers interested in reviewing books for authors, publishers, and promotional companies. Please feel free to contact us with a request.

  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo
    Official community of WindLegends Saga dark fantasy/romantica author Charlotte Boyett-Compo, creator of the shape-shifting vampire alpha male Reapers.

  • Soirée of Souls
    Read, Write, reply, & Explore! sSAGACITYPOETSs an ethos of Poetry, Prose, Legends & tales. We also promote the visual arts; web design, psp, painting, sculpting, etc, basically this is an Art show case! So come and explore and show off your talents & even your (art related) business, community & websites! This is a true multicultural Fusion of Original Innovations within the Premier Of Calibers! Raciest, or hate, or negitive Not accepted. Only site created with good taste! Join Our WEBRING Today!

  • alcarma
    art, poetry, literature, translation, download ebooks, download relax music, download arabic eros, download full programs

  • Samhellions
    Community for authors, editors, artists and others directly associated with Samhain Publishing.

  • Motim Cultural
    Anel de navegação entre sites multiculturais.

  • "Those of Us Who Like to Share" Words of Thought, and Graphic Arts
    Giving anyone with an need to express themselves the opportunity to do just that. Whether it be drawings, photography, poems, articles, literature of just about any sort we would love to have it to experience.

  • Readers, Writers and Publishers Webring
    This community is for readers, writers and publishers. You can submit your site here. Make sure you upload the ring banner on your site to help grow our community!
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