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  • YAOI Erotica Fanfiction
    YAOI fanfiction from any and every anime is welcome! Also SLASH fanfiction from TV series, JRock, Hong Kong movies... etc. If you have even 1 yaoi fanfic (or slash) PLEASE JOIN! Trinity Blood, Final Fantasy, Weiss Kreuz, Bakuretsu Hunters, Street Fighter, Real Ghostbusters, Fatal Fury, Utena, Escaflowne, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, Saiyuki, Glay, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, L'Arc en Ciel, Star Trek ....

  • Small Press Book Community
    We are a collection of sites which honor the literary tradition of independent and self-publishing. To join, you must be a small press book publisher, self-published author, small press book promoter or publication dedicated to promoting the works of small press book publishers. The community is hosted by a small business resource portal.

  • Author's Community
    A community for authors of original works who display their essays, poetry, prose, stories and other writings on their websites.

  • Crescent Moon Writer's Community
    The Crescent Moon Writer's Community is a circle of people who write. No matter if your write novels or menus, this is a place where you can read the works of people like you.

  • From Woman to Woman
    We want to spread love and Friendship arround the world,so it will be a world where it is nice to live in!

  • Dumbledore's Army
    "The Defense Association?" said Cho. "The D.A. for short, so nobody knows what we're talking about?"{;}{;}"Yeah, the D.A.'s good," said Ginny. "Only let's make it stand for Dumbledore's Army because that's the Ministry's worst fear, isn't it?"{;}{;}There was a good deal of appreciative murmucommunity and laughter at this.

  • Celtic Mysteries Community
    Sites devoted to Celtic mythology, folklore, legends and ghosts are welcome to join!

  • Circulo MdS de Literatura
    Circulo que reune sites que prestam serviços literários: livrarias, editoras, revistas eletrônicas, etc.

  • Poetry from the Heart
    For an inspicommunity selection of sites that feature poetry - original work or those of other poets/writers. Poetry is expression of the heart, soul and mind....and words written from the depth of the heart on romance, family, friendship or anything is inspiraton to the soul.

  • Bibliomania Community
    Bibliomania community is for book lovers everywhere! Whether you love to collect books, read books, or sell books, this site is for you. NO adult content sites allowed.

  • Mi Diario
    Anillo creado para unir distintos diarios y blogs en español.{;}Community created to bcommunity together diaries and blogs in Spanish.

  • The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit
    This is a closed community for the members of The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit.

  • Les Auteurs de Joseph Ouaknine
    Les auteurs ayant un site web et ayant édité un livre chez Joseph Ouaknine ou ayant participé à l'un de ses recueils collectifs.

  • The 19th Century Literature Community
    A community for sites containing information on literature written ducommunity the 19th century.

  • Spiders Web of Poetry!
    A Community for Poetry Sites.

  • Doctor Who Fan Fiction and Fan Projects
    The community for sites promoting fan produced Doctor Who activities, including but not limited to fan fiction, fan videos, audio plays, costuming, and more.

  • Book Hos
    A community for people who just can't put that book down. For people who read until 5am and then pick up another book. For people who have more books than they can count and still need more.

  • Catholic Fiction Readers and Writers Community
    A community for readers, writers and booksellers of Catholic novels, short stories and fiction in every genre.

  • Love Romances
    This is the community created for the Love Romances website and Romance related sites.

  • Romance Cover Models
    Official community for all romance cover models, and romance book cover art related sites.

  • Libri

  • H/G Diaries
    This is a community for Fans of Harry/Ginny. It will connect all the personal sites and blogs of Harry/Ginny fans.

  • The Guild of Common Sense
    This is a community made for bloggers who read and love the works of G. K. Chesterton. If your blog is valliantly in the pursuit of common sense or if it is a relaxing place to smoke, tell a story, and enjoy some cheese, then we want you to join!

  • Writers Resource Community
    Sites containing resources for writers.

  • My Horns Keep Up My Halo
    For creative, artist personal webpages. Mostly dark-gothic webpages, but also for others. Your site must be creative, and original to join.

  • Poetry People
    A community for people who write poetry.

  • Callahans Community
    Callahans is based on author Spider Robinson's fictional Suffolk County, New York, bar. This community is for the online Patrons of the Place.{;}

  • Le Nouveau Cercle du Rêveur
    Cet anneau réunit les sites parlant d'art en général, mais surtout de littérature. Il s'agit ici de promouvoir l'art de l'écriture, sous quelque forme que ce soit : poèmes, contes, textes, citations, romans, nouvelles, etc. Les "belles pensées" et tout ce qui permet la croissance intérieure (développement personnel) ont également leur place ici. La seule restriction est que le site ne doit pas servir à recruter des "adeptes" pour une religion, secte, ou toute autre forme de communauté fermée. Pour faire partie du Cercle du Rêveur, il faut qu'au moins l'une des pages de votre site parle de l

  • WriteOnLine
    The Write-On-Line Community welcomes all Internet sites dedicated to promoting innovative approaches, hybrid forms and the exploration of new areas of thought from writers, artists, photographers, {;}filmmakers and academics world-wide. Our policy is to reflect diversity in the original literature, arts and entertainment produced, promoted and distributed both on and off-line.

  • Dream Poets
    Dream Poets, a community for poetry of the heart and imagination.

  • The Abandoned of God
    The community for Anne Rice character sites.

  • Cherry Soda Community
    a community for personal/journal type sites.

  • The Dean Koontz Community of Counted Sorrows
    This community is open to all Dean Koontz fans with a website dedicated, in whole or in part, to the author.

  • glittecommunity starseed
    A community specially made for sailormoon fiction featucommunity otaku (fan) senshi.

  • Robert A. Heinlein Community
    A community of sites about science fiction author Robert A Heinlein.

  • Science Fiction Writing
    For any and all websites dedicated to science fiction writing. Authors and readers are welcome.

  • The Twilight Dreamers
    If you have personal poetry pages, fantasy graphics, Short stories, anything related to poetry and fantasy, then submit your site to this community. No ADULT OR PORNOGRAPHY ALLOWED. All sites must be suitable for persons of all ages to browse.

  • Amber Heat Authors
    Authors of Amber Heat/Amber Kisses, the erotic romance imprints of Amber Quill Press, LLC!

  • Save the Magic Community
    Here you will find sites that believe the magic of fairy tales, myths, and fantasy should be encouraged. If you agree, please join this community.

  • Flowers in the Attic Community
    A community to honor the works of the late V.C. Andrews.

  • Medieval Romance Community
    Linking together Medieval Romance webpages

  • On Display
    As journallers, we are allowing our lives -- ourselves -- to be put on display for the world at large. This is a PARTICIPATORY RING, meaning that there are monthly collaboration projects that go with it. The community will be held at a number which is conducive to that level of participation. No matter what form it takes, the members will be on display, first and foremost. This isn't for the faint of heart....

  • Poetry Sidewalk
    Poets and poetry

  • Christian E-Authors
    Christian E-Authors

  • Literary Delights
    Do you love to wile away the hours with something tasty and thrilling to read? If your answer is yes then come join and meet others just like you!

  • The Narnian Circle
    The Narnian Circle is a community to connect any sites with any material related to the the Chronicles of Narnia, an excellent book series created by CS Lewis.

  • The Johanna Lindsey Fans
    This a community for everything Johanna Lindsey. If you have something on your site that deals with this wonderful Lady. Please feel free to join.

  • Dark Lotus 2 Horror Community
    This community is for dark,horror,vampire,sifi,ect.,{;}anything related to waraz or porno sites,ect will not stand a chance in hell of being accepted....

  • Lord Byron Community
    Community linking together websites devoted to the great Romantic poet of the English Regency era - George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824).

  • The Tamora Pierce Community
    A collection of Tamora Pierce sites...fan sites and the occasional RPG. Both Tortall and Emelan sites are welcome. ^_^
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