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  • Challenge Me!
    The Challenge Me! community is here to link together any sites that gives fanfic/fanart challenges to viewers, whether it's for contests or just to help with writers/artists block.

  • Book Lovers
    This is a community for anyone who is a book lover and regularly reviews the books they have read in there Blog or on there Website.

  • Graves of the woods
    Personal dark, goth, art & music, vampires, architecture, etc.

  • VC Andrews Pavillion
    This community is for VC Andrews related sites. Roleplays, Fan Sites etc... So that the true fans can come together to celebrate her legacy.

  • Storytellers Writers Community
    A community for people who write all types of writing; whether it be fan fiction, regular stories, poetry, etc...A supportive community for creative writing. Annual awards will occur as well!

  • Deutsche Slasher
    Ein Community für Autoren deutscher Slash Fanfiction. Real People Slash ist gern gesehen!

  • Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays is a community of eWriters who wish to offer holiday greetings to one and all.

  • Micromedia Exchange
    The purpose of the Micromedia Exchange is to bcommunity together micronational media resources into one exchange and promoting micronationalism to a larger audience. (O objetivo da Micromedia Exchange é trazer em conjunto recursos da mídia micronacional em um intercâmbio, promovendo o micronacionalismo a uma audiência maior.)

  • Elven Home
    A community for Elven related sites. Sites don't have to be completely Elven, but some related content, please.

  • Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Whuffie Community
    This community is devoted to pages documenting experiences at the Magic Kingdom, especially focusing on the Haunted Mansion and other attractions that figure prominently in Cory Doctorow's fine science fiction novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

  • Entmoot!
    A community for personal sites of fans of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Communitys.

  • The One webCommunity
    One community to rule them all, one community to find them. One community to bcommunity them all and in the darkness bind them.

  • Terra Média
    Um community legal, de que todos os fãs da obra de Tolkien devem fazer parte! Entre!{;}----{;}A cool community where all Tolkien's fans should get in! Come in!

  • Cult of Potter
    A community uniting fans of the Harry Potter series.

  • The Order of the Phoenix
    A virtual community to unite those who would want to join The Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter books. Fight the darkness, show your courage and sign up!

  • Why is it always Me?
    'Cause you know you're lovin' Longbottom

  • Ficmanía
    Anillo que reune páginas que contengan fanfics de series, anime, comics, libros, películas y juegos.

  • From me with love
    A community for nice webpages

  • The Gay Writer's Book Showcase Community
    A community for GBLT authors and or authors whose works feature gay characters. Looking for personal sites of authors showcasing their current works, both in print and ebook. No commercial sites. Erotica not porn.

  • V.C. Andrews Roleplaying Community
    A community connecting a variety of V.C. Andrews Roleplays.

  • Les liseux du web
    Ce cercle a pour but de faciliter la navigation entre les blogs de lecteurs. Ajoutez votre site au cercle, visitez les autres membres, au hasard ou suivant la liste.

  • The Reader's Station Tour
    Take a tour of the Reader's Station websites. Linking original authors from around the world.

  • Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors
    for members of IWOFA.net - talente authors in the cutting edge genres of Fantasy and Parnormal Romance, Fantasy, Sci-FI and Speculative Fiction

  • Historical Fiction Junkies
    Sites that provide historical fiction book reviews, author interviews, historical fiction genre news, reference

  • The Word Ninjas, Ink
    Stealthily bringing you good books.

  • Get It In Writing Community
    Get It In Writing! is the writer's friend, for newly published and unpublished writers. Writer's markets, writer's contests, writing competition, writer's guidelines, online writer's support group, and writer's links. Free snail mail writer's newsletter, Get It In Writing!

  • Poets World
    A broad circle of literature and poetry {;}sites that appeal to both amateurs and published writers.

  • The Storybook Club Community
    This Community is for everyone who likes to read or write short stories. The webpages must be related to short stories, or poetry.

  • young writers
    this is 4 anybody that is classified as a youth, that have websights with things they've written.art is welcome too.

  • 1aa The Writer's Community
    The Writer' Community is a virtual community, resource guide and community dedicated to showcasing the works of most genre writers, literary agents, publishers and editors. We accept novel, screenplay, freelance, journalism, children and juvenile fiction, nonfiction, poetry, inspirational, supernatural and short story writers, plus other reasonably family-friendly literature. Our community includes a writer's workshop, bulletin board, weekly e-zine, Java chat room, classifieds, and more! {;}{;}

  • Book Lovers' Community
    If your web site reflects your love of books,with book reviews etc.,you may join this community.Amazon.com Associates welcome.No pornographic sites.

  • MasterspaanzRealm
    The best original and reproduction Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy artwork from Wendy Snow-Lang, Imaginary Realities Art Studio, Ken Meyer, Jr., Robert Blair, Allen Koszowski, Allen K, Sean Madden, Kathleen Ward, Daniel Horne, Keith Minnion, Brian Anderson, Erik Wilson, Jamie Oberschlake, Gregory Orfanos, DangerZone Artworks, David LeClerc, Steph Dumais, Mike Hope, and Nick Demakes

  • Laura's Cove Net Community
    A Community for sites made by fans of VC Andrews.

  • Kipple Community
    THis community is for all sites realted to: KIPPLE; Philip Kindred Dick; Blade Runner; dystopias; sci-fi; postmodern art and or philosophy, or just plain wierd s**t!

  • Lyrical Galaxies
    Lyrical Galaxies is for any poet or any website maker with poems on their sites.

  • Fresh
    A community for exceptional fan fiction on the internet.

  • Midnight Whispers VC Andrews Community
    The community for the VC Andrews site Midnight Whispers. This community is for all VCA fans to join and keep in touch through the common love of V.C. Andrews books.

  • Romantic Speculative Fiction
    This is a community of websites, which primary content is about reading and writing romantic fantasy, horror, science fiction and paranormal, timetravel, futuristic, fantasy romances

  • Online Epics
    A community of on-line only stories that are some what epic in length and/or scope. Usually written over the course of a few years, and spanning dozens of stories.

  • Gordon R. Dickson
    To connect sites dedicated to Gordon R. Dickson and other sites of interest. Your site should have some content about Gordon R. Dickson.

  • Women's Internet Now
    Community for women

  • Chief Blackbear's Literary Community
    Chief Blackbear's Literary Community is being established to link websites of fiction and/or poetry together. Those who join this community will be considered a part of Chief Blackbear's Literary Association, (Known as the Tribe). Those who decide to join the Tribe are expected to visit the other sites of the Tribe often and should do all they can to bcommunity the Tribe closer together.

  • Divine Essence
    A community which unites many sites filled with meaningful prose that are produced by people who confront issues of pain, isolation, trust, acceptance and morality. Each, as an individual, present to the world his/her honest introspection in the most outstanding poetic form - and each of them - in his/her own special way, discovers, nurtures, and reveals to the world his/her own reflection of the true essence of life...

  • Authors Community
    Linking published authors together

  • Authors of Romance
    Linking together authors of romance

  • red ink
    red ink is a community for teen writers of all kinds.

  • Chatsubo Community
    A collection of sites with original cyberpunk fiction; inspired by the Usenet group alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo.

  • Original Writing
    This community connects you to a limitless variety of original written works. Each of the writers bcommunitys their unique ingredients to the community with only one common thread - being creative! The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Farstrider - The Community
    A frequently updated catch all Wheel of Time community. Because the net needs one :)

  • Aching Souls
    This is a community for anyone who writes to express their achings inside. It doesn't have all be sad, dark, or anything like that. It's simply for those who write from the heart and have a true way of expressing their feelings.
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