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  • Kindred Blogs
    A community created to bcommunity together blogs written by 'kindred spirits' ... those who share the inspicommunity views of imaginative orphan Anne of Green Gables.

  • Other Worlds: The Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy Original Fiction Community
    This is not a fan fiction community, this is a community for original ideas, concepts and charcters. If you have an original sci fi, horror, or fantasy story or novel you've published on the web, then this is the community for you.....Wecome home...

  • Ron & Hermione Fans
    A community celebrating the friendship and romance of the Harry Potter characters Ron and Hermione.

  • REI - Racconti Erotici Italiani
    Il ring della narrativa erotica italiana

  • World Wide Wit
    This community is dedicated to sites with some form of witty expression... quotes, poetry, satire, lampooning, or even polemics!

  • Weyrfest
    This community is for Pern fanclubs, groups, and organizations that are specifically devoted to Anne McCaffrey's Pern. This community is for playing fan groups ONLY. Weyrfest will gladly establish specific links to web pages that have useful or interesting Pern-related information or topics.

  • Poets Homesite Directory PHD
    PoetsHomeDirectory is a community to home sites of poets publishing in electronic media. PHD builds community among international poets who have discovered {;}direct access to readers. Poets Home Directory links one poet's home page to home pages of other poets. (Sorry, PHD does NOT list sites of poems appeacommunity on poet's site or in school publications.){;}{;}If you are a poet, your site should have PHD. Share your success with others. Let editors find you quickly and easily.

  • FEF Community
    A community for supporters of Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction.

  • Stories From The City
    A community for online journal, blog owners. BTW, membership is NOT restricted to people from the city.

  • Poetic Voices
    Poetry Collaberation community

  • Alien Interface: A C.J. Cherryh Community
    The title's pretty self-explanatory. This community consists of sites dedicated to the Goddess of sci-fi/fantasy: C.J. Cherryh.

  • AstroLove Community
    This is the Community Home for everything Astrology in Life,{;}Love and Learning.{;}A very diverse group about anything related to Astrology, Numerology, Astrological Colours, Charts and Planetary configurations. The Chinese Zodiac. A little Celtic Astrology too.

  • ESCRIT Writer´s Community
    This Community was founded by the need of a directory of published writers. There are so many gifted writers out there, some try to get popular or advertise for their books on homepages nobody will ever visit. ESCRIT is a community made by the intention distributing informations on writers of serious literature, whether you come from prose, poetry or from non-fiction genre. Join this community which is available in English an German and you will get the attention you deserve. The way you advertise is sign of your person and of your work.

  • Weasley Is Our King!
    A community for Ron fans

  • Parma Eruseen
    Community for members and friends of Parma Eruseen, a Lord of the Communitys fanfiction archive and forum (http://www.parma-eruseen.net)

  • Flowers and Hearts: Romance Authors
    The Flowers and Hearts community connects romance authors associated with the Flowers and Hearts collective. Browse our websites for information on our latest romance novels, in all genres - from historical to erotic, paranormal to inspirational, and everything in between. Please note some of these sites may not be suitable for readers 18 and under.

  • Imaginary
    They're real to you. A community for sites devoted to our favorite fictional characters.

  • The Magic Pond Community
    Community for sites about author V.C. Andrews

  • Eternal Voices
    The perpetuation and celebration of the beauty found in darkness, in forms of art, poetry, prose, and classic literature. The perpetuation and preservation of the gothic subculture.

  • Quotes
    Community for pages that display quotations, sayings, citations, etc. Also for quotes groups, clubs, mailing lists, etc.

  • Palm E-Text
    The community is for sites that have etext formated for the Palm OS. Sites that provide software for the conversion of text to the Palm OS also also welcome.

  • Creative Fae
    Creative Fae is to express our creativity, whether 'tis wee fae we've adopted or stories written - preferably fantasy related, but not required, and graphics we've made. Site must be faery or writing related to join.

  • they aren't sluts like you
    boys lie too much{;}girls act too much{;}enough is enough

  • Les Amis de l'A B C
    Joining fans of dead French boys with adorable vest-- er, ideals.

  • Dark Reality
    This community is for all those that want to share there view of there Dark Reality. Web pages looking to join should have a dark and or gothic them. All who fit this small requirements are welcome to join.

  • Absolutely Anne
    This community bcommunitys together kindred spirits, whose sites deal with a facet of the timeless Anne of Green Gables series.

  • Vampires in Perfection
    A community for quality vampire related websites.

  • Ellipsis
    For lovers of words, of language. For writers, for poets, for those whose passion is communication via the written word.

  • The Little Prince
    Sites that contain reflections, quotes or anything about the French literature "Le Petit Prince" ("The Little Prince") by "Antoine de Saint-Exupéry".

  • Insecure Writers
    A community connecting members of the insecure-writers email list

  • Padfoot Logs -- Sirius Black community
    Community for all the fans of Sirius Black. In Spanish or English

  • Guilty Pleasure
    A community for sites containing LOTR RPS (Real Person Slash with the actors from the Lord of the Communitys movies). Fiction journals are also accepted.

  • Romances With Byte Community
    This is the community for authors of dark fantasy romances featucommunity vampires or shapeshifters.

  • So Many Books
    Dedicated to bookaholic bloggers who are trying to read 52 books (or more or less) in a years time and write about the effect reading has on our lives.

  • Oprah's Book Club
    This site is an unofficial site of Oprah's Book Club. Readers are invited to join in order to read and discuss William Faulkner's early works that include: As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury, and Light In August. Readers are encouraged to purchase this three book collection from Amazon.Com prior to joining.

  • Wannabe
    This community is for all the people who wannabe a character of the Harry Potter or The Lord of the Communitys books.

  • Fantasy & Science Fiction Community
    This community welcomes all science fiction and fantasy based sites. Writing and art sites welcome, as well as ezines, and other publications. Please only original work!

  • Community of Writers
    This community links together writers sites that offer help, tips, suggestions on writing..in otherwords, a virtual writers workshop community.

  • The Dresden Dolls
    a community for VC Andrews related sites

  • Nocturne
    For graceful and expressive forms of composition, that portray or suggest night or a dreamlike state. A celebration of dark literature, artwork, and other forms of self-expression. Work by new writers, Magnetic Poetry applet, messageboards, critiques, as well as my own personal writing & journal.

  • Writers Cramp
    A community for writers.

  • Irish Authors Community
    If you're an Irish or Irish-American author in any genre, with a website, please consider joining us.

  • Poets Community
    A gathecommunity place for poets and their poetry.

  • Poets Mystique
    Poets Mystique - You wonder, you wonder, what is it that makes one a poet. Is it the mystique of just writing poetry or is there something else at work in the mind. Join us to find out.

  • Poetry On The Web
    A community of Web Poets.

  • Flowers On The Vine
    Flowers On The Vine, a community for beautiful poetry with flowing flowery lines.

  • Writers Realm
    This community connects you to the writers realm. Creative writing is the base upon which membership is considered. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Follow the Rabbit
    A community for American McGee's Alice Fan Sites as well as all dark poetry and personal sites.

  • Demented Souls
    This community is for dark related sites, Dark Fantasy art, Graphics, Horror, Halloween, anything considered dark or demented is welcome.

  • Circus of the Damned
    A community for fans of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series of novels.
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