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  • The Speed of Thought
    A community for journals that conform with my opinionated idea of "a good journal". It's actually not that hard to qualify...

  • The Writer's Community Has Shut Down
    This community has shut down.

  • Leigh's Web Of Dreams
    This is a community designed to help the fans of the talented author VC Andrews to come together through their webpages. Your site doesn't have to be a VCA themed one to join this community. All sites are welcome, except you must be a fan of VCA to join! Please check us out and consider joining us.

  • Mind On Fire
    The Mind On Fire Community is for poets and writers whose thoughts start a blaze that is not easily extinquished.

  • Norske Lesehester
    A community for Norwegian sites on literature and reading. En community for norske personlige sider om lesning og litteratur - enten de dreier seg om privat leseglede eller tilhører {;}personer som arbeider med litteratur i yrkesmessig sammenheng.

  • B.O.R.E.D.O.M
    A community for people who are bored enough to pick up a pen/keyboard and start writing poetry, prose or just anime fanfiction.

  • Elegance
    Elegance, for poets and writers with a flowing literary style.

  • Notebook
    a writing collaboration where every month, members have to write a poem on an assigned topic.

  • OutWrite
    Collaborative project community for online journallers who identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, gay or queer. Collabs are monthly. Writers' gallery included. Limited to 15 active members.

  • The Poetry Community
    This Community is for people who write poetry or enjoy reading poetry.

  • women writers corner
    I ve created this site so that woman throught the world will have a site to come and view both, poetry as well as literature. The only criteria is you have to be a woman, and that your works are orginal.

  • Keys to Ingleside
    The Keys to Ingleside community is for all who know and love Anne and Gilbert Blythe and the Ingleside family. A community for all Kindred Spirits.

  • WVU writers
    This community consists of authors belonging or associated with Writers Village University or Epress.

  • Black Hole Surfers
    Ours is a community for science fiction and fantasy writers' pages. This can include web resources, writers' pages, and whatever else an F&SF writer thinks is important. No adult sites or porn.

  • The Vampyric Souls
    A Community for those who find that they are dark-minded and or Vampyric Souls, or of that type of Nature, Including Sanguines, Lifestylers, PsyVamps, Roleplayers, LARP-ists, Gothic Persons, and other vampyric souls.{;}This RING is NOT for Porn Or Gothic Erotica and or Dark Nudity Photographs.

  • Cagliostro Community
    The writers of the Cagliostro, createing original goth and fantasy stories through roleplay.

  • Divas and Drama Queens
    This community is for those DiaryLanders with a FLAIR for drama and divahood! To join, your journal must regularly feature more than just a daily account of a mundane life. No, you must present us with good old fashion bloody writing about the angst, the drama, the soap opera that is your life!

  • The Jedi Knight Community
    The ultimate community for Star Wars. If you want anything at all about Star Wars, The Jedi Knight Community is the place for you.

  • Crimson Ink ML Members Community
    This is a community for Crimson Ink Members Only! Find all the sites of this yaoi/slash fiction writer's group here in this community. :)

  • Silverpeak Community
    Silverpeak Community is a community for Redwall clubs, furre sites, artistic fanwork, and Brian Jacques appreciation! Come join!

  • Shards of Dewprism: An Anime/RPG Fanfiction Community
    Just as it says...this community contains links to some of the best and biggest Anime/RPG fanfiction archives on the Net.

  • Adoptieren statt Kopieren
    Ein Community zum schutze des (c) unserer Globen{;}

  • For All Ladies of Shalott
    This community is for anyone who feels like a modern day

  • Serenity Cottage
    Community{;}Merry Meet!{;}Thank you for your interest in becoming a {;}  Member we will accept  females,from all walks of life with out prejudice of races, and sexual orientations .{;}We will come together and share our beliefs and the love for Poetry, Art,Literature and Fantasy{;}

  • Storytellers and Poets
    Storytellers and Poets is a Community for people who write stories and poetry and want the most amount of people to read their work. It's a community for the dreamer in us writers, the dreamer that creates our work.

  • Western Poets
    This community is for all of you poest that write western poetry. Come join us and share your works.

  • The Poets Home
    This community is for those that appreciate poetry and other writings. You can either write poetry/writings or just enjoy it. Anyone is welcome to join. Please, no harsh language or sexual content.

    IBET you like to read us.

  • AURA Alternative Universe Relationship Community
    This is a community to draw together Sci-fi and Fantasy fanfiction websites that have uncanon relationship flairs to them. Any Science Fiction or Fantasy fandom is welcome.

  • Dark Poet's Society
    A community connected to the Dark Poet's Society, a group of online poets and writers.

  • Weblogs with Something to Say
    Weblogs with thoughtful commentary and quality design. No 'just my ramblings, no meanings'. Clearly defined theme, accessible and easy to navigate site.

  • The Sherwood Smith Community
    This is a community for sites devoted to Sherwood Smith, a fantasy and science fiction author. Anything about her is welcome.

  • Der Elfenzirkel
    Community für Private Seiten deren Inhalte sich mit Literarischen Fantasy-Werken wie Geschichten, Gedichte, Romane und Märchen beschäftigen.{;}Willkommen in diesem Community sind auch Seite die sich mit Fantasymalerei und allgemeiner Artwork beschäftigen sowie Rollenspielseiten.

  • Literature, Art & Myth of the Great War
    A community for sites devoted to the literature, art & myth of the First World War.

  • Alchera
    Alchera is a collab community for creative thinkers and writers. Bleh, bleh, bleh...you get the idea.

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
    It is full of poems, jokes, cartoon dolls and a place that makes you feel comfortable

  • Written By Moonlight
    If you're a thriller or horror writer, whether you are published or unpublished you can join. Fan fiction writers my also join if it's dark in nature. All sites WILL be reviewed upon submition.

  • The Draco Malfoy Alliance
    Welcome Draco Malfoy Fan's. This community includes the best pages in the Internet based on the best HP character, Draco Malfoy.

  • Dragons Of Rose
    Free Poetry Submission, Dream Dictionary, Lyrics, Art, Short Stories, Quotes, and More!

  • WhispecommunityWinds
    A place where poets can share their poetry with others.WhispecommunityWinds has many other benefits.Come and spend some time among the WhispecommunityWinds

  • Mystery Classics
    Mystery novel web sites emphasizing the classic structures of the Golden Age of Detection.

  • Dreams & Reality

  • Wet Dreams Poetry Community
    A community for poetry

  • Julie E. Czerneda
    Your page must have some content concerning Julie E. Czerneda. Keep it clean. Profanity and all that is definitly out. The community code you get is set up to take the "Ties of Power" .jpg off my web page--Please copy the graphic and put it in your page file. The image, is copyrighted by Louis Royo. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improving the community, please feel free to drop me a note.

  • Robert Silverberg Community
    A community to connect fans of Robert Silverberg to each other and to sites of interest. Your page must have some content concerning Robert Silverberg. No profanity, nudity or pornographic material, my poor heart can't take it. The image is copyrighted by Don Dixon. If you have any suggestions or ideas on improving this community, don't hesitate to drop me a note.

  • Magic of the Written Word
    for anyone who takes joy in expressing themselves in any form of the written word.

  • Messages of the Heart
    This is a community for those who have their own original writing on their websites. This community is open to male or female as long as you write poetry, short stories, etc.

  • El Rincón de Scherezada
    Sitio que tiene como fin agrupar a páginas que proporcionan un espacio de expresión a aquellas personas de habla hispana que desean a dar a conocer sus cuentos, poemas, relatos y en general historias inéditas.

  • Whispecommunity Winds, Poets of the Web
    This community is for all poets to join. Doesn't matter if your male or female. Or the style of poetry you write. I made this community to join all of those that have a passion for writing poetry together, so that those who enjoy reading poetry will find it much easier to find sites that contain poetry.

  • Tortally Tortall Community
    With this community you can connect your Tortall or Emelan site with other people's sites.
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