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  • outspoken
    journals & stuff

  • Writers' Inkorporated
    Teenage writers are often hiding themselves from the public view, not wishing to be seen as the "black sheep". Well, this community is full of those black sheep; here, our writers aren't outshone by published adult authors or crammed in along with 300 other writers. All writing by teens has its place here, whether poetry or prose, nonfiction or fantasy. Jump in any time- you're always welcome!

  • Teens' Inkorporated
    A community that bcommunitys together all sites that are dedicated to the creative writing of teens. Whether ezine or national site, come on over and let's get those pens moving.

  • Unconventional
    A community for diarylanders who have a layout and writing style that is unconventional - in other words, great, super, non-conformative, wild, refined, different.

  • Inkblots
    An online community for talented and passionate writers.

  • Science Fantasy Web Serials
    Anyone posting web serials or short stories with some degree of science fantasy is welcome.

  • Contributing to the Middle Earth Lifestyle
    A family-friendly coalition of websites which in some way create an atmosphere, allowing you feel as if you're visiting a part of Middle Earth.

  • Flower Maidens
    The Flower Maidens are ladies such as Ophelia, Blodeuyn or the Lady of Shalott. The community is for women who have sites of beauty, elegance and sensitivity. Or for women who have an interest in the legends of the Flower Maidens, the pre-Raphaelites and tragedy of a gently gothic persuasion.

  • Publishing Community
    A community for sites devoted to writers whose ultimate goal is to publish their work. Websites must be clean, concise and quality designed; not just a garbage page thrown together.

  • Cherrybomb: A Writing Collab
    A writing collab for the cherrybomb in all of us. ;){;}{;}

  • song for a future generation
    This is just a community for the

  • Elkandu Exploration
    The Elkandu are wizards that explore other worlds. Always searching for new and exciting worlds, characters to meet, and magic to discover.

  • World of Alexia Community
    Member wcommunity for the writers of Alexia.

  • The Stars of Tortall
    A community that connects all the sites with tortall art, poems, and original Fanfics

  • On My Own
    Everyday warriors who overcome life in order to save themselves.

  • The Stephen King Appreciation Community
    For fans of the master of macabre, all sites must show appreciation for Mr. King. Any sites that are not specialized towards Stephen King will not be accepted.

  • Sword of Truth Realm
    Community for fans of Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth book series. Also anything else that pertains to fantasy.

  • ronald
    Moonstone is a growing website that offers additional ways to have your poetry and short prose published. The only criteria for it is quality. All websites in the Community should strive for quality also.

  • Moonstones
    Writing online 'zine with top quality poetry and prose and related sites for the advid reader/writer. Submit or just read... this is the place for you.

  • Poetic Dreams
    Hello! This is a community for those that love poetry and have a website featucommunity poetry.

  • The Lost Love Community
    View or join this great collection of sites about Lost Loves. Read poems, songs and stories of Lost Love. Wonderful stories of memories long past, tales of true love and the ultimate sorrow

  • abstract poet society
    a community for poets that break from the norm... wrong wordings, rhythms, rhymes...who exist simply complicated.{;}{;}

  • Left Bank Poets' Society
    A community for poets dedicated to free expression and creativity through explocommunity the written word.

  • The DreamScapers Professional Community
    DreamScapers is a community for professional, British & Irish, writers and artists who have worked in a genre which can be classified as science fiction, fantasy or horror.

  • Lost & Confused
    Have you ever been frequently lost or confused by things you've read/seen/heard? Or if you like to confuse people by the things you say/write/do then this community is perfect for you. We're Lost, We're Confused, and it's not a bad thing.

  • 'Literary' Attempts
    This is an indiscriminate community, which consists of sites that contain various things written by people who do not wish to have those things judged. It's basically a community for anyone who has a writing site--be it poetry, prose, plays, etc. This is just supposed to be a fun community with the sole purpose of getting *every* writer, who wishes to be seen, seen.

  • I Am A VCA Villager
    Are you a fan of author V.C. Andrews? Do you have a site about V.C Andrews or states you are a fan? Want more people to visit your site? If the answer is yes to those three questions, then you are a VCA Villager! So Join!!

  • t o r n l o v e l e t t e r s

  • Writer Buddy Community
    My Writer Buddy is a community and reference center for writers of all ages, writing interests and experience. Members work one-on-one or in small groups to achieve their writing goals. One thing is for certain, at some point, every writer needs a Writer Buddy!

  • Infinitum Poetry
    Poetry and Writer Resource Sites

  • Surrender yourself
    A topic is presented at the beginning of the month and you submit your poem whenever you finish it.

  • Visions of Camelot
    Do you have a site about Camelot and the Arthurian legend? If so I would love for you to join this community, or the T100 Visions of Camelot list .. or even the Visions of Camelot banner exchange. Link all the like mind together and join now! :-)

  • The Falcon's Pen: A Writer's Resource
    A community created to link writers to resources. All writers are welcome, whether your site is a place to showcase your work, or a collection of resources and writing tips. A writer's ultimate resource.

  • soulpuppetry
    Somewhere between soulbonding and not, there lies soulpuppetry. Who's up YOUR ass? soulpuppetry is an anime/console game fanfiction community for fanficcers who refuse to take themselves or the writing process seriously.

  • That*Spark
    That*Spark - for online writers and artists who have that certain something that sets them apart from others

  • Kathy's Romance Reading Community
    A Romance community bcommunitying together readers of romance novels, any where from historical to contempary

  • Snape Slash Fleet
    The port of call for all the ships in the Snape Slash Fleet. Each site in this community is dedicated to a different Snape slash paicommunity, and together, they cover the range of slash paicommunitys based on the Harry Potter fandom. This community is open only to sites hosting ships in the Snape Slash Fleet.

  • Poems For Nubian Women
    ~~~~ Greetings and Welcome ~ Nubian Sisthas ~! Our "Nubian" community is dedicated to "all" Nubian Women. We have "special" poetry, about, by and for "Women of Color." Sites that join should have poetry for the "Empowerment" and "Uplifting" of our "SPIRIT." The "SISTHAHOOD" is strongly WELCOMED here. Join now and tell your friends! Shop by our Very "Ethnic" BEAUTIFUL Shops... ~)o(~

  • What If?
    What if? is an organization dedicated to fiction on the internet. It's dedicated to original writing as well as original ways to present that writing. It's about the evolution of the paper and ink books to a new form of media that involves innovative incorporation of html, graphics, music and of course good writing. {;}We are dedicated to writers who find new ways to tell a story and are generous enough to give it away for free.{;}

  • Patterns
    This is a community for those who participate in the monthly writing collaboration Patterns

  • Alexandra's Tortall Website
    Fall between the barriers of fantasy and reality!

  • twinkletoes creative writing
    Exchanging writing peices, tips, or just great sights with a focus on creative writing.

  • Itty Bitty Community for Harry Potter Characters
    A community dedicated to fanpages for characters from the Harry Potter books and movie.

  • Save the Magic Net Community
    This Community is for sites that promote and support fairy tales, fables, legends, myths and works of fantasy. If you believe in

  • Poetry & Writing
    A community to showcase poetry, stories, essays, and other written work.

  • hidden from the thought police
    the community for those with an online diary, blog or journal - whatever you want to call it.... it's somewhere away from the thought police in reality.

  • Lost in Time
    A community for online novels of all kinds. If you're too lazy to read it isn't anything for you.

  • P2P Book Shacommunity
    Buy second-hand books from Amazon.co.uk for 3.76, read them, re-use packaging to send to next buyer. All books should fit through standard-sized letterboxes.

  • Spirit of Fantasy
    A Universal 'Nexus' of Fantasy Worlds, RPG's, & Fabulous Creature Cyberpet Adoption Agencies and other online art institutions for the Creative Mind

  • Rainforest Faery Community
    Welcome all original doll artists. All mediums welcome. Dolls must not be created using molds.
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