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  • Poetry Lovers Everywhere
    For the poetry lover in all of us, I made this community to find kindred spirits and help them and myself advance and enhance works of wonder that we poets dream to write. If you are the serious writer of your perceptions in life, please consider to join this community! We will all be better poets and maybe more enlightened to purposes of life!

  • Adorn
    A community for those who are able express themselves in the form of writing. Whether it is in the form of poetry, journals, opinions, articles, fiction or an autobiography. Inspire me with your creativity...

  • Berkley Romantics
    Community for Berkley/Jove romance authors

  • Kiss Shining: Gravitation Fanfiction Community
    As long as you have ANY Gravitation fanfiction on your website (cross-over is fine), you can join this community! Yuki Eiri, Shindo Shuichi, Sakuma Ryuichi, Tohma, Tatsuha, K, Sakano (?), Hiro ... bishonen unite!

  • tolkien fans
    a community for those who enjoy the literary works of of j.r.r. tolkien.

  • Erotic Poetry and Prose
    This community is for those who write tasteful erotica in the vein of Anais Nin. Poetry, short stories, novels, and diaries are all welcome. No adult/pornography. This will be strictly enforced. Sites will be added at the owner's discretion. Be sure to save the image to your own server, or it will not appear. You may put the community fragment on a communitys page, but you must put it up. I will check for code as soon as I receive your submission, and if the code is not up, your site will be deleted. If your code disappears at any time, your site will be deleted from the communit

  • Poetic Bloggers
    If you often post poetry or song lyrics or any kind of art, join this community :)

  • J.D. Robb Fans
    A community of sites dedicated to the

  • Historical Romance
    The Historical Romance Community if for both readers and writers of historical romance novels.

  • Snivellus
    for the Snivellus obsessed..

  • Guilt by Association
    For the members of the audience with the style, pose, wit and spine to call themselves Voldemort and/or Death Eater supporters.

  • The Passionate Pen
    For websites that center around original writing such as poetry, short stories, essays, novels and novellas, etc. Can also link to sites paying homage to famous writers and poets.

  • Words And Women's World!
    To be a member of this community, one of this condition should be true 1-your site is related to literature, 2-your site is a women managed site. If any of this is true, then only you can be a member of the community. Nextly your site should not have adult related material, it should be family oriented site.{;}{;}My moto over making this community is to attach all literature related and women managed site, to inspire women and ofcourse literature too.

  • MindScape
    A community of good designers and diverse writers. We refuse to write only about love or suicide and expand our subjects!

  • Whodunit
    A community for the express intent of{;}assisting fledgling writers increase{;}their visibility on the 'net.

  • David Brin
    A community to connect fans of David Brin with each other and to sites of interest. This community is self-explanatory, your page should have some content about David Brin, whether it's his Uplift Universe or a rave about "Glory Season" or what have you, some content about David Brin is necessary. No profanity, explicit nudity or stuff like that, my poor heart can't take it Please note: The community code has copyright, concerning the image being Michael Whelan's and a link to Mr. Whelan's home page is also incorporated into the code. Permission to use the image has been granted by Mr. Wh

  • Socially Hazardous
    When the society seems to toss you away and rantings aren't enough you become hazardous to the world...

  • Journeys
    Journeys explored through journals, diaries, short stories, prose and the like. Journeys is an active collaboration/community since March 2000. Come over and visit us soon....

  • Erotic fiction. Ray Gordon.
    This is a community for authors and readers of erotic fiction. Join me, Ray Gordon, and share your work and fantasies. www.nakedbooks.net

  • Erotic novels and short stories. Ray Gordon.
    A community for authors of erotic fiction. Join me, Ray Gordon, and share your work. www.nakedbooks.net {;}

  • Template Rage!
    Diaryland is overrun with templates. This community celebrates the use of customized html! To join, you must have a Diaryland page. The html must be customized. Your page must be visible in both Netscape and Internet Explorer

  • Hundred-Acre-Friends
    A community for good Pooh sites all over the world!

  • WrittenInDarkness
    Dark writers of the web unite! Get your work read by those of us that will really appreciate it.

  • scribo ergo sum
    A community for those who own fiction/prose/etc. web logs.

  • The Anything Goes FanFiction Community
    This community caters to FanFiction sites for Anime and Manga ONLY! Any and all FanFiction sites can aply, Hentai/Lemon sites are allowed. This Community is part of the Anything Goes Empire!

  • Anthrotales
    A community for writers and authors of anthropomorphic fiction.

  • Ladies Book Social Community
    Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Western, Historical, and many other genres of books are reviewed by members of the Ladies Book Social. On our website you will find the books we've recommended to each other and the books we've discussed both in the present and in the past. Only members of the Ladies Book Social may join our Community.

  • textoholics
    A community for the addicted writer.

  • BookLust
    This is a site for people who lust after books. If your site is about your book lust. Please Join.

  • Soulmates
    This community is for those who would like to find that one true love or those who have. This can be the start of understanding what it is like to love and love for all time.

  • strange beauty
    a diverse community of anything strange or beautiful. sites that dare to be different or true or just plain good.

  • The Bella Mafia Collective
    Bella Mafia sites

  • The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Community
    Slash community for fans of the paicommunity of Aragorn(Viggo Mortensen) and Boromir(Sean Bean) from the Fellowship of the Communitys movie.

  • Desire Of Angels
    A Yaoi haven & heaven community! All yaoi sites welcome - from sweet shounen-ai to hardcore lemon. Beautiful bishounen unite!

  • The Smallville SlashCommunity
    The Smallville SlashCommunity is a collection of websites featucommunity slash fiction between the characters from the WB show Smallville, especially Clark and Lex.

  • Faded Rose
    Faded Rose is a community dedicated to the women of the net that write poetry or short stories based on the darker side of life.

  • James Potter
    The only community for James Potter! If you're a James Fan, or Harry Potter series fan, join us!

  • AC Members Homepages
    This community is designed to link together the members of www.arcanumcafe.com and their personal web pages.

  • The Sorting Hat
    Community for shrines to Harry Potter characters.

  • Canadian eAuthors
    Canadian Authors published electronically

  • A Promise Community
    :) A 'Promise Community' for sites that host original yaoi/slash. :P Spread the boy love!

  • Attic of Dreams
    This is a new site dedicated specifically to the Flowers in the Attic saga. Book graphics, exerpts, author bio, q&a and chat available. Alot more is coming soon!!

  • My Heart Bleeds Ink
    A community that connects the writing world. All sites deal with some aspect of writing. A community of exposed souls.

  • The Persephone Retreat
    The Persephone Retreat allows professional women writers of horror/dark fantasy to offer support and encouragement to their sisters in the dark arts and the opportunity to visit members' websites.

  • Entwined Hearts Community
    A site dedicated to V.C. Andrews and her fans. Has a roleplay, information on books, quizzes, and more.

  • Abiding: H/G Fanfiction
    This is a community for fanfiction revolving around the Harry/Ginny paicommunity in the Harry Potter Universe.

  • english graduate students community
    This community is devoted to graduate students in english (lit, comp, esl, wherever!) who create blogs and want to come together to create a forum of thinkers, readers, and writer.

  • Towel Huggers
    Do you know where your towel is? Community for fans of Douglas Adams series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in any and all forms.

  • Twilight Worlds
    Home of the Twilight Worlds ...

  • Internet Writers' Community
    A community designed to link sites related to all aspects of reading and writing, books, poetry, journals. Come check it out! You won't be disappointed.
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