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  • The Bardic Circle
    This community is dedicated to the honing of a writer's skills with members from the Bardic Circle list and other writing related sites.

  • Romance Novel Traders Community
    For romance novel traders with wish/trade list,websites,or trade pages

  • Covet
    A community for beautiful sites with a longing for something more...

  • APS Poetry Community
    A community for site containing all fors of poetry from sonnets to hiaku's.{;}

  • The Shadow World
    The Shadow World community is open to any fan of L.J. Smith and to site which focus on new age/occult themes.

  • Love 2 Write
    A place for writers to share with their peers. Learn some new tricks or to teach a few things. Need a critique? Send in your submission for us to view.

  • Catherine Asaro Community
    Guidelines? Well, let's hope your page has some content concerning Catherine Asaro. Keep it clean. I'm not into profanity or excessive nudity. The community code is set up to take the primary inversion .gif off my web page--Please copy the graphic and put it in your page file. Mr. Walotsky's permission was obtained to use his artwork, being a great believer in copywright sanctity . . . etc., etc., please be sensitive to same. (Lord, I'm sounding like a lawyer again). If you have any suggestions, ideas on how to improve the community, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

  • LibrosDeCine
    Para páginas dedicadas a los libros, al cine o a ambos... y en castellano!

  • Joe Haldeman Community
    A community for those who appreciate the works of Joe Haldeman and sites of interest to same. Your site must have some content concerning Joe Haldeman. No profanity or nudity, my poor heart can't take it, besides, pornography and great literature rarely go together. The image is copyrighted by James Warhola and the copyright is incorportated into the community code itself. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements to this community, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

  • Elizabeth Moon Community
    There must be some content concerning Elizabeth Moon. No profanity, excessive nudity or the like, my poor heart can't take it. The image is copyright by Fred Gambino and permission to use same has already been requested. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements to the community, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

  • Potter/Slash
    A community for sites that display Harry Potter slash fanfiction or fanart.

  • The Mirror of Erised
    Any site that is related to the Harry Potter series, the Harry Potter Movies, and J.K. Rowling.

  • Highway to Hell
    A community for sites that deal in horror of any kind.Membership will be limited to only 50 sites.First come first serve

  • Ray Bradbury Community
    To connect sites dedicated to Ray Bradbury and to other sites of interest. "The Bradbury Chronicles" image by Barclay Shaw, used with Mr. Shaw's permission. Please, copy the image to your own files and change the code accordingly. Let's see . . .Keep it clean. Your site should have some content about Ray Bradbury.

  • Carousel Ponies
    For Carousel lovers, join and help link us all together!

  • Writers Haven
    A community for writers of all genres to join together in literary greatness. Also a place for agents and publishers to feel comfortable.

  • DAAS Fiction
    Sites in this community are centered around the now defunct Australian comedy trio - the Doug Anthony Allstars. Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler were the Allstars.

  • Mystical Beings
    A Totally Child safe Community with Mystical sites full of Unicorns,Fairys,Dolls and anything mystical.

  • Online Creative Writing Workshop
    A site where all writers, whether they be unsung authors or just doing it for a bit of fun can get help and advice on their stories from other writers. The Writing Desk is 100% free and will continue to remain so.

  • Painted Pastel Princess
    A community for dark girls with outstanding websites.

  • Literature!
    Any site related to literature could be eligible to enter the Community. Our motto for making the Community is to connect all litearature related site. So as that will help literature lovers to surf a lot together.

  • Harry Potter Domains
    Do you have a Harry Potter related domain name?? Join us!

  • Circulo Fantastico de Literatura
    Circulo fantástico de literatura

  • Com-ar-ca
    Anillos para páginas .com.ar y/o para personas que leyeron LotR

  • Canadian Child care & other Canadian child sites.
    This community is for Canadian sites about kids! Included are home-daycare, child related sites for crafts, tips for parents & much more!

  • MoonLight Pond Community
    A community for the MoonLight Pond Team at Southern Dreams.

  • Not Your Typical Girl
    This community is for sites/blogs run by girls who, well, aren't ordinary. If you spend hours on the phone to your girlfriends talking about boys, or hang out at the mall checking out guys, then this isn't for you. You must have a dark side, you must be real and able to see the world for how it is. You must have things on your mind other than hanging out with your girrllyfriends or BOYS. This is for girls who are differet.

  • Anillo de Tobarra
    Este es el anillo de Tobarra. Un anillo para descubrir todo sobre nuestro pueblo Tobarra.

  • Massage Blog Community
    This community is for those in the massage business who want to tell it like it is. Honestly, sometimes massage therapists get some really wacky clients.

  • Metropolis Ink
    A community devoted to the publisher Metropolis Ink and their authors.

  • BOF School of Poe
    This is the community for members of the House of Poe at the Bards of Fortune web competition.

  • CANON Society
    A fanfiction community for writers who believe in developing characters, but keeping them canon.

  • Hyakinthos Rising
    A community for gay-themed art and fiction devoted to the beautiful, the good, and the erotic. Join us for tantalizing work of quality and novelty as we explore mature, consensual m/m relationships.

  • Bards of Fortune - Emily Dickinson Team
    This is the community for the Emily Dickinson Team at the Bards of Fortune.{;}It is for members only..

  • Amber Quill Authors
    Community for authors published with Amber Quill Press

  • Sea of Dreams
    A relaxing place to sit around the fireplace and enjoy some poetry or short stories. If you enjoy meeting new people this is the community for you. Come on by anytime. We will leave a light on for you.

  • Forgotten Angels
    A place to join others forgotten by the world, and a place to find solace when no other is comforting...

  • the prefects
    an elite community for harry potter fans

  • Writing For Fun
    Would you like to be in a community where every member have a passion for writing like yourself? Then you're very welcome to join this community.

  • Harry Potter Slash
    A community for sites that contain Harry Potter slash.

  • Hogwarts Alumni
    Harry Potter isn't just for kids, but adults too!

  • Children Of The Night
    This Clique is for people who love the Dark side, dark poetry, Gothic, Dark Art, literature, the paranormal.

  • GenderBenders
    For artists and authors who have genderbending stories! XD

  • zeugfreunde
    A community primarily for members of the Zeugma Poetry Workshop, but others may be inducted upon worthy accomplishment in the field of poetics or if we like you.

  • Sirius Black
    a community for websites, or website owners who love the character, Sirius Black of the Harry Potter series.

  • fan-fiction-ated
    A community for all people who writes fanfictions ^^

  • .:Dark Secrets Community:.
    A V.C. Andrews fansite. Information and other things are here, home for the Cypress Woods Roleplay.

  • free-write!
    A community that bcommunitys together people that post free-writing entries on their weblogs.

  • Seahorse Stories
    The ...~ Seahorse Stories ~... Community is a community for online reading and writing - stories - resources and information for readers and writers alike. If you have a *Story* related web site and would like to be a member of the Seahorse Stories Community, please contact us: SeahorseContact@aol.com Happy Reading!

  • Joan D Vinge
    A community dedicated to Joan D Vinge
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